Steam Crave Titan PWM MOD with Aromamizer Titan RDTA review. Tootle puffers need not apply!

Like extreme? Looking for high power, large juice capacity and battery life or days? How about versatility in your tank with an enormous amounts of options? Well Steam Crave just might have the setup for you, the Titan PWM MOD Bundle which includes the 41mm Titan PWM (4) 18650 MOD and the Aromamizer Titan 41mm RDTA. You can find more details and purchase right here:

In the box you will find:

  • 1 Gift box for Titan PWM MOD ( Kit includes)

  • 1 x Titan PWM MOD

  • 1 x User manual

  • 1 x Steam Crave sticker

Gift box for Titan RDTA ( Kit includes )

  • 1Ă—Aromamizer Titan 28ml version whole unit

  • 1Ă—Spare 28ml glass

  • 1Ă—18ml shorty chimney

  • 2Ă—18ml shorty glass

  • 2Ă—Post for Velocity style modular

  • 1Ă—Post for series modular

  • 1Ă—Vape band

  • 1Ă—Ultem drip tip

  • 1Ă—Allen Key

  • 1x Pack of Spare O ring and grub screws


  • Powerful, Simple and Safe to Use

  • 4pcs 18650 in parallel/ series

  • Variable voltage adjustment

  • Full safe protections


  • The ram up time is 25ms

  • Full safe protections: low voltage protection, short circuit protection, over time protection, over current protection, over discharge protection, over-temperature protection, battery-reverse protection

  • Overtime Protection<=10s

  • Short-circuit protection>=0.06ohm

  • Low voltage protection>=5.6V

  • Max power 300W

  • input 45A output 60A

Available in 3 colors, Black, Silver and Gunmetal


Not a lot of options when it comes to a mod that can hold a 41mm tank, of the top of my head I can only think of the Laisimo F4 and the Hammer of God (HOG) Mech mod. Since debuting the Aromamizer Titan 41mm RDTA Steam Crave did a smart thing, introduced a mod to hold the huge tank.

Now the Titan PWM is a big mod, no doubt about that at with a width and depth at 41mm to accommodate the tank but it is also tall at 110mm via my measurements. Shown next to the Laisimo F4 on the left, Sigelei Snow Wolf 365 4 battery mod and a Smoant Cylon for reference it towers over these mods.

Here is a side view of only the 3 (4) 18650 mods.

Of the 3 (4) battery mods if feels the most comfortable in the hand due to how the batteries are situated making it the slimmest of the bunch.

I really like how they clearly marked the battery orientation inside the mod but no marking on the battery door as it can be installed 2 ways, just align the notch on either side and click the battery door closed.

The battery door is easy to remove and install and very secure, no complaints there other than it not being attached to the mod when removed so be careful you don’t misplace it.

The 510 has silky smooth threads and a decent throw on the 510 pin which is pretty firm. No problems with any tank I attached to it and as you will see in my inside pics it is securely from below with a nut.

The Titan PWM is a Pulse Width Modulation Mod which in the simplest terms is the process of rapidly switching a circuit between 0v and battery voltage. Rapidly switching the voltage on and off creates a square wave, which leads to a more stable output voltage. Now I am no expert in this regard but I read about it here which is where I got the above explanation from:

The Titan PWM is a simple mod, no TC, Bypass, curve functions, just adjust your voltage and vape. This is done via the power button which doubles as the voltage adjustment knob, just turn it clockwise to turn up the volts and counter clockwise to turn it down, that’s it. You can also lock the volts with 3 clicks and turn the mod on/off with 5 clicks.

Definitely a solid mod, no rattles and put together really well, I popped the top to get some pics of the inside and was pleased with what I saw.

Interesting that there is a USB plug in there, I am guessing that is only to install the firmware but since it is inside there is probably no possibility of a firmware update. Not that I noticed anything off with the performance so that should be of no concern.

If you click the power button or just finished taking a vape the display comes on at full brightness, dims after 5 seconds and turns off after 40 seconds. When not hitting the power button the display shows the battery levels, Volts and ohms of the attached atomizer. When you press and hold the power button Volts is replaced by the time you hold the power button and shows the power that is applied to your atomizer.

Of course you could figure the power applied yourself by using an Ohms calculator like the one provided here: Ohm's law | Steam Engine | free vaping calculators but it is cool they show you what is going on.


Being limited in options power performance is all I can go on and in that respect I have no complaints, it hits good and smooth compared to a normal watts mod. It does take a little longer to heat up the coils compared to say my SXmini G Class which just gets there quicker with no preheat applied. The G Class is a little more of a moist vape as well, this is where I think the PWM comes into play as it feels smoother and not as spity. I tend to favor the G Class as I like a more rowdy vape but the PWM is still damn good, just wish it lit up the coils a bit quicker.

No denying that PWM brings out the flavor though, not that it is an OMG moment or even super noticeable but it is there nonetheless. Not my first PWM mod, I have 2 more from WhiteRose mods that I love and it is a different experience, up to the user to determine which they like best.

Battery Life

With (4) 18650’s no complaints here, I can get through 2 days easily if I am using it a lot but mostly being a mod I use at home daily I normally go 4 or 5 days before I have to recharge.

The Titan also does a good job of using up the batteries evenly, I measured 3.37V on 2 of the batteries and 3.36V on the other 2 when I got the check battery warning and the mod stopped firing. The batteries are run parallel/series and no uneven drain from the 2 times I measured. Make sure you use (4) married 18650 batteries, these should be purchased at the same time and used together.

Aromamizer Titan RDTA

Now this isn’t my first go around with the Aromamizer Titan RDTA, I reviewed a beta sample almost a year ago today. My main cons at that time was the grub screws were garbage, luckily Steam Crave changed that with great grub screws. I also found that friction fit 810 drip tips would not work, inner o’ring would not grip them. It would only work with TFV style 810 drip tips with dual o’rings and sadly that is still the case.

Another con I had was the JFC and AFC were so damn tight that I actually removed the JFC ring and sanded it down thanks to my friend Woftam who did it first and let me know. On this new version the AFC ring is firm but easily adjustable, can’t say the same for the JFC which I had to loosen the bottom to spin. I went ahead and sanded down the JFC ring again, it is easy enough to do, just put a sheet of sandpaper down on a flat surface and sand in a circular motion both sides until there is enough clearance to spin freely.

I really thought this would have been fixed by now and it is not just with the Black I received, a friend bought the Stainless Steel about a month ago and has the same problem.

Builds, oh so many build options!

This is where this tank gets fun, so much room and so many options. Want a triple coils build? Check!

How about a BIG FAT 4mm ID Staple build, no prob!

NOTE ON WICKING: That space near the grub screws should be filled in with cotton, either with your wicks or just cut some small pieces of cotton to fill it. The reason for this is juice will collect there and spill out the air flow holes when it accumulates, filing that space solves that.

Not even gonna bother showing a dual coil build, running out of space anyway but needless to say let your imagination run wild. This tank can do more than just about any other tank on the market and you have a choice, postless or install the Velocity Posts if that is what you prefer.

What I love love love is the Series deck which doubles instead of halves the resistance in a dual coil setup. The single coil build I posted above used a SS Staple coil which ohms out low in single coil configuration. Came out to 0.18 ohms so you can imagine a dual coil in a standard deck will come out to 0.09 ohms which is low enough to give some mods a fit and just not work. Not only that but running that low can be dangerous unless you know what you are doing, I definitely do not recommend running that low. With the Series deck I was able to use that same Staple coil but in a dual coil configuration and check out the results.

What happens is the Series deck works as a null so that both coils act as 1 long coil thus doubling the resistance rather than halving it. If you love using BIG coils like I do but feel limited to only using them in a single coil configuration then a Series deck is what you want. I have been using the Series deck the most and will continue to do so, I just love it.

Here is the process of installing the Series deck:

Big fat coils in the Series deck was my favorite by far followed by the big single coil, that was damn good. Still works great with dual coils but the triple coil wasn’t as good as I was expecting and not worth the extra wire and complexity for me.

For you Steam Crave fans (I count myself among that group) the Titan RDTA is a great tank but not likely to replace my Aromamizer Plus 30mm, one of my all time favorite tanks. The new Glaz RTA is a winner as well but I still prefer my Plus. The Titan is definitely a tank for those that love to have options and think the bigger the coil the better, none of the other Steam Crave tanks have as many options.

Juice capacity…Yikes!!!

Options options options, not just with what builds you can do but capacity to boot. All included in the package, no need to buy accesories, it is all there! Need 28ml of juice to get you through the day? Got you covered and they include a spare glass. Not only 28ml capacity but they include (2) 18ml glass options as well with the appropriate shorter chimney. Want to rock a RDA instead and lose the damn glass, we don’t need no stinking glass you can do that too and get this, the reservoir in RDA mode is listed at 4.5ml but when you open the JFC it goes down and you can get more juice in it, I measured 7ml total juice capacity in RDA mode!

I love the RDA mode at home, best flavor that way and 7ml will last me a decent amount of time. The other modes are not as bad as you might think as well and the flavor is there, not the best but with a good build it is very tasty.

I have it pretty much glues onto the Titan Mod but in case your wondering this is what is looks like on some of my other mods.

Looks the best on the Lost Vape Drone with only about 1mm overhang on the back edges but hey, it is a squonker and there is no squonk pin for the Titan so back to the Titan mod it goes.


Titan PWM Mod

  • Sensible placement of the quad batteries to make the Titan mod slim enough to be comfortable to hold
  • Bight screen which is easy to see
  • Simple operation with just one button that also adjust the voltage
  • Great 510
  • Battery door easy to remove and install
  • Battery life is crazy long, can go 2 to 5 days before needing a charge
  • Smooth power delivery

Aromamizer Titan RDTA

  • More build options than most if not all tanks on the market
  • Excellent grub screws
  • Good flavor with the right build…go big!
  • Comes complete in the box with 28ml, 18ml and RDA options with spare glass for both
  • Can hold 7ml of juice in RDA mode
  • Obscene amount of airflow wide open
  • (2) 810 drip tips included
  • Series deck is such a good idea to include, I love it!
  • Included velocity posts if a postless deck is not your thing
  • Wicking is about the easiest tank I have encountered, hard to do it wrong


Titan PWM Mod

  • Battery door not attached to mod when removed, be careful not to lose it
  • No TC or any other options, just adjust the volts and go
  • Fire button does look a little cheap
  • No option for a preheat so big build will take time to heat up compared to other mods

Aromamizer Titan RDTA

  • Juice Flow Control ridiculously tight, need to loosen bottom of tank to adjust it
  • Friction fit 810 drip tips won’t work, too loose, only TFV style 810’s work with dual o’rings
  • Not practical due to size if overhang gives you nightmares, only a few mods will alleviate that

Final thoughts

Is the Steam Crave Titan PWM MOD with Aromamizer Titan RDTA practical? NOPE, not even close but is it a lot of fun…YEP. Not a huge market for such a setup but for those on the fringe that just enjoy this hobby and have fun then just order it, it will keep you occupied with all the build possibilities. This is also a setup for those that love to chuck clouds, MTL vapers need not apply.

The Titan PWM mod was also a great idea, I have to admit that I did not use the Aromamizer Titan RDTA I received a year ago as the only mod I had to use it on is the Laisimo F4 which is just too bulky. The Titan Mod is much more comfortable to hold and actually fits in my cup holder if I decided to take it on the road. I wouldn’t buy the Titan Mod if it wasn’t for the Titan RDTA, would not have a practical use for it but as a combo I love it.

I just noticed today that they came out with a new color, gunmetal…hmmmm. I saw the silver which my friend bought after trying mine, it is nice but I will stick with my black setup thank you very much.

I am going to keep a lookout for the Gunmetal setup though and for $139 for the bundle I might just pounce, I like it that much but then again I love the extreme. I would not even bother if the flavor wasn’t there but it is, just gotta go big with your build!

You can find more details and order if your not scared right here:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Ya it is just like a pod super easy pocket carry and a restricted draw - NOT . I love this combo


You got that right, got it in my shorts pocket right now…damn, my short are in the floor :crazy_face:

I just got some hex-core fused claptons from AVS, 6 cores of tasty goodness so this series deck is gonna put in some serious work, so damn tasty with these coils in RDA mode…


Great review, but way too big for me. I do like the series deck though :+1:


Wow! Dig the review. I had no idea it existed. I’ll say this for the vaping industry, there is something for everyone.


From shorts falling down to “way too big for me”, there’s a few phallic jokes to be made here, but I will refrain. :sunglasses:

Nice review, and even though I know this would be an awkward daily driver, I can’t help but want it.


Loved the review!

And now I want to get one of these for myself. Wife will kill me one day :smiley:


Thanks Jose! Yeah, definitely a niche product and something I didn’t think I would use much but the more I got into it the more I loved it.

@SmilingOgre thanks man. Not gonna be a huge market for it but the options on the tank are gonna attract crazy folks like myself for sure.

LOL @anon96380778, you can throw some out there, served it up like T-ball you know you wanna hit it out of the park :laughing: Thanks bud and I saw it on fasttech for about 109 for the bundle, not bad for all you get.

@adary just tell her FizzeWizze recommended you get one, I don’t want to be responsible for spousal abuse :wink:

I did see a friends review on the Titan RDTA last night and he got one with the shit grub screws I experienced on my first review of the tank a year ago. The friend who got the SS Titan doesn’t have that problem though so there may still be problems as it seems it might be hit or miss with the grub screws. That first Titan I reviewed I eventually replaced about half of the grub screws, they were that bad so I wanted to put that out there.

There have been some reporting problems with the button on the Titan PWM mod. No one I know personally and mine has been perfect although as noted in the review looks cheap. The only one I saw was on the SC fan FB page and he could no longer adjust his voltage.

Just wanted to put that info out there so everyone can make an informed decision.


I’ve been saying that for a long time now. I am still sure that someday it will come to pass. As long as she continues to overlook my life insurance policies, I’m still OK.

Sorry for the drift, @Mjag. As we were!!


No worries bud, drift away :joy:


I agree on the deck check the grub screws. Replacement decks for the Titan are available - I have 4 all up for 2 tanks the extras are coiled and wicked and ready to roll.


Is that a Titan in your pocket? I hope its a Titan in your pocket! Vape bros be all like “Daayuum Dude!” Haha awesome review!


Responding to this review over here as well, nicely done mate. :slight_smile: