Steam Crave Hadron 220 + Squonk Backpack + Ragnar RDTA

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Hadron 220 TC Mod, the compatible Squonk Backpack and the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA from Steam Crave. All items were supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Steam Crave.…083p1.html



The Hadron 220 Mod has been out for a while and is a dual 21700 battery YiHi powered device designed to accommodate those large tanks Steam Crave are renowned for. The device works very happily as an high powered standard device in either Power or TC modes with great accuracy but has a BF fed 510 with socket on the rear for the fitting of a squonk backpack which is now ready.

The Hadron 220 is available still on it’s own as is the backpack but both can be purchased as a bundle as can the Hadron, squonk backpack and their latest RDTA advanced kit the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA which is described as the Hadron’s perfect partner.

Originally going to be called the Viking RDTA but changed due to copyright issues to the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA, Steam Craves latest Tank offers the same versatility as the previously released Aromamizer V2 Plus RDTA which was very well received by those that love their big tanks. The RDTA has multiple airflow configurations, juice flow control, chamber reducer allowing Aromamizer Plus decks to be used, can be used in RDA mode, has a 35mm diameter and juice capacity of 18ml or 25ml with the extension and bigger glass included with the advanced kit.

All these items as mentioned can be bought separately but can also be bought as a complete bundle with a substantial overall saving, let’s give these new Steam Crave products a look!

In The Boxes



Hadron 220

1x Micro USB Cable
1x Dual 18650 adaptor
1x Spare Backpack port bung
0-rings for 510 plate
1x Steam Crave sticker
1x User Manual

Hadron 220 Squonk Backback

1 HADRON Squonk Backpack
1 Mounting Screws
1 Pack of O-Rings
1 User Guide

Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA

1 x Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA​​​​​​​
1 x Chamber Reducer
1 x Spare 18ml glass
1 x Allen Key
1 x Spare o-rings and screws
1 x User Manual
1 x Steam Crave Sticker

Advanced Kit Also Includes

1 x Chimney Extension
2 x 25ml Glass
1 x Mesh Deck Kit
1 x Velocity Deck
1 x Vape Band


The Hadron 220 Mod is a shameless beast of a device which due to not having the largest of hands for me is a desktop device as it’s just too large and heavy for out and about. After saying that i have heard some say it’s not the prettiest of devices but i actually think it’s quite a classy looking mod with grooved sides that remind me of the original Joyetech Espion and plain front and back (apart from silicone bunged inlet BF pipe socket) with 2 different matte finishes.

On the face we have a raised Black panel central top which houses a protruding Silver fire button and colour screen, further down but still central we have another Black panel but this one sitting flush which houses the operational buttons in a vertical row which are in the colour of choice and the micro USB port.

On the base we have the hinged battery door with Silver catch, safety stamps and venting, moving up top we have a large raised air fed 510 plate with Gold plated BF pin with a sturdy spring.


The Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA is a very large Tank which up top has a Silver lined Resin Goon fitting 810 with very wide bore. I will leave most of it’s description to the pictures but as so many of Steam Craves tanks possibly it’s most striking features are the airflow control ring with multiple configurations and juice flow control ring with open and locked padlock icons. Also as usual it must be pointed out the machining and silky smooth threading is immaculate!


Hadron 220 Specs and Features:

Size: 48 x 38 x 99.20mm
Max Power: 200W
Voltage Range: 6.4V-8.4V
Battery Type: 2 x 21700 cells
Input Current: 35A
Output Current: 40A
Dual 21700 cells for strong power
Advanced Yihi SX490 chipset
Various protections for safe vape
Variable voltage adjustment
BF Back socket
BF 510
Thread: 510
Colours: Gunmetal, Black


Hadron 220 Squonk Backback Specs and Features:

Dimensions - 102mm by 47.5mm by 17.5mm
15mL E-Juice Capacity
Threaded Top Fill System - Knurling
Top Pump System - 0.4mL Per Pump
Connected via Screws to Hadron 220 Box Mod
Colours: Gunmetal, Black

Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA Specs and Features:

Size: 35 x 58mm
Tank Capacity: 18ml / 25ml (advanced kit)
Drip Tip: 810
Various airflow configurations
Postless deck with bottom honeycomb holes
Can be used as RDA without glass
Compatible with Aromamizer Plus mesh deck with Chamber Reducer
Advanced Kit includes mesh kit and Plus Velocity deck
Advanced Kit includes chimney extension and 2 25ml Glass sections
22mm wide bore 810 drip tip
Perfect match Hadron 220W MOD
Thread: 510
Colours: Gunmetal, Black, Stainless Steel


Fitting The Batteries

Dual 21700, 20700 or 18650’s with supplied dual adaptor can be used and also some o-rings are provided in case you use the dual 20700 option to prevent any movement due to the 1mm smaller diameter.

The batteries get fitted via the bottom hinged door which has a Silver catch with grooves that needs sliding before lifting open, when closing just push the door down and the catch will automatically lock securely in place.

Battery orientation is marked very vibrantly at the bottom of the tubes and so much light gets into the compartment with the door open then the poorly marked orientation on the underside of the door can be overlooked, i’m happy with this!

The hinged door it’self is very sturdy, catch looks solid and durable and once secured we have no movement whatsoever or battery rattle from dual 21700, 18650 (with adaptor) or 20700 with the use of supplied O-rings!


Red O-rings

Included in the box is a couple of Red o-rings which are actually for if you are going to use the device with the squonk backpack, one needed plus one spare. On the 510 plate we have a circular channel which is for fitting one of the o-rings which adds an extra seal when using as a BF device!


The Display

Those that have a colour YiHi powered device will find the screen very familiar and one thing to point out is how bright it is which isn’t camera friendly so i apologise for the lack of sharpness on the photo which is in contrast to the real life display which is very sharp.

The device is in power mode by default so that’s the screen i will describe. Top left we have the resistance followed below by the voltage, top right we have either an open or closed padlock icon depending on whether the buttons are locked or not. Next to the left in a Blue highlighted rectangular box we have the mode and to the right in a square highlighted box the memory slot.

Central we have the wattage (this will be temperature when in TC) and below the puff count. Underneath the puff count is the preheat and finally bottom left we have a battery status bar and bottom right the combined voltage on the batteries.


Operating The Device

Unlike the SX5xx chipsets which YiHi SXMini use in their own devices with the joystick navigation the SX4xx chipsets (this device uses the SX490) tend to be supplied to third party manufactures and i actually find the 3 button operation these chipsets use far simpler.

The device comes on automatically when batteries are installed but if you have switched it off then 5 clicks of the fire button powers the device up. Once on to turn off is 5 clicks of the fire button which enters the menu and then click and confirm the first option which is system off to power down.

3 clicks of the fire button locks and unlocks the 3 operation buttons but when locked the device will still fire. The device can be in normal operation or Novice mode and switching between the two is done by holding the up and down buttons together for 3 seconds. When in Novice mode all that can be done is pressing the up button will change between power memory slots and pressing mode will highlight wattage and allow you to adjust it using the up and down buttons, this makes the device very basic and is good for those that just use power mode and like to keep things as simple as possible.

In normal operation like when in Novice mode pressing the up button changes between memory slots but now pressing the down button changes between the preheats which are soft, standard, powerful and powerful +. Pressing the mode button like when in Novice mode highlights the wattage which can be adjusted but another click of the mode button changes to Joules which also can now be adjusted, another click of the mode button brings up the temperature which can be adjusted and a final click highlights wire type which can be changed between Ni200, TCR, SS316 and Ti01, another press of the mode button takes you back to power mode.

The device also has a small menu which to enter is 5 clicks of the fire button which as already mentioned brings up System Off as the first option, the other options are Manual TCR, Temp Unit, Standby Time and Exit. So the YiHi chipsets are navigated slightly differently but actually once use to how it operates it’s very simple!

PS i didn’t think there would be any point of posting photos of the screen with different things selected as due to the brightness and vibrancy of the display the screen doesn’t show up properly on my camera.

Fitting The Hadron 220 Squonk Backpack And Operation!

On the rear of the device we have towards the top positioned centrally a silicone bung which once removed reveals the BF socket for the Backpack pipe and 2 holes (one either side) with threading although only the left one is needed. At the bottom of the device we do have a couple of slots for the protruding tabs at the bottom of the backpack to slot into and a centrally positioned threaded hole which along with the top left threaded hole is used for securing the backpack in place with screws.

The inner side of the backpack which fits to the mod is curved to match the contours of the rear of the device. As mentioned we have 2 tabs at the bottom and centrally near the top a protruding pipe section which has a small silicone seal which needs removing. The pipe just needs lining up with the socket and then just push the backpack in place with the pipe securing in the socket and bottom tabs into their slots.


The Backpack stays in place quite nicely but to make it much more secure we have a little silver plate top with a hole that lines up with the left top threaded hole on the device and another hole central bottom which again lines up with the bottom threaded hole on the mod, you receive a small screw for the top and much larger one for the bottom which screws the backpack much more permanently in place. My only issue is many will use the device alternatively as a standard device and with the backpack and you get no spare removable pipe seal, or mounting screws all of which could quite easily get lost.

Operating the backpack couldn’t be easier, we have a fill cap with knurling that unscrews and then simply fill, we have a very good viewing window on the back of the backpack. The cap has dual o-rings for a really good seal and unlike the silky smooth threading we always get on Steam Crave tanks the threading is a bit crunchy but it gets the job done.

On the opposite side to the fill cap we have a protruding delrin cylinder which you press down to pump the liquid. When first using it needs about 3 pumps and then you will suddenly feel more pressure and you are now ready to rock. Unlike traditional squonking methods which each press of the bottle sends just a tiny amount of e-liquid to the atty each press of the pump administers 0.4ml of liquid so just one or two pumps are needed occasionally but as well as the whopping 35mm Ragnar i also just to try used the device and backpack with a little 22mm MTL RDA which apart from looking ridiculous on the enormous set-up actually worked great!


The Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA Various Parts:

I received the standard kit but also because it was for use with the Hadron 220 with Squonk backpack i was sent the mesh deck kit which comes with the advanced kit. The Ragnar has a rather nice Silver lined Resin Goon fitting 810 up top followed by a thick metal walled top-cap. We then have the fill port plate with central air opening and the chimney which is detachable. Installed is an 18ml capacity glass tube and you also get one spare, not sure if the TPD version comes with the glass uninstalled or their is a reducing bung!

We then have the bottom section which main part is the double walled chamber which has juice flow ports and airflow inlets. We have a removable juice flow ring and also airflow control ring. The knurled base section unscrews to reveal a PnP style postless deck installed.

You also receive a decent quality tri-tool and plenty of screws and o-rings as usual but also get a chamber reducer which will not only allow the smaller mesh deck to fit but also other Aromamizer Plus decks.

If you get the advanced kit as well as receiving everything mentioned you will also receive an Aromamizer Plus Velocity deck, 25ml extension pipe and 2 25ml glass sections!


RDA Mode

You will need to refer to the photo in the earlier Aesthetics section if you want to see how it looks in RDA mode as although i merge photos to allow more than the 20 permitted i am still limited.

The Ragnar can simply be turned into an RDA by removing the Glass and chimney and then screwing the top section on to the bottom section, it adds further to it’s versatility!

The Mesh Deck Kit

Included with the Advanced version is the Mesh Deck Kit which includes obviously the mesh deck as well as a mesh bending tool. Also included is spare screws and o-rings, a squonk pin to give the wicking a helping hand, cotton, manual and 2 strips of mesh with full specs.

The specs of the mesh is KA1 0.15ohm, 17 x 9.8mm rated between 35 - 70w. The main build i concentrate on in this review is with the mesh deck so i could use the supplied BF pin.


Available Decks

As well as the pre-installed Ragnar postless deck the inclusion of a chamber reducer shrinks the chamber down to the same size as the chamber on the Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA allowing another 5 decks to fit. The other decks available is the mesh deck i received which is also included in the advanced kit, a velocity deck which again is included in the advanced kit, the Plus postless deck, a single coil deck and finally a series deck.

Installing Decks

There are so many decks available because they are installed into the chamber much like PnP coils are with subohm tanks and then the base section gets screwed on to seal everything up.

So to do a build the deck just needs pulling out and then it can get screwed onto a mod or whatever you use for building. Once the build is finished it just needs pushing back into the chamber. On the rim of the chamber we have 2 cut-out sections and 2 tabs on the outside of the decks, these get lined up and interlocked to make sure the build is lined up with the airflow.

Installing The Chamber Reducer

The chamber reducer just gets press fitted into the existing chamber and has the same airflow and cutouts at the chamber itself so really just thickens its wall to allow smaller decks to be fitted!


Juice Flow Control

The Ragnar has the same improved juice flow control has the Plus V2 which can be adjusted by turning. We have a thin section with a small dot and around the larger juice flow control ring a couple of closed padlocks and a couple of open padlocks. When the dot is lined up with one of the closed padlocks the juice flow is completely closed and when lined up with one of the open padlocks the juice flow is fully open, obviously in between it’s partly open so it can be tailored to your preference. (I just either had it fully open while vaping or fully closed when filling or taking deck out etc).


The Airflow

Steam Crave are known not just for their large atty’s but also having multiple airflow options on their tanks. We have on the outer wall of the tank 2 rows of honeycomb airflow either side which goes right through to come out on the sides of the inner chamber directed at your coil / coils / mesh and a short but wide airflow slot underneath which also feeds through to the inner chamber wall. With the mesh deck and other Plus decks the bottom slot airflow hits above the deck at the bottom of the coils / coil / mesh but with the pre-installed Ragnar postless deck these slots line up with slots on the side of the deck, the air travels underneath the deck and then comes up through honeycomb outlets (2 rows of 6) underneath where the coils will be positioned.

We then have an airflow control ring which has different configurations matching all, some or one of the airflow honeycomb rows and slot on the tank. We have the choice of just the lower honeycomb row, both honeycomb rows, both honeycomb rows and bottom slot, lower honeycomb row and bottom slot or just the bottom slot. Of course any of these configurations can be fully or partially open.



The Build

Doing a build on the pre-installed postless deck was as easy as it gets. pre-cut your leads to 6mm and then it’s just a case of dropping your leads into the open terminals and fixing in position via the side hex screws (my favourite). Then if needed manipulate your coils into a better position with a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool. The deck has large wicking channels to place your cotton ends just make sure the cotton doesn’t protrude so they are visible underneath the deck.

For the purpose of this review i concentrated on the mesh deck as it has a BF pin which i first switched to. Like all these modern mesh decks that use horizontal clamps it’s a breeze to insert your mesh after bending it with the supplied tool. The supplied cotton is just the right thickness and you want to leave your ends long enough to poke into the wicking channels without protruding underneath. Then cut your ends at an angle so the bottom of the cotton can be placed in the channels leaving the upper section of your now shorter ends to just use to patch up any of the mesh towards the ends which has no cotton touching.


My Experience Using The Products And Thoughts!

The Hadron 220 is a brick of a device but in my opinion a classy looking brick and that’s the point it’s designed to accommodate large 30mm+ tanks and with dual 21700 batteries can give plenty of power.

Powered by the SX490 chipset the performance isn’t in doubt and is easy enough to navigate with the 3 button system and i also think the Novice mode you get on YiHi devices is a very good idea.

I love the thinking outside the box allowing the Hadron 220 to simply be turned from a standard device to large capacity BF device with the instalment of the squonk Backpack which works quite crudely pumping 0.4ml of liquid with each pump (no micro management here) yet worked great even when testing with a 22mm MTL RDA, it’s just getting use to only pressing the pump once or twice max and not too often, it’s surprising how you just seem to know through the vape just being slightly less saturated that it’s time for another press.

The Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA is every bit as good as the Plus V2 i reviewed and gleamed over recently. Juice control works great, loads of airflow configurations to get the airflow just how you like it, it’s very easy to build on the Ragnar postless deck and i love the chamber reducer allowing all the Aromamizer Plus decks to fit. The 18ml capacity is great and also having both a standard and advanced kit which allows the capacity to be extended to 25ml is another bonus. Being able to use the Ragnar as a standard RDA isn’t something i would do but is yet another pro and the list just goes on and on including how smooth and silent the airflow is! The Ragnar is a great RDTA in it’s own right but i also like how you can buy the Hadron 220 mod, Squonk backpack and Ragnar as a bundle and using it with the mesh deck and BF pin in conjunction with the Hadron with installed Backpack is a pleasurable experience.

When it comes to cons you know what you are buying in regards a large heavy device and huge capacity tank so really size and weight isn’t a con because those interested will want those things.

All that leaves is the fact the device adjusts in point one increments up to 100W even if holding the button down before changing to 1W increments up to the full 220W, really you only need point 1W increments up to 20W max. Also there are a few seals and screws to do with fitting the backpack which could easily get lost so some spare should of been included and finally although not a fault of Steam Crave as it’s down to the YiHi PCB and that’s no Type C USB.



Excellent build quality both mod and RDTA
YiHi SX490 chipset
Excellent performance
Novice mode
Easy to navigate
Can accommodate dual 21700, 20700 or 18650’s with supplied adaptor
High powered
Excellent battery door
Can fit up to 38mm tanks without overhang
Hadron 220 can be used with Squonk Backpack
Hadron 220 squonk backpack fits securely to device
Large 15ml Backpack capacity
Easy to fill
Excellent viewing window
Squonk Backpack is easy to operate
Squonk Backpack Works great
Both basic and advanced Ragnar kits available
Mesh deck kit with advanced version
18ml Capacity
25ml Capacity with advanced kit
Spare Glass
Velocity deck included with advanced kit
BF pin for mesh deck
Most common mesh strips will fit
Chamber reducer
5 Aromamizer decks compatible with reduced chamber
Juice Flow Control
Multiple airflow configurations
Immaculate machining and threading
Goon fit 810 drip tip (can use your own)
Experienced no leaking whatsoever
Very smooth airflow
Very quiet tank
Unbelievable cloud production
Great flavour


Could do with spares of small parts
Scrolls in point 1W increments up to 100W
Threading on Backpack fill cap a little crunchy (clutching at straws)
Micro USB port, not Type C
Just one battery status bar rather than one for each battery

I would once again like to thank Steam Crave for supplying the Hadron 220W Mod, Hadron 220 Squonk Backpack and Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!…083p1.html


Nice review and rundown. I have the Hadron, backpack, and an Aromamizer Plus v2 advanced kit with mesh coil deck and absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing all the info and explanations. Really good job.


The backpack just PUSHES it over the top IMO. Great review.


Certainly am not going to take it shopping, strictly a desktop set-up that’s for sure!!


A very enjoyable read, and a great review, thank you.


Just ordered this setup all in black. I’ve been wanting to add 2 topside duals to the collection but decided on this. It’ll be my 1st steamcrave anything so I’m excited to join the crave heads???



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I know from a few friends the topside doesn’t hold up well.


At the time on a couple of forums the debate was which is the best the Topside or less available Delta and yes you are right as time has gone by many Topside owners have had issues while out of the few i know who have the Delta are all happy campers!!!


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Welcome to …

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Couldn’t help myself and ordered the RAGNAR and GLAZ mini. Spent 2 hours looking for the small backpack screw so I haven’t even had the pleasure yet but tonight is the night lol