Staying within a single brand when creating a recipe


I have long attempted to use flavors from the same maker when mixing. However, this rarely happens except when I am using FA. How much importance and/or effect do you think this has on your mixes?


Personally, practically zero importance.

As I’ve continued marching headlong through SFT’s (especially with my approach of doing ‘grouped batches’ [multiple brands of a single profile] IE: brown sugars, graham crackers, Strawberries, raspberries, etc) I find that there’s an ultra rare chance that I’ll ever make a mix with only one manufacturer. The only exception I can think of is unless it’s something ULTRA BASIC (two or three flavors) that’s just incredibly satisfying.

Generally speaking, I’d say it’s more likely to be detrimental to the final results (especially if you are using 4 or more flavours).

I might do it on a lark (for kicks) sometime, but under ‘normal’ conditions (using what I think is the “best in class” for the job), not very likely to happen.


I have a few all FLV and a few all RF. I don’t really try to do an all one manufacturer mix but sometimes it just works out like that. What I have noticed is when I do the overall percentage is a little lower & it is a little easier to balance them all (big generalization).


That’s really the heart of the question. Seems like a mix with flavors formulated by the same company may combine better but I have no proof of this other than possibly FA. I have a very simple Lime Custard I like and results are dramatically different when using other limes vs Florida Key lime FA and FA Lime cold pressed together. Right where I want it. I’ve also had some unexpectedly nasty results attempting to use FLV and WF together. I really like the WF line but for my tastes some need to be boosted. For example WF Peach Pie and Cream. The peach is awesome but too light for me. Increasing % makes it get funky so I’ve been struggling to boost just the peach and not having much success.


I’d suggest giving Inawera peach a shot.
It’s my favorite peach.

If you only need it as a booster, I’d suggest 0.5% to 1% to start.


Thanks,I’ll try that. I tried FA white peach (gag) Cap Juicy (gag) and some others. FA (Yellow) peach is close to where I want it but its kind of blah.


Peach Pie and cream is one of those flavours that changes dramatically with wattage changes - very low wattage will get you a strong pie, mid will get you more cream and high will get you more peach (imo). Peach can be backed with other stone type fruits to bring it out more and it will sound a little strange when i say this but apricot and/or nectarine and royal orange will bring your peach forward a little.

A lot of people like TPA nectarine with a peach personally I prefer FLV I use FA apricot as well.

I worked on this with the Diy Downunder crew and it is a fantastic peach (i know you mentioned you don’t like white peach but I posted it more for the supporting flavours to give you a couple of ideas)


You could also try boosting your peach with wf peach gummy it is essentially the same peach and I don’t think the gummy aspect would be too forward.

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I’ll have to order a couple of these but the “Beaches” mix looks pretty yummy. I’ll also try the gummy. Ordinarily I don’t buy any candy flavors but if its the same peach then Its for certain worth a try. Its not that I don’t like FA white peach. It just clashes and overpowers the WF. Appreciate it.


Jungle flavours Honey Peach (keep it under 1.5% or it can get a little dry) or FLV Peach (around .3%) or ginger peach FLV ( .2%) would all probably work for you in this instance depending on where you wanted it to go. (i don’t want you to rush out and buy them all but just a few that may push things in a slightly different direction)


I pretty much do. I’ve bought almost only TPA because, well, it’s cheep. I read a lot of posts but they all say “this is best” , “NO this is best”, “OMG NO! THis is best!”. I bought some Loraine Peach and some Cap Sweet strawberry out of frustration with TPA. The Sweet Strawberry helped but the Peach was too pungent. I discovered that I didn’t like vaping Peach. I tried going back to commercial juice for a bit but I didn’t find any that I liked at all. All either over the top rich with flavor (like one vape per day) or sickening sweet. Most of my mixes are back to two or three paired fruits with a touch of pyure. I try to keep four or five on hand which is suffice for me.


Ya I hear you. It can be both frustrating and expensive. I started out mostly with Flavor West and TFA stuff and they for the most part just didn’t do it for me. I just can’t do commercial juice and I think that truth be known a hell of a lot of people are using sweeteners to mask what is often a not very good flavoring or recipe- or both. Sickeningly sweet is spot on.

So I moved on to more of the supposed premium flavors but for me personally I began to enjoy mixing when I went to Flavourart. This is what works for me and I think… not know…that I’m better off trying to stay with all FA when I’m using them. Ditto for Wonder Flavors. Nothing seems to clash and results seem more consistent. Surprisingly, I’m finding that a lot of the WF flavors are very good by themselves.

Damn. I just gave away about 100 bottles of flavoring. I have a shit ton that I seldom use and most of these were ones I didn’t particularly care for but thought they were good products. Next time I’ll check with you.

I mix pretty strong but right at this moment I have 14 mods and tanks lined up on my desk like a damned buffet. A little of this and a little of that. :grin: I have no idea how many of you do the same. Works for me.


I’ll follow your lead on this one. This week sometime I’ll order up the basics I use in Flavourart. Can’t hurt. There are quite a few TPA flavors that I have tried that just don’t “get it”. I noticed Flavourart claims to be “highly concentrated”. I use a rule of thumb of 6% for my main flavor in a mix with TPA. Would I halve that Flavourart?


As you know it will vary between concentrates but generally between 1-3% (very approximate)

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Point of view clarification…

I probably should have said “less than ideal”… But to me, anything that’s “less than” is not my goal. I have this battle with wanting it to be the absolute best it can be. Even though frequently, it turns out ok to good, or even great. :crazy_face:

(pardon my mental hangups) /chuckles


I agree with Simon. 1 to 3% with FA is a good general rule but 3% with some is way too much. The 10 ml bottles can go lots farther than a 30 ml TFA but for my tastes, particularly fruits and vanilla’s, are in a whole other class than many others. Head In Clouds or HIC has a really good set of notes he put out that covers all of them. I’ll see if I can find a link. Most of the FA flavor notes on ELR have copies of his notes.

Like all others FA has its turds but most of them are the one shot types like “Summer Clouds” and the “Pazzo” stuff they put out. If it matters to you none of the FA flavors made for ejuice have diketones.

Edit Its free and while it asks for a email address, I’ve never been spammed.


My thoughts exactly, I can’t say why the flavours wouldn’t blend the same but I guess each flavour is made to go with another flavour in the range, so it would make sense that they combine better, wouldn’t it?


I understand and largely agree. For example I was messing around a couple of days ago and decided I’d try a little different apple pie type mix. Generally I use FA apple pie for ‘crust’ and FA apple plus Cinnamon Ceylon and others which gives me that apple pie type of juice. I had tried FA Cocoon which is supposed to be a caramel apple and generally thought it kind of sucked. But I mixed FA apple pie with Cocoon along with Flavorah Apple Filling and came up with what my wife and I think is my best cinnamon apple vape to date. 4.25% total flavoring. No way could I get that with FA only. So I’m just saying my general guideline to stay within a single brand while developing rather than some hard rule.


Holy Crap!!! I’m a convert! First dart at the chalkboard mix with FA and WOAH!!! 3% Pear, 1.5% Fuji Apple, .75% Pineapple, a dash of pyure. It actually tastes like the ingredients I put into it! For a swag mix it’s fantastic. I may not even tweak it.

There goes my next paycheck…:exploding_head:

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That’s great. I guess FA doesn’t suit all palettes, but to my tastes they are very accurate and combine very well without too many unexpected results. I recall my wife asking “whats this one supposed to be” when I first started mixing. :laughing: She has never asked that about an FA mix. Plus the company and their facility is so impressive (from video’s) that I have no worries about the products. :+1: