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Hi to every one i am 55 and have just joined the community i have not smoked before and am going to start vaping iand going to get a Smok species or a Smok morph and e juce totaly vg i have done as much research as i can on all the aspects of vaping and think i am ready to start has anyone got info on the device and e liquid i am going to order and which company should i order from
Best wishes Clive

If you’ve never smoked, why would you want to start vaping? What appeals to you?

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Hi Grubby for stress and anxiety relaxation and something i would like to try i may not like it and it may not help me relax but at least i have tyed it
Thank you for your reply

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Hey @New2vaping welcome to the forum.

I would imagine that most on the forum feel around the same way about smok mods - they will likely have the reverse effect to what you wish to acheive they are a little hit and miss as far as their quality control (this may have changed as I have not used one for a few years now) there is every chance they will cause more

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule but for me, I would probably be looking for a geekvape, vaporesso, yihi, smoant device before I considered a smok.

Have a look through some of the reviews our very own multi award-winning reviewer @Steampugs has compiled for some pointers (and you may even get a few laughs out of the reviews don’t under any circumstances let on that he is funny in any way shape or form).

Cheers mate good luck.


Thank you for your advice I will have a look


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Hi @New2vaping and welcome.


Hi Wolftam i like your videos would it be possible to join in
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if you catch them live you can interact with the chat


Can you inform me when you will be live i do live in the uk so the time difference will be different

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if you hit subscribe on the channel and enable notifications you will know as soon as we go live

I also usually post on the forum a couple of hour before hand