Some days just start out bad

As the title says some days just start bad and you progressively have shit go more and more sideways as the day goes on.

So the Mrs lent her car to a friend mistake number one - friend is an idiot so when the car overheated she had a little inner voice that said oh keep driving it will be fine - well it was not fine and a blown head gasket (or a cracked head) was the result - I wont know till I strip it down and check it.

So I was going down to Melbourne to deliver a rather large order of juice and 4 mods thought ya I will pick up the car at the same time so armed with a hire trailer off I went.

There was some of this

then some of this

I did my delivery and collected the spoils - yay i’m rich (na not really but it was a nice little win)

Back to the mechanic to grab the car because getting a car fixed 200 km away from home is not my thing especially when i can do it myself. Loaded up and took off .

A little bit more of this

Woah there big fella towing 3200 kg just got a little wild hmm what is that sound?

Ah that explains it. I dig out the jack and wheel brace not biggie but a little irritated. Jacked her up and removed the wheel no probs. Until i got to taking the spare wheel off the trailer WTF who seriously in their right mind put different fucking size wheel nuts on the spare from those that are holding the wheel on. Ok now i am more than irritated because here i am stuck at the intersection of bumfuck and you got a purdy mouth (ok it was an old weigh bridge that was unmanned and looked like it was built in 1940) with a trailer with 3 wheels loaded up with 2.5 ton of car.

After a bit of a walk 3km each way I walked back to the only house that is on this particular stretch of road in search of an adjustable spanner or a different wheel brace. Yay success old Mildred who must have been about 250 years old (i think she invented dirt) had an adjustable spanner she was happy to lend me as long as i bought it back. After my exhausting trek over hill and dusty ass long farm driveways I was back on track

Well yet another cheer went up as i noticed that the spare tyre profile was different from all of the others - will make for an interesting trip. Oh back to Mildred to drop off the spanner that saved the day. Thanks Mildred you are awesome.

Little more of this getting later in the afternoon now.

Corner of my eye kept catching the rearview mirror some asshole it tailgating me fuck that is right it is just the Mrs car (i swear I did this about 5 times)

Ah yay that familiar sound of the siren and those nice flashing lights. I look at the speedo nup wasn’t speeding - I am all good. Mr plod kindly looks over the car and the trailer and tells me he is going to defect the trailer because the tyres are not all the same size. Well holy fuckballs batman I dont think he was quite prepared for the spray he got from me. After I took some deep breaths and explained to him with pictures, why they were different profiles and that idgaf if he defects the trailer but if he makes me unload and get a trailer to transport the trailer it was not going to go well. He kindly relented and let me go on my way with a lecture and a warning.

After a little bit more

I managed to make it back home after what turned out to be a day that sucked a bag of dicks.


Thank goodness for Mildred, bless her cottons! What a crappy day beaut! Get yourself to bed…it will soon be tomorrow (or is it tomorrow already?)

Big fat hug coming your way



It is now tomorrow :grinning:

Can’t wait to return the trailer to the hire company - if they suggest I pay for the tyre the guy there will find the rim has become an intimate part of his anatomy.



Wow, that spare wheel had me laughing so hard, it looks fucking ridiculous :laughing:

The pain on being stuck out in the middle of nowhere because of something so simple though, that had me feeling a little bad but then again, you live in a country known for its beauty which quickly cheered me up.

The frustration part I feel 100%, always something no matter what you try…


That sucks. I remember one time I rented a flatbed to go to Iowa to buy an old classic car. On the way up, the rear end blew out on my van. In the middle of cornfields. In freaking Iowa. Not only did I have to walk a few miles to a corn-fed yokel service station (yeah this was pre-cell phone days for me), but I had to get an expensive tow, do a pain in the ass repair, and eat the cost of the rental trailer and fees since they had to come out and get it, but I lost the car as well as the guy assumed I wasn’t interested and sold it. Not my favorite story.