Snow Wolf UX and Mfeng

If anyone is considering one of these mods, read this. It occured to me after about a month of using these mods, I love them and I freakin’ hate them.

As far as the functionality, they are great. But if you are at all clumsy picking them up, plan on a lot of Humpty Dumpty activity from your mod. Because looking at the damn thing makes it fall over. I decided to post this because I have stood both of mine back up 5 times in the last 10 minutes. Stupid, stupid design.

I just thought I would throw this out there, because after using them, I would never buy another one simply because they are THE most annoying mods I have ever owned.


Looks like there is a little spot on the bottom perfect for



Just checked and since the batteries don’t go into the bottom you could actually get some Sugru and fill the bottom in between the 2 legs and give it a bigger footprint


I always vape it forward. They have a good home lined up for them as soon as my old Caliburn dies, or is no longer useful. Good idea though. The battery door looks to be the reason they designed two little feet on these. If they had made the battery door a few mm shorter they could have recessed it into the body on the bottom and had no little feet at all. Would have been much better.