Smoothie Chat :P

Let’s chat up smoothies… What’s yours?

Mine for now… happens to be a citrus smoothie. Been vaping it for a little over 3 weeks, and can not seem to put it down.

Note: I like my Flavorah… if you can do an all flv recipe… cool… If you can not… that is a-ok… show me what you are working with… let’s get ready… smoothie season is here… or at least here for me haha! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have flv lime wedge but is it true that it fades very fast?


Curiously, I don’t think I’ve ever made smoothies. I do like the looks of that @SmokyBlue.


It does fade and I try really hard not to go over .2% or 3 bottle drops in 30ml… I reinforce it with the regular lime at .2%. I know it doesn’t sound like you’d get a real lime out of it… but as a shake n vape… you can tell there is a real lime in it… If you raise it higher for a dominant lime… .4% or 6 bottle drops in 30ml it’s really nice up to 2 weeks, then the fade will begin. However, if you have other citrus in your mix, the fade for just lime wedge slows down… and if you use a double combo, it will still be there… guess it is why I like it so much in this mix :slight_smile:

@SessionDrummer I think next time I want to add some avocado to it… to increase the creamy, and lower the smoothie part, but for this mix… it’s good! It hasn’t reached a 4oz bottle yet for me, but Im tempted!


Well I don’t got any Smoothie Base, but here’s my latest fav;


I’ve never attempted a smoothie profile before, but knew I had Smoothie Base so I’ve dug it out. I didn’t have the pineapple or most of what was in it, so I’ve gone for my favourites that I know better than most and went with it.
It’s been a while since I’ve done all Flavorah so thought I see how this went…


I know how @Rocky02852 turns out :stuck_out_tongue:
@marsh8 what ya think with the greek yogurt in yours?

Been too busy these last few days and I might not be back till Sunday night…
Working… but yeah I could be chilling and vaping… instead of snaging a vape when I can :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
I am not complaining tho… just busy! :smiley:


I think it’s a bit light to do what I had in my head, and hasn’t really come through. That is my low point on that one, but as always I start low…
The nectarine seems to be out of place though. Never had any luck with peaches or nectarines with mixing. This will sound stupid but they just don’t taste like an Aussie :rofl:
I’d hoped all those fruits would cover the lemon/citrus note I pick up from the smoothie base however that was not the case. It may have been smarter to use it to my advantage than the road I went down.
Needs work!


Boysenberry would cover up too many things going on in this one, Marsh… I’d drop it completely, or would just go with a blueberry…

Try to play off the lemon in smoothie base with contrast like with a pop of lime, if you want, maybe? or even some pineapple or orange.

The mango itself is light, so the move to use it at your rate is ok…and it would be eaten completely by Boysenberry.

Greek yogurt is good… normally with a cheesecake, cookie or smoothie base tho my limit with it is around 3 drops or .12% it brings out a sour touch, at least for me in that range. Perhaps lower the smoothie base to 1% or 1.2% and see with what you have…

I’d leave the red raspberry where you have it… I love that one! I keep a 4oz bottle of it around :slight_smile:

I wish we could have more green flavors… spinach could be interesting :stuck_out_tongue: haha!! oregano, I dunno… spices are always fun :slight_smile:


Some awesome tips there, I will give it another mix over the next few days. Thank you :pray:

What I can’t get my head around is the lemon in a smoothie. Is that normal over there? Never had one here like that, reminds me more of a sorbet.


I think you are just sensitive to the lemon in it…
It’s been forever since I have any sort of sorbet, so I can’t really confirm that. Maybe will go find some today and check it out :slight_smile:

It does make a good frosted lemonade too… but!! lots of cool things one can do with smoothie base :grin: