Smok p25 need a replacement

Hi I have a smok p25. I’ve had several over the years, they always seem to leak and the battery port breaks after a couple of months. So I’m looking for a replacement. I want something similar to give the same amount of power. Can anyone recommend anything please? Thank you


Hi there @Jo1234, welcome to the forums.

If you’re looking for a similar shaped device with stock coils, maybe check out the Freemax Twister.

Other than that there’s a bunch you can see if you scroll down to the bottom of this page.

I can’t recommend any of them as I’ve never used one, maybe someone who has can reply here with their opinions about it.


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Are you willing to try something with removable batteries? That would give you more options. Instead of looking for a kit, maybe find the best tank(I’ve heard Freemax is good), and a solid Mod similar in size, with good battery life(Lost Vape Grus, or Ehpro Cold Steel 100)


Welcome to the VC @Jo1234.