Single flavor testing

I just recently received from a friend who purchased for me from SSA their new Lemon Pound Cake Flavor. I am Uber excited to try this and wanted to get recommendations on percentages for single flavor testing? 1-2-3% and how long do you typically steep your testers.


Typically, I start my testing at .5% with the SSA range, Dennis, as many of their concentrates are plenty potent at anywhere from .5-2%.

A few day’s…many times I’ll retest the same day after increasing percentages to my original 20ml tester bottle. I do take into account roughly what’s remaining, so that I’m not adding too much flavor for the next incremental test. If I’ve vaped alot of a tester, I’ll mix a new tester at the higher rate, instead. This probably won’t appear to be very scientific to some, but it gives me a close enough idea of how a flavor works!


I would got 2% on most.