Single coil RDA question (failed memory)


There is slight condensation but it is outside the bottom/side air-holes rather than near the 510. It hasn’t been a problem.


My pleasure. My memory has quite a few holes in it too. Sounds like a great plan!!!


The only pull I have is the pud…oh wait, should I have shared that in public :laughing:

Imagine a Sprkslfly single coil designed RDA with a pug wearing a monocle for the logo…when do the preorders start :+1:


Yeah, it is more like condensation you can’t get away from as the vapor has to settle somewhere. It has never been a problem for me either, just an occasional wipe is all.


Well. That didn’t take long.

Seems like Mike Vapes and I had the same idea!

Fucking EPIC!


You should have patented that idea! You’d be rich :tada: