Silverline (Capella) Tasting Notes / Single Flavor Tests -- SessionDrummer

Cinnamon Sugar (Silverline) (CAP) 2.0% (2-8-20) – Any cinnamon flavor I’ve tested AFTER trying Flavorah’s Rich Cinnamon, has an almost impossible task, of trying to stay relevant (yes the FLV IS that good). So, disclaimer aside, decided to go conservative on this one @ 2%, for cinna safety. At this % it was nicely full, with mid level sweetness, and had no off-putting or harsh notes. Cinna’s can be tricky, and some are just plain unsafe, and/or harsh. I know all of CAP’s cinna tricks, so I was curious to see where this one fell. To my palate, this was a close cousin to the cinna in CAP’s Cinnamon Danish Swirl. No bakery, no nothing, except cinna and sweet. As far as uses, and mixers, I could see this working perfectly in bakery recipes. How does it compare to the ivory tower goddess from FLV ?? Ehhhh, it gets beat down, but, I don’t think anyone wlll ever beat FLV regarding cinnamon. With that said, it’s not a bad cinna, and even at 2%, considering CAP’s Silverline is typically their weaker line, this one held it’s own, and worked well here. It was nicely full at 2%, but nowhere near as rich as FLV’s, which again, was expected. On it’s own, not a bad sweetened cinnamon that would DEF. work in almost any bakery, with no cinnamon hot present. Feels good at 7/10.

Fruit Circles (Silverline) (CAP) 8.0% (2-8-20) – I had heard rumors this one WAS the fruit loops go to, and after trying almost every other “looper” out there, they all seemed to attempt to tame the lemon pledge from TPA’s Fruit Circles to varying degrees of success. Not sure what to expect from CAP’s “lower” line, I was very surprised by this one. Maybe Silverline should be called the weaker line, not the lower line, as this one was QUITE good. Clearly not as strong as many of my regular CAP flavors, this one presented a load of ceral/somehwat grainy out of the gate, AND, I was NOT assaulted with any Lemon Pledge !!! That’s two plusses already, and the very even tempered fruit levels added a third plus, with the possible milk element, and middle of the road sweetness level sealing the deal. It was so good that dare I say it COULD be a single flavor daily vaper ?? I think maybe so. With CAP costs per ml averaging to 0.13/ml, and the Silverline averaging 0.09/ml (30ml bottles from BCF), you can still save money, even assuming a higher % usage rate. It felt pretty good @ 8% as a solo, with (repeating), a nice cereal/grainy note full center, with a very even, not overpowering fruit medley that vaped like a damned fine fruit loops. I tested it WITH some small amounts of TPA Fruit Circles, but it almost felt better without. You could clearly push and pull this a bit, maybe add some more cream/milk, but as a single flavor, CAP really got this one right. 9.6/10.

Apple Snacks (Silverline) (CAP) 7.0% (2-8-20) – It’s starting to look like the Silverline line is getting cereals right. Now this doesn’t mean a single flavor would be better than a crafted recipe, but this one might save you a LOT of time. It’s missing the ultra bright high end that a Fuji could bring to this, but it does have a very accurate apple, to the original cereal. Speaking of cereal, it’s got plenty of it in here, and quite frankly, tastes a LOT like the cereal, more than any other companies offerings. I read another review wherein, there was a “it even has the cardboard like taste that the cereal does”, and that actually IS accurate. Doesn’t mean you’re vaping cardboard, but if you’ve eaten the cereal, you get it, it’s IN here. You can almost taste the little red flecks (red apple maybe) in the Apple J cereal in here. Was really on point @ 7% it was very full, almost rich, and the sweetness was right in the middle of the scale. I didn’t get any specific milk, but there may be an element of it in here, thickening up the mix. Some slight (very slight) hints of some spice, but they blend perfectly in to the mix. All in all, this is a GREAT Apple Jacks flavor, out of the bottle, no added flavors needed. About the only thing I could even THINK of adding, might be a super smidge of Fuji, just to pop the apple, but even without, you’re not left wanting. Almost perfect IMO. 9.8/10.

Biscuit (Silverline) (CAP) 5.0% (2-9-20) – LAST one on deck for this run. I KNEW this one was different the moment I loaded the Steam Crave up with it. Smelling while filling and all that, and I kept getting a Coconut ?? What ?? !! Well sure enough. This one immediately conveyed a sweet biscuit, but a COCONUT biscuit at that. Wait, what ? Yes. What biscuits do most of us use ?? INW Biscuit, and probably Jungle Flavors Biscuit. INW is a real traditional American, Bisquik like dry unsweetened. The Jungle Flavors is less dry, more sweet, and possibly more European styled. This one leaned heavily towards the JF Biscuit, because it was sweeter, not dry, and had quite a bit of Coconut in it. How much ?? Maybe along the lines of how much you get from TPA’s Cheesecake Graham. Now, what’s surprising, is it was pretty damned good as a sweet coconut biscuit. Now what’s bad, is there’s no coconut IN the name LOL. Unlike a more neutral (either dry or sweet) biscuit, this WILL limit where you can use it. The even funnier thing is, the coconut wasn’t bad at all, and was actually quite good. Not greasy (you know who you are FA), not floral, not candied, but a bakery coconut. There you have it, it’s a sweet, coconut biscuit, game over. Because of the very present (but quite good) coconut, will have to tick this one down a few, as despite being able to use this in almost any coconut bakery, using as a straight biscuit will be hard. Great taste though, and I can’t stress that enough, but as a “biscuit” will have to drop to 5.5/10.

Butter Pecan (Silverline) (CAP) 5.5% (2-8-20) – IMO, Flavor West has the Butter Pecan to beat, so not sure where this one will rank. First vaping did reveal some Pecans with maybe some creamy elements mixed in. I didn’t get the butter I expected, which left me wanting in that regard. As far as the pecan portion, it was not terribly done, not stellar, but above average. @ 5.5%, it was full and didn’t feel weak, with no off notes. It’s a shame to mark this one down as the pecan was good, but the creamy elements didn’t make up for the butter part. Creamy pecan might be better, and I think Flavor West has spoiled me on BP. A great pecan but missing much of the butter about sums this one up. Above average, but in the average realm none the less. Leaving this one at 6.5/10.

Crunchy Frosted Cookie (Silverline) (CAP) 5.0% (2-8-20) – Mmmmm, this one’sa good one. Knew it on the first vape. It’s got some has(es), and has(nots). What it has is a almost velvety smooth texture, almost like a very expensive frosting (duh frosted cookie) that is hard to convey how smooth it is. The main cookie element is exactly what you’d expect from a light sugar cookie, and you can almost taste the sprinkles on top. The sweetness is mid-high on this, which is expected for a (duh) frosted cookie. Super velvety smooth, not overly rich, but sweet, tasty, and very full @ 5%. The moment I tasted it I immediately thought of a few recipes that would benefit from this one. Now the cookie is def. in there, with plenty of the tell-tale bakery notes, but it’s lacking in some of the grainy-ness that would better define the cookie part. Now, does that leave you wanting when vaping it. Not really, but just an observation. For a delish sugar cookie, that seemlessly blends into a super smooth frosting with (almost) sprinkles on the top, this will get you there. As a mixer I could see this being used quite a bit. In comparison CAP’s Sugar Cookie has much more mid tones, lacks the frosting and high end sugary punch that this one gives you. Some vanilla may be in there, but the lighter sugar cookie and frosting steal the show here. Only take-off would be for some missing grain to drive the delicious bakery elements home. 9.2/10.

Whipped Marshmallow (Silverline) (CAP) 5.0% (2-9-20) – Getting near the bottom of this little group, and being a Marshmallow lover, I’m always on the prowl for a good one to mix with. At 5% this MM was nice and, well, Marshmallowy. My current go to’s are FA MM, and TPA MM and each behave quite a bit differently, and taste different, so trying to figure out where this one falls inbetween them will be a challenge. To my tastes, this one almost fell in the MIDDLE of them. I was getting many of the real mallow notes that I got from my FA, and some of the sweeter high end notes from the TPA. Because this is a Single Flavor Test, it’s outside the scope of this review to discuss using it as a blending agent, or any possible muting effects, if any, but it was a great MM. Whipped always implies a lighter, aerated type of flavor, and if this makes sense, it was lighter, but not light. Confused ?? Good, let’s continue. As far as candied vs. gooey, this one leaned towards gooey which I think will give it broader uses. Some vanilla-ish elements in there for good measure, and it was a surprisingly good vape solo @ 5%. This one surprised me, and am going to go high on the rate with it accordingly. Nice vanilla-ish, goey Marshmallow that has pretty good mouthfeel, but not overly dense, with some restraint in the sweetness department. Feels really good at 9/10.