Shelf Life of flavors

I was wondering about the shelf life of flavorings and is there any way to keep flavors last longer (freezing it like we do Nicotine). I was looking to buy LB Vanilla Ice Cream direct from Liquid Barn as i can’t find it anywhere else, but they only have 16.5 and 500ml bottles available. I could just buy 4-6 of the smaller bottles, that would get me by for a year or so but I wondered if it would be better to grab the 500ml. It would take me quite awhile to use 500ml of LB Vanilla Ice Cream.


Don’t freeze them it can break the flavour (as it can cause separation of components) but a static temperature and dark environment can extend the life of the flavour. I keep mine at 10c in wine fridges.


@McDuckie, @woftam’s right about NOT freezing them. Cool, dark are the best conditions, AND, if you are concerned, buy the big bottle, and you can break it down into smaller bottles to minimize constant re-oxygenation when shaking before using, and/or pre-oxidation.