Settings for TC on DNA75c for NiFe48, SS316L, SS304L

Hi all, friends. I have a ZQ Essent dna75c mod. There are three types of wire: SS316L (Temco, 28GA), NiFe48 (Zivipf, 28GA), SS304L (INOWIRE, 28ga).

I want to try TC on these wires.
What should I do next? What settings should I enter in Escribe? Does anyone have any good ready-made settings for these wires (profiles)?


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I don’t have any experience with this but I’m sure someone else will :crossed_fingers:

@woftam do you know much about escribe?


I have not used TC for a long time, but the TCR setting is the most important one to get right with your TC.

I am sure that the


will have downloadable materials curves and settings

Or you could create your own using these as a starting point and adjust to your taste ( I don’t know much about NiFe48)

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Any other advice with TC then @Wayneo uses TC a lot, l do use TC occasionally but just SS316 wire or the Replay feature using hybrids when using SS316 I follow the TCR value given by @woftam.


Thanks for the mention Tim. I’ve already written that guy a book over there, going on 2 days now, but he does not believe/trust what I’ve said. :sunglasses:

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Hello! Are you from dna forum?
If yes, i just dont understand how to work with steam engine and idk where i should put TCR of my wire in escribe. So i just search a custom profiles. I believe you, but idk how to work with it.


As a personal rule, I DON’T DO THAT STUFF HERE. Too easy to lose friends :wink:

I only commented earlier because @Timwis called me out by name.


Dna 75c use replay your get good results with out all the fuss


@Leeds makes sense that’s what I use TC for idiots not that I’m calling you an idiot but TC to a beginner can sound even more complicated than it is because of not being use to the terminology and overall understanding! Most start using just power settings and dabble with TC when they have naturally picked up more knowledge, why run before you can walk especially now when replay allows an effortless jog!

Sorry @Wayneo if I knew you had already tried to explain it to him obviously I wouldn’t of tagged you :smiley:


I use replay right now. And that in the usual TC, as well as here, the mod after the tank becomes empty, still fries the coil with cotton. No warning. Yes, it reduces the power a lot, but it still continues to fry. My Yihi would have yelled “No liquid” a long time ago. Apparently a fine tuning is needed.


Strange, never had that issue with Replay although I do use it for MTL.


Welcome to VC, @IgOleYul :wave: I haven’t seen him in awhile, but @MJAG had some DNA250 profiles. Don’t know if he dabbled with the 75, or whether they are interchangeable. Maybe he’ll chime in, if he see’s this.


Yeah, I have DNA75C profiles as well as DNA250C and 100C too. The Replay files are all the same though, that is an Evolv thing. My profiles just use Djlsbvapes SS316L calculations since it is better than the standard stock Evolv SS316 file.

@IgOleYul when setup properly the DNA-C mods perform TC just as good as the SXmini mods but with the added benefit of Replay. Replay can be tricky sometimes though, I generally just use my SS316L profile most of the time. I do love my SXmini mods but the DNA250C is my all time favorite chip. It is better than the 75 and 100C chips due to it’s efficiency.

@IgOleYul you can also send me a PM here with your email address and I can send you a profile for the ZQ Essent dna75c mod, I was just using mine the other day.


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I use the escribe profiles from stealthvape for ss316l. I found the evolv 316l to be a bit lacking. You can download the profiles here Download Section - Stealthvape