Session Drummer's review of the Geekvape Creed RTA

This RTA was sent to me for the purposes of this review by @June from but as always, what I find is what you’ll read.
GearBest is also running their Autumn Markdown Event:


25mm Diameter
4.5mL Standard Juice Capacity
6.5mL Maximum Juice Capacity
Superior Stainless Steel Construction
Spacious Build Deck
Two-Post - Single Terminal Per Post Design
Top-Secured via Slotted Flathead Screws
Large Terminals For Easy Coil Lead Placement
Single or Dual Coil Configuration
PEEK Insulator
Three Interchangeable Internal Airflow Options
Three External Airslots - Adjustable AFC Ring
18mm 810 ULTEM Widebore Drip Tip 
510 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
510 Drip Tip Adapter
Gold-Plated 510 Connection
Available in Silver, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow, Blue, Black

Having been completely hooked on most of the Steam Crave lineup, I grew tired of looking for a better version of an RTA/RDA that would match, or even improve the incredible flavor, will the Creed do it ?? Read on…

Your packaging may be different than the samples sent out for review.

Needless to say the packaging was the standard fare

And it came with some great goodies including a spare flat glass tank, multi-tool, grub screws, o-rings, a 510 and 810 drip tip

AND, 3 airflow sleeves !!!

Starting out, the Creed RTA is a 25mm bottom (and side) air flow, 2 post setup.

Utilizing a top fill design with a knurled top cap and smooth threads made assembling this a breeze, and quick to fill.

One minor issue is the shared screws on the posts, which will limit bigger coils.

The chimney section is adequate with smooth threading and a gasket on the top, but is flat topped, not domed.

You can run the 6.5ml bubble glass or the 4.5ml flat tank both of which snugged up nicely with no issues…

Onto the BUILD !!! On my first build tried some larger 7 wrap 3mm claptons but I could not get the air sleeve to slide over, so I reduced to 6 wrap 3mm claptons, coming in at 0.31 ohms.

Snug as a bug in a rug with no issues.

Although the “blocker” air sleeve did increase the flavor just a weee bit, my best results were with the honeycombed air sleeve.

Although wicking is not my strong suit, wicked up placing the tails in the shared juice wells fairly easily.

Used some of my ADV juice for a realistic flavor comparison.

Because the air sleeve(s) are installed before the chimney, decided to fully wet the wicks to keep it tidy.

Wicked, juiced, and ready to test riding the Para 250 and tested between 50-100 watts.


As stated above, have been looking forever for something that would equal or exceed the massive flavor that the Steam Crave lineup offers, and I think Geekvape has DONE it with this RTA. For all you SC heads out there, I’m not 100% sure the Creed RTA exceeds the flavor per se, but it MATCHES it. That, my friends is a big deal. Everyone’s tastes are different, and your mileage will vary, but I was actually VERY surprised. Having shelved MORE than a couple handfuls of different setups trying to reach this level of flavor proved to be very routine and almost mundane, so the Creed RTA was a surprise. The flavor was great across my testing wattages, threads and o-rings were very good, leading to a perfect assembly and teardown, top fill worked perfectly, and the 3 air sleeves were a very modern and new approach from Geekvape. Although, in my testing, the sleeves moderated the flavor slightly, the airflow “feel” was more affected IMO. My best results were with the round hole honeycomb sleeve. The 3 large air flow slots proved to be more than adequate, and fairly quiet, with no whistling. The build deck DID throw me a curve ball, and depending on your builds this may or may NOT be an issue. Sharing posts, and smaller ones at that can present troubles when building with larger coils, as well as the air sleeve which goes on before the chimney WILL limit how big you can build, BUT, as witnessed, bigger isn’t always better. With the coils I used, including the installation, this proved to be a non-issue for me. The final VERY worthy point of mention is LEAKING. Most of my beloved SC’s can dribble or weep just a bit during normal use, and most will DEF. leak if laid on their sides. I decided to do a torture leak test of sorts, and filled the tank, opened the air slots wide open, and laid the unit on it’s side for 2 hours, and it was BONE DRY !!! I could not do that with my beloved SC’s.





Having a hard time finding faults with this one. Flavor for me, is paramount, because without that, nothing else matters, and this one has it in spades. Equal to, if not slightly better than my current flavor go to lineup. With the minor post/screw sharing and coil size limitations not withstanding, the complete absence of any leaking or drooling, I think I finally have a new addition to my flavor vaping lineup, and for me (and maybe you) that’s a BIG deal. 9.5/10 on this one, after trying hard to find any faults with it.


  • Flavor, flavor, and more flavor.
  • Build quality, threading, o-rings, etc.
  • ZERO leaking.
  • 3 interchangeable air sleeves to customize your vape.
  • Knurling on top cap and air flow ring for easy use.
  • Included drip tips.


  • Air sleeves can limit coil / build size.
  • Shared posts can limit coil size, and complicate install with larger coil leads.
  • It’s not free.

The flavor chucker comparison.



Great review Session! Not being free is always a con for me too​:wink: Another RTA I’ll be adding to the cart. Thanks for the good read as always!!:+1:


@Eddie Thank you, and I’m very curious to hear what you think on this one. Flavor tugboat with no leaking ???


2 hours laying on it’s side, still can’t believe it. I love my SteamCraves, but if I did this with one of them, I’d would have had a puddle lol.


Another one for the wish list, nice write up and great pictures too.
Couple of nice mods you have there too :clinking_glasses:


No doubt! Good stuff…:ok_hand:


Great review @SessionDrummer . The Creed is one of my favorites!


Groove review! It’s all there. Love the pics!!!


Great review, cheers :+1:


Thank you @Jose, means a lot.

@Eddie #SayNOToLeaking

Thank you @Jim22. What were you’re thoughts on the Creed ?


Thank you very much @SmilingOgre. Don’t think my pics can come close to an episode of OgreVision though !!!

Thanks a lot @Grubby. The calculator is looking VERY good mate !!


So Jim, whaadaya thowts awn da Creed? (Sorry just watched the mike vapes review on the Profile) I really like the Creed. Its well made and gives a lot of airflow options. The posts are really geared for flat wire coils. I like the slotted airflow the best. You can actually run larger coils by not using any of the chimneys, but at the cost of flavor. I wish they had made it without the airflow caps and made it shorter so the coils are closer to the top. But then it doesn’t have that “different” factor.

It has really good flavor and airflow. I think it comes in behind my Fireluke , Aqua Reboot, and Manta for dual coil RTAs. Definitely in my rotation.


Hehe @Jim22 I have to admit trying that, and yes, the flavor hit was noticeable.


Cheers! Haven’t been that active here lately, sorting RL stuff out, there is a thread about the calculator if you want to comment / give feedback / ideas etc :+1:


Very comprehensive and informative review @SessionDrummer thank you :grinning:


Thank you very much @Tworrs.

@Grubby I’m in about the same boat as you.


Great review @SessionDrummer :+1:

My Creed should be shipping tomorrow, had to order one after hearing your thoughts. Thanks brother!


Great review brother, I love mine, great little tank, nice job :wink::+1:


Thank you a lot @Mjag and @steampugs.