Rincoe JellyBox 228W TC Kit - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the JellyBox 228W TC Kit from Rincoe. The Rincoe JellyBox 228W TC Kit was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Tina from 3avape.




Rincoe introduced themselves in style about 3 years ago with one of the best dual 18650 mods of that year (not bad for a debut) and since have mainly released well received products with a couple of mediocre items thrown in but are now deservedly a vaping manufacturer mainstay!

They have released 2 versions of the JellyBox one a single 21700 device and the one i have for this review the JellyBox 228W Mod which is the dual 18650 version. both are available as just mods or in kit form paired with, yes you’ve guessed it the “JellyTank”!

The JellyBox has a main PC body with Zinc Alloy top and base sections and has a very popular transparent look! Featuring a top wattage of 228w (cough), full TC suite and both customisable display and LED’s the JellyBox is bound to turn a view heads! I have already reviewed the JellyBox Mini Mod so now let’s look at the full dual battery Kit version!

In The Box



1 x Jellybox 228W mod
1 x Jellytank (Mesh 0.3ohm coil inside)
1 x Mesh 0.15ohm coil
1 x Type-C charging Cable
2 x User Manual
1 x Certificate Card
1 x Warranty Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The JellyBox 228W Kit came in quite simple cardboard packaging and like with the single battery version on opening i immediately loved the look of this device. The JellyBox is essentially a Poly Carbonate constructed device with metal sections at the base and top which sweeps down the face which is where more support is needed but this makes it a budget price and in my opinion both the Mini and this the dual battery version must be both the best looking and solid feeling plastic devices i have used with only the Drone coming close!

The device is available in 3 transparent colours, i received the Amber Clear, the options are Amber Clear, Black Clear or Full Clear. The top three quarters of the face is Zinc Alloy and houses both the colour screen and above the protruding concave round fire button, below the screen within the Poly Carbonate main body we have side by side round protruding Zinc Alloy navigational buttons. The Zinc Alloy then covers the top of the device with a circular raised platform more to the rear but quite central which houses the Stainless Steel 510 plate with Gold plated, spring loaded 510.

The base is also Zinc alloy and we have a spring loaded latch door with chevron grooves and printed safety marks. The spine is nicely curved which along with the protruding concave fire button makes this a comfortable device to use. On one side we have the Rincoe logo badge which i personally like and on the other side low down and towards the front the Type C USB port.


Rincoe JellyBox 228W Kit Specs and Features:

Tank Size : 25 x 42mm
Tank Capacity: 4.8ml
Tank Material: PCTG+stainless steel
Coil: Mesh 0.3ohm coil & Mesh 0.15ohm coil
Mod size: 92 x 54 x 27mm
PCB Efficiency: 95%
USB Charging: 5V/2A
Battery using: Dual replaceable high rate18650 cells(battery not included)
Max output current: 50A
Max output voltage: 8.4V
Power range: 1-228W
lnput voltage: 6.0-8.4V
TC mode supports: Ni200/Ti/ss
Resistance range of atomizers:
VW mode: 0.08-5.0ohm
TC(NI/TI/SS): 0.05-3.5ohm
Temperature control Range: 200-600°F(100-315°℃)
Mod Material: Zinc alloy & PC
Transparent PC cover and zinc alloy frame
6 LED lights and shine through into the full device
Multiple function and protection of chipset
Colours: Full Clear, Black Clear, Amber Clear


JellyTank Overview

The JellyTank has a 4.8ml capacity and comprises of an all in one moulded Poly carbonate top section which will be colour coded with the device you choose and Stainless Steel Base section which accommodates dual cyclops airflow slots. One con straight off is because the mouth section is integrated within the Poly carbonate moulding it’s fixed and non removeable so you can’t fit your own drip-tip!

Moving to the base we have a protruding Gold plated 510 pin as well as etched branding and safety marks. We can also see the groove and protruding tab of the outer wall forming the rail system which gives the airflow adjustment stoppers either side.


Pre-installed we have a 0.3ohm coil head which is rated between 38 to 45w and to get access we need to unscrew the base section which although the threading isn’t exactly silky smooth i have known worse. The coil head just gets press fitted into place and the base section of the coil head assembly unscrews from the main body of the coil head and is then used with both the other supplied coil and any future coil heads! Also included is a 0.15ohm coil head which is rated between 50 to 60w.


When it comes to filling we have a White Silicone flap with fill port plug to one side of the installed coil head much like we see on many PnP style pods. Refillable pods that take replaceable coil heads are semi disposable but here we have a tank with the same fill system and the Silicone plug gives me very little confidence it has long term durability! The fill port is a good size and i had no issues filling mess free!!!


Fitting The Batteries

The JellyBox accommodates dual 18650 batteries which get the fitted via the bottom latched spring loaded door which without a battery installed is quite jangly and once opened is very loose giving it loads of play! The orientation is Black on Black which is disappointing as it’s in Bright White on the Mini device. With batteries fitted we now have no play whatsoever and no battery rattle.


Because i don’t do reviews for Rincoe i initially didn’t think i would be reviewing any of the JellyBoxes so did watch Todd’s review so was expecting the battery door to have movement and not close tight. I can only guess Rincoe improved the door before retail release because i have the Mini in all 3 colours and this dual battery version and all of them are spot on, no issues!

The Display

The JellyBox Dual has a full colour display which can be customised to be one of 6 colours, it’s both bright and sharp. Top left we have two battery status bars positioned vertically and top right the mode. Below in large font we have either the wattage or temperature depending which mode you are in and below in a rectangular box vape duration. Next we have the resistance and then underneath the Voltage which will display watts instead when in temperature control. Finally at the bottom of the display we have a row of 6 different colour squares which is for choosing the colour of the display.


Operating The Device

The JellyBox is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and five clicks to turn off and once on up and down together locks those buttons but the device will still fire. We have more combination key press features but it’s to do with the LED’s and display colour customisation which i will cover in the next section.

To change modes is 3 quick presses of the fire button which now will cause the mode to blink and using the navigational buttons you can scroll through the options which are Variable Wattage, TC-Ni, TC-Ti and TC-SS, fire is select. If choosing a temperature control wire it will ask if its a new or old coil and lock in the resistance, also when on a temp control working screen pressing down and fire together allows you to set wattage for temp control from 10 to 228w.

In variable wattage mode you can alter wattage in 1w increments from 1w to 228w, it round robins. A very easy to use device but we don’t have extra settings, curves or variable voltage modes.


The LED’s and Customisation Of Display

The device has 6 LED’s, 3 down the centre of the PCB and 3 opposite on the outside of the inner section of the battery tube. With the device being transparent the LED’s light up not just the device but also the PCB which i do like, for those who are not in the LED fan club, simple just turn them off.

Down and fire together from the Variable Wattage working screen switches the LED’s on or off. We can also customise the colour of the display by pressing up and fire together which will make an outer box surround your current colour setting on the row of six colour squares at the bottom of the display. Now just use the navigational buttons to move the surround box between the colour squares and when it is surrounding the colour you want then fire is select. The colour options are White, Red, Cyan, Green, Yellow and Purple.


The LED’s when on give a slow pulse effect when firing and will only be the colour you have chosen for the display as the colour of the LED’s can not be chosen independently.

There are those that comment LED’s waste battery life but do they really make any noticeable difference?

I know i also mentioned this when reviewing the Mini but in case you didn’t read that review i think this is interesting information! PSV Eindhoven got rid of their traditional corner floodlights to replace them with literally 100’s of thousands of LED lighting which doesn’t just light the pitch for the football but also allows for amazing light shows at the start and end of games yet the costly system to install was paid for in less than 3 seasons due to a 33% energy cost reduction so the moral is just 6 LED’s you are looking at a handful of puffs less with a full battery cycle.



Over Heating Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
10 Seconds Cut-off
Low Voltage Protection



The JellyBox has Type C USB and a 2A charge rate so if you need to charge in the device both are big pros, while charging all that’s displayed is just one battery charging progress bar not one for each battery so quite poor feedback but it does support pass-through!


My Thoughts!

First i will start with the JellyTank which to be fair is decent if you like a DL vape, the airflow is smooth enough and although the flavour from either coil head isn’t exactly going to rock your world for a kit tank again no complaints in this regard. I personally preferred the 0.3ohm coil head at 40w with half airflow for less restriction than i normally go for but for me it gave the best draw/flavour combo for me personally! The 0.15ohm will be much more your cup of tea if you like a few more watts and an open airflow but not really for me, it also needs mentioning this wicks really well and gives a saturated vape even when chain vaping and also the airflow adjustment has a really nice stiff but smooth movement!

But!!! I have two cons the first being i don’t find the mouth section very comfortable and being integrated into the moulding there is no alternative. The other more major con is the fill method! With a tank i want something like a top-fill bayonet fitting but with this you have to unscrew the tank from your mod then unscrew the base section of the tank before lifting the flap to fill and then screw the tank together before screwing it back on to your mod, it’s an even worse con because they don’t include a Caveman to do it for you! Personally i just wouldn’t use the tank for this reason alone, if it gave fantastic flavour and the exact vape i prefer i might consider it but the tank itself is just an average kit tank so not worth me spending half my life filling it!

I made no secret that i liked the single 21700 Mini version of the JellyBox and although i don’t carry dual battery devices around with me i love the look of this possibly even more and it will be a device i continue to use at home! Plastic devices can be made well and that’s certainly the case here and the transparent look of the device will appeal to many. Not accommodating dual 21700’s is a con in comparison to it’s younger brother but that is only really going to matter to higher wattage vapers and dual 18650’s keeps this a more compact size. I also love the fire button on the dual battery version, it protrudes nicely, has a nice deep concave and it doesn’t have the annoying loud click on release that i experienced with the Mini, although i did prefer the slanted position!

I really don’t mind the LED’s more so the effect of the PCB lighting up than the lights themselves but i found they looked best when set to White but prefer a more colourful display, the LED’s will only light the colour you have the display so a con that they can’t be set independently, in my view the LED’s themselves can’t be a con because down and fire equals LED’s off, so a non issue!

The device is light and feels good in the hand, it can fit up to 25mm atomizers so most atomizers are fine and it also fires out the gate and performed like a trooper. Rincoe do seem to think 228W is the magic number with a dual battery device but of course this will be more like 180w if you are lucky but let’s face it who really vapes at that sort of wattage?, all the wattages i vaped at seemed very accurate compared to other devices. The buttons are very clicky especially the fire button which i like and as mentioned the fire button on the dual battery version doesn’t suffer the same loud release click as the mini, it’s also good to see both Type C USB and a 2A charge rate while supporting pass-through. I would prefer more features like Variable Voltage and Curves and when no battery is installed i wish the battery door was not so loose but for it’s price point it’s a cracking device!



Stunning looking for a plastic device (subjective)
Very well made
Feels Solid
Light and nice in hand
Love the protruding concave fire button
Battery door solid with no movement (with battery installed)
Fires without noticeable delay
Performed like a trooper
Variable Wattage and TC modes
LED’s light up PCB (if you don’t like, turn off)
Display colour customisable
Accommodates up to 25mm atomizers with no overhang
Both coils give decent flavour and smooth draw
JellyTank colour coded to the device
Type C USB
2A charge rate
Supports pass-through
Budget price


Battery door very loose when open and with no battery (fine with battery installed)
For some not being dual 21700’s will be a con but it would of made it a large device
Wish it had a few more features
LED colour can’t be set independent of display colour
Didn’t find mouth section on tank very comfortable (can’t fit an alternative drip-tip)
Bottom fill (such a long process to fill the tank)
Silicone fill plug in my opinion doesn’t look very durable

I would once again like to thank Tina from 3avape for supplying the Rincoe JellyBox 228W TC Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!



Very good review. Pity the tank is such a mission. It looks good as a kit.
Though there’s tanks like the kree and the Voopoo PNP tank that will give you the same look. If you can get a colour matching tank glass.


Great review @Timwis :call_me_hand:
I’ve had my eye on that one!


This one, or even the Mini(non kit), would be inexpensive, unique addition’s to my arsenal! Gonna keep it in mind. Thank’s Tim! FT ad on the forum led me here.