[REVIEW] Ogre's look at the Kaees Aladdin



Thanks for sharing :smiley:


Awesome review Ogre…is it weird that I am telling you that again…:thinking: :rofl:


Thanks for taking the time to sit through it Lolly. I’m still working on trying to get the lighting right but I am having a lot of fun.


I know right? Deja Vu?


I feel you can never be told too many times just how awesome you are…

or is that just me…:thinking:


Ok, time to put the boots on. What the hell, it’s a lot of fun. And if it helps someone get a device that works for them all the better.


Well…I don’t quite know what your on about…I only do it for the adoring comments… (diva)



@SmilingOgre You’re videos are some of the VERY few, that I like them even better the SECOND time I watch them !!!


Oh good grief, even I can’t stand to watch them twice. lol. I do appreciate you doing so however.


Very nicely done! I just won one, it’ll be a while before it ships & arrives (Chinese New Year) . Your vid was very helpful for when it arrives. Thank you!


Congratulations! and thank you. I think you’ll love the atty.