REVIEW: A Quickie Review of the Hcigar Aurora Squonk Mod

Disclaimer: This device was supplied to me by me for the purpose of vaping. I just decided to review it because I am not a celebrity vape reviewer and don’t get free stuff. Not that I am bitter about that, but just thought I would mention that. Oh and if someone wants to send me free stuff to review, well I would consider it… ok, ok I will take your free stuff and review it.

Lets call this a quick review, maybe a flash review. I used this for just over a day and gathered enough information to have some opinions.

So here we have the Hcigar Towis Aurora BF Mod. Its an 80 watt device using the XT80C chipset. Capable of utilizing 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries.


Its a very nice looking mod with brushed metal side panels and a metal frame. The display is vibrant and easy to read and the menu simple to navigate. The fire button is a bit soft for my liking. I wish it was as stiff as the mode and select buttons.


The factor that sets it apart from other mods is the sliding mechanism which lets you switch between 18650 and 20700 / 21700 batteries. No silly rubber spacers to keep track of or lose.



The magnets on the side panels are abysmal. I can’t tell you how many times my thumb brushed against the edge of the squonk hole and I ended up wearing a large bulky thumb ring.

Looks nice.
Sliding battery selector is innovative and works well.

510 is not spring loaded. What? Yes really! If you use an RDA with a deep protruding 510 pin, the contact in the mod will not rebound like a spring loaded would. I had to manually move the 510 with a screwdriver to get it to make a connection with some RDAs.

Wattage is weak. Using VW mode, I had to set the wattage about 4-5 watts higher than what I would use on the Pulse 80 or any other single battery mod to get the same vape. This is even putting it in Powerful mode.

Very small, weak magnets on the side panel. I have never had a panel fall off so many times from regular use. I tried to position it in my hand to use my index finger to squeeze the bottle instead of my thumb, but it just doesn’t work.

The Hcigar Towis Aurora is a visually appealing squonk mod with an innovative sliding battery selector. It unfortunately fails in a few critical areas, which made me regret my purchase after using it for a short period. Would I buy another if I lost it? No way, nor would I recommend anyone else to buy it.

I didn’t have any real expectations for this mod when I bought it, but I didn’t expect to be so disappointed. Perhaps I got a lemon and it just wasn’t my lucky day, but in my mind this shouldn’t have been released until they corrected some of the things mentioned. It is not good compared to the most popular entry level squonker, the Pulse 80.

It reminds me of something Kangertech would do. Release a product with a cool new feature, but the rest of it is not well thought out and is a failure. I really expected more from Hcigar.


Nice one mate had a giggle at the first paragraph classic. Shame the mod is not a keeper. I appreciate the honest assessment.


Thanks, I didn’t do a full review and include specs. I mostly wanted to get some observations out there since its a new device and many of the online shops don’t even have it in stock yet. I have since watched a few reviews and confirmed that the 510 is not spring loaded. I thought at first my spring must be broken lol.


Very cool heads up for the community bud!
Sorry you had had to take one for the team, but I’m sure it will save some the misfortune.


Haha won’t be the first time I bought something that just didn’t make the grade. Probably not the last either. Just never wrote about them publicly.


So, into the horrible hardware section it goes?
Nice review though and does it btw come with the ‘I voted’ sticker? :wink:


Yep Horrible Hardware! I just got home from voting when I started snapping pics, so the sticker just seemed natural :grinning:


Hey, good stuff @Jim22!! Thanks for the review and good read🍻


You could name it “Bimbo”. Really cute but walks into walls. Actually a great review. Love the twists in the plot!!!


Haha! Nice one, great review, I should get me a squonker it would save me dripping liquid all over the place…


They really are nice. Very convenient.


Sorry in advance for the OT drift Jim!

I’m actually considering it now as well (since I’ve been blessed with ‘winning’ the Recurve from Dan_the_Man’s generous giveaway!)

I’ve always avoided them (because I tend to change flavors too frequently) until now, but if I dedicate it to one of my ADV’s, I can see it being great for around the house!

My only concern is, if it’s been this damned hard to find a good TC unit in a normal box mod… How hard is it going to be in finding one for squonking?!!

Smoant needs to make a Cylon squonker! :laughing: :wink:


Disappointing Hcigar would put something out with such obvious flaws but thanks so much for pointing them out @Jim22 :+1:

Good looking out for the community so we can all avoid this one.


@Eddie , Thank you.

Lol and thanks.

@Grubby and @Sprkslfly , I wish I had tried squonking sooner. I used my RDAs mostly just to test flavors because I hated carrying around a bottle of juice to drip. Now especially since getting the Rage, I am loving my RDAs. Maybe when one of the resident reviewers writes up the Rage, you will know if it does TC well.


Yeah after about the 10th time the panel popped off, it became clear to me why Vandy Vape used such huge magnets on the Pulse 80 side panels. Hcigar probably used those special silver plated copper magnets.

I have gotten so much awesome hardware lately and some of it on clearance, that I was probably due for something not so good. I’m going back to the store I bought it from later tonight to pick up something I have on order. They had just gotten it in when I bought it, so they hadn’t even tried it yet. Sometimes they let me be the guinea pig and try things first lol. I don’t expect them to take it back, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they offer to.


Thanks for the heads up @Jim22
A brief but VERY informative review :smile:


Thanks @Tworrs


I was talking to an employee at a local vape store. They have had several Auroras returned because the sliding battery mechanism becomes sloppy and no longer makes contact at some point. Maybe someone will perfect the idea.


only just noticed this review man, love the very honest intro :joy: …shame about the device though, id of expected more from Hcigar, nice job man :wink:🖒