Replacing the Screen on Lost Vape Thelema Solo DNA100C

Good Morning All,

I just noticed that somehow I bashed the screen on my Lost Vape Thelema Solo DNA100C, and I’ve seen that Evolve sells replacement screens fairly cheaply ($12 US?)

I’ve never pulled one of my mods apart yet (never had to!) and I was just wondering if anyone has some experience on the Thelema Solo? If so, are there any words of advice you could pass on? I’ve been over a few postings on the Evolve forums, and I’ve noticed two things:

  1. Some folks seem to never get their device working properly after disassembly.
  2. Some folks seem to have difficulty getting the connector properly seated.

The Thelema seems to be put together with Torx screws (I just bought Wiha bits and a good quality driver), but the screws also seem to be very shallow, and I’d also hate to strip a screw. If there is any advice you could pass on, or a reference to a “how to” procedure, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks All.


@Wayneo should be able to help mate!


Yep that’s me with anything electrical!


Ask over there.


I had a Lost Vape Paranormal that lost its screen. I sent it back and they repaired it at no charge. All it tiiok was a phone call.


@nick35388 Thanks for the tip - I ordered and received a new color screen from Evolv. I have other color DNA devices so learning how to replace a screen seems like a handy repair to me. That being said, I also sent an inquiry to Lost Vape and they replied requesting that I submit a ticket for help. I’ll try to document the repair process for a post.