Reimagining The Mage V2

So here is another instance of me wanting just a little more air flow. I like the smoothness of honeycomb air flows, but these holes were just too tiny and restricting for me. I enlarged just the line of holes down the center which created one long open slot for air directly beneath the coils.


This is a bit more to my liking. Below are pics of the deck taken apart from the base.


The rectangular plate is the bottom of the build deck. The screw holds the plate and the positive side of the deck in place. The plate and screw are part of the negative portion of the assembly. Notice the round PEEK insulator that encircles the positive screw. The round circle in the base that is off center is for the head of the screw to sit in and make contact.


Here is a closeup. That just doesn’t look right or safe to me. Is it an anomaly and I got a defective device? Or is it a design flaw found in all of them?


That looks like a bodge job, an after thought, a quick fix…

Does the deck not contact the base when you screw it together??


It looks like it contacts the base at the edge but there is also an oring there. I am not sure why they placed the screw so close to the insulator in the first place. They also could have used a screw with a smaller head. I’m not sure if the insulator was cut away to accommodate the screw, or if the screw damages the insulator on assembly.