Really getting frustrated with this industry

This is me venting. I was contacted by Sig to do a review on a new mod they are working on. It is to be released in a couple of weeks. Then I get an email, “Dear friends, will you help me…” with pictures and specifications. No! I will not advertise for you. Not my function. This is back door advertising and will be frowned upon by forums. Don’t expect a review anytime soon. Sorry, I’m just tired of this shit.


Amen to that! I don’t do any reviews anymore. They don’t like it when you point out the flaws and stop asking and that’s fine with me.
It’s a lot of work for almost nothing and on top of the bullshit you get from the industry, you get jealous bickering from some people because, in their opinion, you’re raking in free shit. :face_vomiting:


‘‘Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.’’
Mark Twain


You put that really well. I’ve never had the words for the “jealous bickering”. I had the same experience. I simply published what the scope said and the supply line dried up. Fine with me too. I have a shit ton of meh devices laying around. Don’t need or want any more.


Too funny… because it’s true!


Ah is it the Humvee 215 by any chance?..I got the same message, they haven’t asked me to do any shady advertising though (yet)…I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome, the mod actually looks alright on the surface…kinda Aegis rip off…


Yup, that’s the one. Thanks!


This comment has no reflection on members here as I have only seen diligence within this community. This industry missed the boat. The shops that sold to minors, the reviewers that swept defects under the rug, the manufacturers that put out crap etc., all contributed to this crisis. It has been well understood that our devices and disposables are akin, or possibly judged as medical equipment and supplies. The industry was founded on an alternative to smoking. A smoking reduction/cessation method. I’ve voiced my warnings to B&M’s here with no head in response. Here, we have all informed manufacturers that failures like auto-fire can not be tolerated.

End of rant. I can’t explain why, but I needed to put this in writing for myself. If we can survive this latest round of attacks we need to shore up the ship. It has too many leaks.


Maybe your response should be: Sure, I might help you. After you throw a few million dollars into renting buses to get people to the planned protests. After you help pay for an advertising campaign that spreads the truth about vaping.


I’ve never been a big fan of pissing in the wind.


Do I expect a company that in all likelihood is owned by a Chinese general to help us out? No, not very likely. Having had to deal with some of the biggest hardasses on the planet, I learned that sometimes the people you don’t expect help from are the ones that step up. You never know til you ask. But you are probably right.