Random Acts of Kindness

How about a thread where we can drop in a random act of kindness we are witness to. I shall start with the inspiration for the thread.

Today was snow shovel day. We got over a foot of snow Friday and through last night, and now that it’s about all done it was time to clear my driveway. I did the walkway and the driveway part near the garage, but I still had 100’ of driveway and the pad by the street- in other words, the hardest part.

As soon as I got down to the end of the driveway to start this arduous task, a neighborhood guy I do not know passed by on a 4-wheeler with a plow attachment. He very kindly and without prompting cleared the rest of the driveway and the pad for me! A very kind gesture for a stranger, indeed. I had to force a $20 bill on him, he insisted over and again that he did not want it. But I did win that little battle. I hope he buys himself a case of beer with it. He deserves it. Anyone who has shoveled literal tons of deep, heavy snow can understand why this is a super gracious favor. Cheers to “David the Neighbor Guy!!” :beers:

That’s today’s kindness.


My wife did a very kind thing for the UPS guy yesterday. She fed me just before he came to the door. I was too stuffed to get up.


Can also be the lead sentence for an article in a gentleman’s magazine…


Realised a needed a few empty larger bottles for some one shots I am gonna mix for the missus, asked another DIY beginner at work and he not only brought me a few in, he also gave me about 15-20 bottles of concenyrates, also good brands too, cap, fw, tfa as he no longer used them, what a star