Question about VC and firewall notifications

Hey @Grubby, I’ve been playing with a new firewall (that’s more in-depth than my last one) and wanted to touch base real quick and ask…

Is this related to VC:

And if so, how is it being used?

From what I am guessing so far, it seems to affect ‘user notifications count’ (or, at least the green dot showing new counts) though I could well be wrong (wasn’t paying real close attention at the time as I was being distracted by alerts.)

I’m liking the level of control the firewall gives, but it’s really wearing on me that I can’t root this phone.

Instead of being able to install an “easier” (to deal with) firewall, and then run my own hosts file (to strip malicious ad sites, malware servers, etc)… I’m having to do this one site at a time. :nauseated_face:

I’ve actually found two really good apps (one for firewall, one for hosts), but both utilize the VPN approach (to minimize battery impact). But given Android can only use one internal VPN at a time… the firewall was far more important. :wink:

Given that, I’m being reminded just how deep the rabbit hole (that a single website) can be. Especially ad heavy BULLSHIT like VU or XDA developers… It’s almost brutal to try and track what’s doing what (even with a time stamped log [as each individual request comes in]). I think I counted 23 alerts on ONE page load at XDA alone.
I can’t wait to see the alerts on someplace that’s fucking STOOPID script heavy like RivSup… :frowning_face:
(Which reminds me. I still need to put something like Adblock+ into Chrome…)

Loving the new (to me) LG v20!
One hell of a cool birthday gift (from mom)!

HATING not being able to root the model I have to use.
BUT, the good definitely outweighs the bad in this case. chuckles (especially given my s5’s screen was dying!)


Not sure if you have tried either of the root methods in this article (i havent but I had a bit of a look around)


Not sure about that url but this has some information.

Could be google analytics or Adsense, although Adsense has taken the ads off :man_shrugging:


Google uses Googleusercontent .com for much of their hosted content. A user can see this domain as a traffic source in reporting for several reasons: Cached pages: Google’s spiders constantly crawl the web and save web pages in the case they are taken offline or otherwise unavailable.


I appreciate the kind thought! But there’s at least 5 variants of the v20 (mine being the ONLY one that isn’t rootable (even via ADB) thanks to a locked bootloader, and no public KDZ for it after Sprint pushed a security update back in 2017. Of course, the one I bought off ebay is patched up through 2018. lol

I’m happy enough that I was able to get it activated on my pissant carrier (and even that took 6 DAYS and 3 escalations (with 6 calls at random times) to get through to someone intelligent enough to know that YES it can be activated on their network…
(All the other lackeys answering the phone kept with the mantra of “I’m sorry, that phone can’t be activated on our network”) :roll_eyes:


Much appreciated Grubby!


Yeah it is!

Try loading it onto Android though.
(same for NoScript and others)

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