Putting a list together for starting on my own DIY juice


Right I’m putting a list together as I want to start doing my own juice, I actually don’t need to as I’ve got a great supplier but I want to anyway

Im at the total beginner stage but I can see in my head most of what I need

Dark storage space
weighing scales
Juice calculator
pile of new bottles, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1 litres
Large Pyrex jug
Stirring spoon
Labels for bottle’s

I’m just going to try and create the juices for me and the missus we already like and see where it takes me, if you are in the UK I would love to know where to go for pg vg and flavourings so I can start mentally shopping

However i know I will have missed some odd bits so feel free to say


I can help you with a few things on your list the UK lads and lasses will be able to help you out with a few of the others

For flavours


For Juice calculator


From personal experience (vaping self made juice exlusivelly for the past 6 months) i see no need for a pyrex jug, stirring spoon or a funnel. I just mix a few recipes at a time directly in their bottles.

When it comes to bottles, all I really need is 30ml and 120ml. 30ml for testing recipes, and 120ml for actual ‘production’

Mind you, i’m just sharing personal experience, not trying to tell you what to do :slight_smile:


Seriously I appreciate comments like that, I’m trying on one hand to do it properly and yet know I’m an amateur so could quite easily just shake them to mix it in their bottles like you said which had actually slipped my mind


I’m prone to overthinking and overplanning, and often overload on stuff I never need :slight_smile:


I know my supplier uses a lot of inewara juices in his recipes so the first thing will be to try and recreate his recipes so we’ve got a nice supply then move on to different recipes (forgot who mentioned the butterscotch in the other thread but damn I love butterscotch)


others can help with a list, but if you want to mix first you have to learn the dance: :grin:


You have some slick moves, @mrpipes!

So there’s a couple different schools of thought about mixing methodology… Weight mixing and volume mixing. While many (most even) tend to gravitate toward weight mixing, @Sprkslfly makes a compelling argument for the Volume Club too. You should hear how both methods go and then decide for yourself which seems to suit you better.

@adary thinks the way I do… Whether I am doing weight or volume, I still mix directly into the bottles rather than using pyrex bits and bobs. It’s just easier for me. So straight away I would recommend getting a number of desired size bottles and eschew the lab gear.

The calculator is of course here on this site. It is comprehensive, intuitive, free to use, and functions quite well. So check that off your list. As for labels, some people use fancy machines, some use Dymo style thermal labels, some use masking tape, etc. For starting out just use masking tape unless you have a labeler already. You can spend for a label maker later if you choose to. Early money is best spent on actual mixing supplies like NIC, VG. PG, concentrates, bottles, scale, syringes…

As for bottles, I wouldn’t get a large quantity of a large assortment. Some smaller ones, maybe 30ml, for testers then some 100ml for known good ones. You can add stock later and adapt as needed. No need to burden yourself with multiple calculations for multiple sizes early on.

Depending on budget and patience level, you can hold off on spending for 3M DIY until later and just use time maturation for now in a dark, cool cave. You can work with advanced maturation procedures like 3M DIY later, once you’re used to mixing and that routine.

As for the concentrates, VG, PG, nic… I would get separate VG and PG so you can dictate the ratios more closely and have more control over that. And PG diluted nic is easier to work with than VG diluted, being thinner. I prefer 100mg because you add less per mix than say 48mg, but I don’t recommend any higher than 100mg (because, danger). As to what flavors you choose, no advice there as that is strictly personal preference. I’d only advise maybe small quantities until you know which ones you like and will use more.

I did not intend for this to be so long, sorry about that. Bottom line (or TL;DR), KISS principle applies when starting out. It is already complicated enough without making it more complicated with a lot of unnecessary variables added in right away.


Thanks for the replies guys, all of it has been read (several times) , should hopefully have the supplies in next week or so, got the first recipe chosen, at the moment I’m just trying to figure it out mentally before actually doing it, I’m normally decent at maths but 2 things arent sat right up there in my head at the moment, one is the nic strength and the other is ws-23 strength, I will figure it out eventually and want to “earn” it


As do I. It’s so much easier IMO.


Well most of the stuff has no arrived, just waiting for a few one shots to turn up for the missus, done my first mix and then had to order new scales, and a new syringe, however my first mix was this

should be ready tomorrow evening,


Been busy… Got some 500ml one shots due any day but these could have potential


Nice, you have been busy :smile:


I’ll add driphacks to the DB at some point