Pulse AIO Kit - Vandyvape

Like the look of the RBA vessel boro tank!


Worth pointing out the Vessel can be bought separately for about £30 and includes both the stock coil tank and RBA so can be used in other BB style devices also many other mainstream Boro tanks are being released all the time which will also fit this so if MTL is your thing, no problem get the Cthulhu 520 boro!


Some pros for this is how much it can be bought for if you shop around when considering what’s included and the price of previous Boro devices this appears real value for money!

Adjustable positive plate so no issues with contact using any Boro Tank

Will accommodate a 21700 battery

Chip isolated so no worries of e-liquid getting into the electronics

Can use your own 510

Already things such as panels buttons etc available to customise and designed with this in mind

Vessel RBA really does give a quality RDL - Medium DL Vape

Some cons though including using the RBA Tank with included 510, the 510 doesn’t sit flush

If the 510 not sitting flush annoys you don’t try and crank it down in frustration, reports of some units cracking due to the how the metal threading has been installed!

Although the Solid Black and clear I have heard from people who have them look great I have a frosted Red which I must admit a Red frosted look just looks cheap!






It’s not something I have done myself but to increase air circulation and cut down any condensation some are drilling a row of three holes in the back panel!



Excellent review by @SessionDrummer Here!

Thread on another forum with users of the Pulse AIO Kit mainly positive experiences Here!


Thank you very much for the link @Timwis, I really appreciate that.

Going to hit YOUR link now …