Pugsley's Slightly Flaccid Review of the Wismec Sinuous V200 Kit

Wismec Sinuous V200 Kit.

Seriously…I’ve now been sat here staring at a blank screen for what seems like an eternity, in fact…it’s been so long now that the only way I can think of getting out of it…is by telling you that I have now been staring at a blank screen for what seems like an eternity…I mean where do you even go with that…?

Thanks my …ever helpful subconscious self.

You see…here’s my dilemma. I’m in what…my third year now? of doing vape reviews, and with absolutely everything I have ever reviewed, good or bad…there’s always been something I can grab onto to make into a joke, or a story, or some…inappropriate bollocky nonsense that no one is particularly interested in anyway…but at least it’s something…and yet here I am…staring at a device that someone was kind enough to give me for the purposes of telling people my opinion on it…and even the device itself is looking back at me…as if it knows the problem…

It can’t be blamed on writers block - I know exactly what that is, it’s more…like…being asked to write your opinion…on a glass of water…

Something itself that literally took an island full of man-eating dinosaurs to make it even remotely interesting…

“It’s clear and…refreshing…and you need it… or you’ll die…enjoy!”

Regardless…here we are. Many things went through my mind before I started this write up; Is it me?..Am I just in a bad mood?..Has my usual emotionally inept persona found new lows in everything…or in fact…have I just discovered the holy grail of ‘meh’? At this point I’m just as confused…and bored…as you probably are, so…with about as little gusto as I can possibly muster…let’s…erm…crack on…before we all lose interest in life…(I’m genuinely starting to think the problem may well be you) …fair comment…I honestly can’t rule that out right now (shrugs)

Welcome once again my barely conscious cloud billowing custard cretins, back again with something…let’s just leave that sentence there.

You’re more than likely wondering at this point why I even bothered to write a piece on something that has quite clearly left me utterly…and for the first time ever I might add…uninterested?..‘Is it really that shit??’ you might well ask, well…no, not really, if it was really shit it would have made this review a lot more interesting I can tell you that…I mean…shit’s funny to a massive man child such as myself…

I’d probably have no problem at all writing a shit-themed review let’s be perfectly honest, so no…it’s not shit, but it also hasn’t given me anything even closely resembling a vape chubby either. So, I shall present you with something that was kindly supplied to me by Ema over at Sourcemore…and let you make up your own minds. I give you …the Wismec Sinuous V200 Kit

Doesn’t even have a funny name I can take the piss out of. I’ve no idea what the ‘V’ stands for, probably Value, but for the purposes of peaking my interest during this write up, in my mind…it will be Vaginal Queef.

The Low Down

Before I start droning on with myself, I will say that the Wismec Sinuous V200 kit is Wismec’s attempt at a budget starter kit, and you really need to bear that in mind when reading this review. It looks budget, it feels budget…because it is budget, and if you’re one of those people…like me (tight) …who revels in grabbing yourself something for pennies that turns out to be really good quality and worth a lot more…then go pour yourself a glass of Aldi’s finest, put your feet up, and watch one of those bargain bin DVD’s that you picked up for 50p at your local car boot sale - because this aint for you. On the other hand, if you have recently given up the stinkies and are looking at dipping your toe into the pool of high power vapeology then…who knows, maybe this’ll give you a little twinge in your party pouch…stranger things have happened.

The Wismec Sinuous V200 Kit comprises of the V200 mod crowned with Wismec’s Amor NSE mesh coil Sub-Ohm tank. The mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries, offers up to 200w, provides you with a comprehensive temp control suite as well as VW mode from it’s Avatar chip, and is made primarily of super lightweight plastic…and when I say super lightweight…I mean lighter than your wallet the morning after you woke up from ‘one of those’ nights when the immortal words “LET’S DO SHOTS!!” was shouted by ‘that’ friend (usually me) mid afternoon…yes…that light.

The mod itself is kinda ergonomic, but not the most compact of dual battery devices being actually quite wide…

But it’s certainly one of the slimmest. It sits in your palm nicely thanks to its curved front and back panels, and without the batteries in you would hardly know it was there at all.

The side panel that is held in place with 2 large and visible magnets is made from a smoked transparent plastic (in this colour combination) and has the same honeycomb pattern that we saw on the Luxotic squonkers from last year - although…in the black version it is very hard to see unless you have installed light coloured batteries…

On the top we have enough room for 26mm tops upon its…thankfully for Wismec…bolted on 510 plate with spring loaded pin…

Down the front we have the fire button, which has so far stuck down on me three times (more on that later), The function buttons, display and micro USB…

I know, I know…you’ve seen it a million times before…try writing it a million times then you can come and complain to me about it. At this point you would be forgiven for thinking that this should instead be called the G200…the G standing for Generic.

The Display itself has all the usual information, and navigating it brings probably the only surprise in the whole experience.

This is due to the fact that within the menu Wismec have gone with an odd little quirk, you see each option is displayed as little square symbol, for example - you have the Pacman ghost for stealth mode…I won’t show you…or tell you what the others mean, because I don’t want to ruin the copious amounts of fun you will encounter each time you have to refer to the manual until you learn them all…

You’re welcome.

And finally we have the battery bay…

Indeed…I will say this though, the battery markings are very clear and easy to read thanks to them being in white, genuinely something that all manufacturers should do and I have never understood why some make it so fucking difficult to see them unless you’re sat in a well-lit room or maybe have a torch to hand…I do like that…it’s the V200’s one redeeming feature…I can’t even tell if I’m being sarcastic…

On top of this thrilling tower of excitement we have the matching Wismec Amor NSE mesh coil Sub-Ohm tank…

I know right, you can certainly see why they named it ‘Amor’…

It’s 26mm of plastic uber luxury, no sir…no peasant glass to be found here around it’s over exuberant 3ml capacity. How this will perform if all you vape is strong menthol or highly citric juices is anyone’s guess, let’s just assume that Wismec have thought about that…I say presume…I probably mean doubt…

Up on the top we have a 510 drip tip sat in the middle of Wismec’s mandatory sliding topfil…

Which opens all too easily, doesn’t lock, and has no air hole to counteract it’s snuggly sized fill port…

Now…the Amor does cater for MTL as well as DTL vapers and can adapt it’s airflow to cater for both, and this is down to both the coil choice and airflow. As far as the airflow goes it is dealt with in the usual way, being adjusted via it’s bottom AFC ring…

Adjustable slot for DTL vapers, and if you turn it all the way down and keep on going you are greeted with 3 tiny holes for MTL vapers…

Giving you 3 different restrictions to choose from.

Now…the coils. The Amor comes pre-installed with the WS-M 0.27ohm mesh coil, good for 60w…

And within the contents of the package you are also supplied with a MTL coil, the WS04 1.3ohm…

I didn’t try the MTL set up, not really my thing, but unfortunately…and I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt here…I’m pretty sure my DTL coil was faulty. It was fine for 3 hours, flavour was actually quite good and gave a nice thick plume of warm(ish) vape…however, after those 3 hours all I got was dry hits. It didn’t matter if I left the thing for 20 minutes between toots, it still came up with that knowing and all too unpleasant pain in my throat. This made little sense to me, and I can only put it down to a short in the coil, a hot leg maybe - this is mesh after all so hot spots should be non-existent…yet there it was. I did some research and couldn’t find any other reviewer having similar problems, so I will put this down to a faulty coil head. To investigate the problem further, I carefully unscrewed the tank, gave it a thorough scowl…

And launched it in the bin.

The Specs

Brand Wismec
Product Name Wismec SINUOUS V200 Kit
Tank Diameter 26mm
Tank Height 46mm
Coil Type WS-M 0.27ohm Head (30-60W), WS04 MTL 1.3ohm Head (8-14W)
E-liquid Capacity 3ml
Mod Size 53.22588.8mm
Thread Type 510 Spring Loaded Connector
Display 0.91inch OLED Screen
Cell Type 2* 18650 Cells (discharging current should be above 25A)
Output Wattage 1-200W
Output Mode TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR/VW Mode
Resistance Range 0.05-1.5ohm for TC Modes, 0.05-3.5ohm for VW Mode
Temperature Range 100-315℃/200-600℉(TC modes)
Max Charging Current 2A
Output Voltage Range 0.5-8V

Final Thoughts

I think it’s best I don my super sarcastic suit for this one…

Where to start…bear in mind I can only tell you about my experience with the Vaginal Queef 200…and it wasn’t amazing. In the same way that the Titanic disaster was a ‘slight misjudgement in direction’ …my initial impression when I opened the box was “oh…that looks kinda cool”. However, this was monumentally thwarted the moment I picked it up and was instead replaced with “oh good Lord, wtf is this?”…I know, I know…I did said bear in mind that this a manufacturers attempt at a budget friendly value vape kit…but fml, they took that so literally that it’s nigh on impossible to see past it.

Firstly…there’s the mod. It’s as generic and cheap as you could possibly imagine, and any attempt I had of embracing the fact that budget kits can only be a good thing to those that simply can’t afford a higher quality set up…were soon downtrodden the first time the fire button stuck in. Yes, this only happened 3 times over the course of one week of testing…but it is absolutely unforgivable. Then there’s the build quality - yes, it’s as lightweight as a mod could possibly be due to it’s plastic structure…but…the transparent fingerprint and scratch friendly battery panel has some play in it, and you can feel it every time you pick it up and use it…and you have to cope with that…while all the while you’re dealing with its rather gimmicky new silly picture menu…which in itself poses it’s own enigmatic problems.

And then we have the ironically named Amor tank. It’s almost like one of those disposable tanks…that you keep. Sure…it works…well…it didn’t for me, but like I said I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt on a faulty coil, but the slide fill is too loose for something that doesn’t lock, the plastic tank may not fair well with some acidic liquids and there’s even a slight gap between the tank and mod…barely visible…but it’s there.

The airflow is actually quite a good idea given that it caters for both DTL and MTL vapers, but it’s kinda turbulent in both modes. I can only imagine this is down to the lightweight structure of the Amor, there’s simply no density to muffle the noise.

The idea of having a 200w mod with a tank that can only handle 60w may seem like an odd choice, but you will get tremendous battery life this way. The downside is that a lot of people will swap out the Amor for a tank that can take advantage of the power on tap, and then you have another problem raise its ugly head, which is again down the featherweight build of the mod. You see…if you put a bigger tank on this, it will undoubtedly be at least twice as heavy as the Amor…because there simply isn’t another Sub-ohm tank this light on the market. With the weight of the mod…or lack of…the kit will become top heavy, and seeing as how slim the V200 is, you will be knocking this thing over CONSTANTLY…so get a tank band on, because you will run the risk of smashing it otherwise…and we all know how much fun that can be.

“But it’s super cheap so what were you expecting?” …Sure, you can say that to me, and I will simply reply…“Really?”

The Price

Firstly, it’s available in 4 different matching colour configurations

And the full kit will set you back around £50/$70 here…

Wismec Sinuous V200 Kit

Now, having taken into consideration everything I have told you…I’ll leave this list here…

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit can now be found for £38/$50 also at Sourcemore

Uwell Crown 4 IV Kit can now be found for £42/$55 also at Sourcemore

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit can now be found for £49/$64 also at Sourcemore

Tesla Poker Kit can now be found for £38/$49 also at Sourcemore

The list literally goes on and on…all similar (or more) power, all dual 18650 and all far superior to the Wismec V200 Kit in every way.

In short, if Wismec had any clue…at all…the price point of this kit would have had to have been AT MOST around £30/$40, even then I would struggle to recommend it, but at the current price?..Wismec…

I did say at the start of this review that it looks budget, it feels budget, because it is budget. But it’s just cheap for a Wismec product, and unfortunately for them, Wismec simply isn’t a name that screams high quality vape gear. They clearly think it is…but they’re wrong - time and time again they keep pinning ridiculous price tags to their gear with a seemingly blatant ignorance for how other manufacturers are pricing their products, manufacturers I might add…with a better reputation. I wanted to like this kit…I do like the idea of budget kits being available to people who can’t afford to make the jump from the old stinkies…but…eesh…make the choice an easier one to swallow.

Now, before I go, a bit of an announcement of sorts. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone that voted for us in the 2018 ecigclick vape awards. To be included in the final ten…knowing how many writers there are out there…is a remarkable achievement for us, and one that were super proud of. Secondly, coming third behind the Mooch and Franny Vapes is just unbelievable…

So again, thank you all so much for that amazing accolade. We shall wear that badge with the pride it deserves, and to mark the occasion me and the mad scientist, the one and only Grubby, are currently tearing down the engine at Steampugs to make it more streamlined, faster and an altogether better experience for anyone that passes by - let’s just say that things had gotten a little clogged up over the years. On top of that we are also working on a new style of shop, and if it all comes together we will be able to give you 3 different choices of hand-picked discounted deals to tickle your purse strings, ranging from delivery from and to the UK, same for the US and the usual cheap deals with longer delivery from China. We shall see how that pans out, but keep your eyes peeled - it’s in its early development but I will make the announcement if and when we manage to pull it off.

And even more exciting news comes from the addition of our new e-liquid mixing calculator and recipe database over at Vaping Community. Again…it’s brand new, but is looking slick AF. To say the Grubster has been busy is an understatement, so be sure to pop on over to check it out and add your recipes - we promise a warm and drama free experience with a growing and slightly unhinged bunch of reprobates.

Until next time



Thanks man :wink: will keep you posted.

Tbf…this kit is something that very few would find a use for. lol


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Brother from another mother, that’s just what popped into my mind. :grin:

I feel your pain. Thanks for the pic with the battery door open, the batteries were worth looking at. :skull:
Even if the mod had been worth it, that big assed branding would’ve surely put me off.
I salute you for the writeup :beers:


Why thank you Jose :grin::facepunch:, as much as I dislike doing bad reviews I feel absolutey no remorse with this monumental failure :neutral_face: lol

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That made me LMFAO :rofl: Love family guy.

I feel for you brother having to review this pile but thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Great review as always :metal:


Shits never not funny man :joy:

Yeah avoid this one man, money can be best spent on a long list of kits rather than this pos :roll_eyes:

Thanks again my brother :wink::facepunch:


Well brother, that took fortitude. Looks like a great little box to store spare parts in. Bravo for going through the review anyway. Special thanks for highlighting alternatives that make more sense, lol.


Thanks brother Ogre, it was a tricky one to do for sure, my worst nightmare is getting something that has zero interest from me, makes it so difficult, I need to be more picky about what I get lol :roll_eyes::rofl::+1: