Pugsley's Shirt Slaughtering Review of the Oumier & VapnFagan Bulk 28mm RTA

Oumier Bulk RTA

Occasionally, as a writer, you have to write about things that you’re uncomfortable with, things that go against your current set of beliefs, things that you deem inappropriate, and sometimes…things that upset you on a personal level…today is one of those days.

Even now, as I am writing this, I feel the dark cloud of over-emotional girly sadness creep over me like a sad…dark…cloudy thing… (?)

Something that…as a man…(emotionally stunted) …and the owner of a penis (staff of reason) …feels almost alien to me (lies…you cried at The Lion King when Mufasa died)…THAT WAS A VERY EMOTIONAL MOVIE…fml why did you have to bring that up…I…I need a minute…

Okay…I’m okay… (breathe)…the story I’d like to share with you today, is the sad existence of something that…sadly…wakes every day of its life not knowing if it will be able to wake up tomorrow. Something that shares its days with others, packed tightly in a confined space…all of which just sit there… waiting… hoping…praying… that that day…just like a turkey on Christmas morning…is not going to be their last…can you even imagine such a bleak existence? Really gets you in the feels doesn’t it…?

At this point you’re probably wondering…no…pleading…“What is it!?!”…“How can I save these poor things!?!”…“What can I do to help with this inhumane travesty???” …Well…the truth is you can’t help, nobody can. These things are often bought into this way of life, purchased with the sole purpose of being mercilessly slaughtered, whilst being streamed live to an equally savage and wanting audience, whose tribal blood lust chants of “BULK!..BULK!..BULK!”…only seem to fuel this barbaric ritual of meaningless death…

The merciless executioner is Mark Fagan…

The helpless cursed victims of certain doom are his casual cotton and seemingly poorly made semi-sportswear T-shirts…

This is the workings of a madman with no self control…

THIS…is the unholy birth… of the Bulk…

Viewer discretion is advised…

(Shudders)…oh the humanity…

Welcome once more unto the breach my custard cloud billowing fluff bunnies, back again with more of the same…and actually…it really is…seeing as all I seem to review lately are devices born from the minds of a certain group of individuals we have come to know as The vApe Team. I mean I’m not complaining, not by a long stretch - if you read my last review on Mike Vapes Recurve Dual RDA then you will have seen me mention the overly impressive catalogue of vape gear put forward from the twisted imaginings of these top tier reviewers. Each item has come with a level of hype rarely seen in this industry and is met with enthusiasm and anticipation from a vast swathe of vapers ready and willing to throw their vape budgets with complete abandon… at anything with these guys names attached to it…oh and they do…in their thousands.


I have yet to review anything from this particular reprobate reviewer. Yes, he is one third of the aforementioned coven, but even though I am an avid viewer of The vApe Team as well as all their solo shows…Mark Fagan…although the consummate professional…

is…on occasion…a little hard to take seriously…I can’t for the life of me think why…

Regardless, the man is responsible for the Nada RDA as well as the BTFC RDA, the first I am very much a fan of, the latter I haven’t tried - but it sure does have it’s admirers in vapingdom, as well as a shit ton of glowing reviews from the very top tier of Youtube vape ‘celebs’. So…yet again…the Hype Train is at full throttle, there’s another device that’s been released to the wanton fog fanatics, and the vape budgets are yet again under attack…and yes…more poor, innocent T-shirts have been unnecessarily …and mercilessly…slaughtered.

Courtesy of Carson @ Ave40, the manufacturer is Oumier, the designer is Mark Fagan AKA VapnFagan, and the device in question…is the Bulk RTA…

I’d like to say that no t-shirt was harmed during the production of this device, but sadly…it simply isn’t true.

The Lowdown

The Bulk RTA is…just like it’s genocidal mens fashion murdereing designer…a rather large unit coming in at 28mm around the base, increasing to 32mm around its over exuberant bubble belly midriff…

Something that can contain a quite frankly ‘gluttonous’ 6.5ml of your finest liquid. Oh yeah…it’s a chunky monkey alright, which - by the way - is something I am a HUGE fan of. It is indeed well documented that when I am not testing and reviewing new devices, I will almost always choose to suck on something girthy…make of that what you will. This has been…certainly in the RTA market…something which has been monopolised by Steam Crave and there Aromamizer range, yes I know…there are others…I own some…even TVP brought out his excellently (if not questionably) named 30mm Fuck Pig RTA last year…but certainly none have sold quite as well as the Aromamizer plus I’ll bet. SO…I like the fact that more and more people are bringing out the big guns…basically…because I’m selfish and think the world revolves around me…as indeed…it should.

Now…before I get down and dirty with Mark Fagan’s girthy Bulk, I have to put one little thing out there…no…not my knob…but a special little mention to something that has irked me my entire reviewing career, something always overlooked, and something so simple to implement that it enrages me that hardly anyone else does it…and that is this…

Yeah I know…it’s just the packaging…who gives a fuck…but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve stood there shaking the crap out of a box just to make enough of a gap to get my fingernail into the flush fitting lid of something. I swear, some of these boxes are so hard to get into that on occasion, after spending several minutes more than I was willing to give trying to work out how to open the fucking thing, I may have unexpectedly summoned a few uninvited guests into the fray when I eventually did…

So…opening the gates of hell aside, having two half moon cut outs on each side of the lid is a very welcome sight…thank you Oumier.

Now then…let’s get into it, because it gets kinda interesting the deeper you delve.

Obvious stuff to begin with. At the top we have your standard 810 drip tip, of which you get 2 choices -plain black, or opaque frosted white…

These are press fit, the O-ring being set into the beautifully knurled screw-on top cap, and this…obviously…covers what is these days the almost generic and industry standard top-fill system, which I’m happy to say is both recessed and has dual kidney holes big enough for almost any bottle…

In the middle we have the huge 6.5ml bubble glass, and also included in the package is a replacement straight glass, which I am assuming holds a little less…

I mean…I guess I could have researched the exact amount of the included straight glass but…well…meh…

And then around the base we have the AFC ring which controls your airflow through the triple intakes…

Now that’s the pleasantries out of the way, what we’re really interested in…is what is at the heart of the matter - the internal workings of Mark Fagan’s girthy Bulk…now…there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write…

Now fans of the BTFC RDA will instantly feel at home with this build deck, even though it’s made by a completely different manufacturer; the BTFC being Augvape and the Bulk being Oumier. The deck itself very much belongs to Mark Fagan, and the truth is…it’s so good…that there was no way he wasn’t using it in his new device - if for no other reason than the beautifully positioned airflow holes directly underneath your coils and built into each post…fucking love that.

Building is incredibly easy thanks to each post hole being positioned in such a way that when you insert the leg of your coil, the excess pokes out of the other side away from the build deck…

Simply position them, tighten them up, and then trim them at the base…absolute piece of piss.

I’ll be honest, I’m still not a fan of hex screws. The fact that you need a very specific tool to do the job gets right on my tits, I mean it’s fine when you put your first build in because you have the tool right there, but 7 or 8 builds down the line?..If you’re anything like me, I highly doubt you’ll have that particular hex key at hand - it will more than likely have found its way into the depths of your tool bag or drawer…or worse…one of your many ‘man drawers’ dotted about your house…

Give me Phillips or flat head…or indeed both…any day.

Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a hell of an easy build deck to get to grips with.

One of the surprising things however…seeing as you are actually working with a 28mm tank, is the fact that you are not exactly spoilt with the amount of space you have to fit your coils in. Anything more than 3mm to 3.5mm I.D. and your coils are getting a tad ‘cosy’ with each other.

Wicking is also incredibly easy, if not slightly different than what I am used to. For starters, there is no outer guide to cover the rather large juice channel - it’s wide open. I’m not sure what the thinking is behind this, but they suggest you juice your wicks up first before positioning them into the channel…

And I can confirm that this is by far the best method as it stops you catching your cotton in the thread when you replace the chamber. It’s also worth noting that giving your cotton a thorough combing through and thinning out before doing so will also help.

The Vape

I think it’s safe to say that the vape was not what I was expecting, not at all. I own probably…3 or 4 30mm tanks, and there’s one thing they all have in common - they are airy AF with the airflow wide open. I admit that when I first saw the Bulk I was expecting more of the same with those triple air intakes, I mean it’s not a problem in the slightest - you simply tone it down a bit with the AFC ring…happy days…but the Bulk is not like that at all. On full bore this thing is still more restricted than most of my other tanks on half closed - that’s not to say that you can call it a restricted tank, because it’s not, and that is proven by the sheer amount of vapor production the Bulk produces. But…you can literally breathe though some of these bigger tops, which in turn can greatly diminish the flavour performance - especially when you consider the amount of wasted space often found inside the chamber of 30mm devices. Instead…we have a semi-compact chamber with a lot of air coming in through the triple airflow intakes, which is then condensed down and ‘jetted’ through the smaller holes directly underneath your coils, resulting in one of the best and smoothest flavour performing RTA’s I have ever tried. On par with the Aromamizer?..Well…maybe the build quality isn’t quite to Steam Crave’s high standard…but as far as performance goes, I’d say the Bulk not only matches it…but even slightly betters it.

Now one thing I have learnt over the years is that ‘Steam Crave Guys’…of which there are many (and gals…obviously)…are incredibly precious with their tanks. They will cling onto their ‘aquariums’ and defend against anyone who might say there is something better to their dying breath…

And I’m not saying it is certifiably ‘better’…I’m just saying that maybe…just maybe…there’s a new contender, and one that is worth at least giving a try…

The Specs

  • 28mm Diameter
  • 3.5mL Standard Juice Capacity
  • 6.5mL Bubble Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Borosilicate Glass Reinforcement
  • Spacious Postless Build Deck Design
  • Angled Terminals at the Edge of Build Deck
  • Dual Coil Configuration
  • Angled Top Secured via Hex Screws
  • PEEK Insulator
  • 90° Quarter Turn Threaded Top Fill System
  • 10mm Adjustable Triple Bottom Airflow System
  • Vents from Side to Underneath Coil Structure
  • Detachable Structure
  • 510 Threaded
  • 810 Wide bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Available in Black, Stainless Steel, and Gold


  • 1 Oumier Bulk 28mm RTA
  • 1 Spare Kit
  • 1 Extra Glass
  • 1 Extra Drip Tip
  • 2 Agleted Cotton Threads
  • 2 Tri-Core Fused Clapton Coils

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Oumier & VapnFagan Bulk RTA would be thus: It’s gonna be a home run for both Mark and Oumier, it’s pretty much that simple - it will find its way into the best 28 to 30mm RTA category and deservedly so.

The build quality is above average, somewhere in the middle, but you have to think that this is by no means a high end product. I’ve seen better machining and I’ve seen much, much worse, but there’s nothing here to be even slightly worried about…

The build deck is a work of art, it’s everything you need and perfectly executed - easy to build and wick, easy to clean, performs brilliantly and is very much in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone in practically every area.

On top of that, the whole package is put together as well as anything I have seen from the likes of Wotofo - you get everything you need, including Tri-core Claptons and cotton with aglets.

The downside is of course, that you may well struggle to find a mod in your collection that has a big enough top plate to accommodate the Bulk without overhang, but then…the clue is in the title. It may well have taken its name from the barbaric cockwombleness of Mark’s actions on the The vApe Team show…but the Bulk RTA is exactly that…fucking bulky.

The Price

Distinctly less than it’s older rivals it has to be said. At the time of writing, Ave40 have the Bulk on sale for a measly £24.00/$30.59, and on top of that if you use my discount code ‘pugs10’ you can shave a further 10% off the price, making it an almost ridiculous £21.60/$27.52…at that price, for a 28mm RTA with a comprehensive kit like this?..Absolute steal, and I can’t recommend it enough at that price point. Find it here…

Oumier & VapnFagan Bulk RTA

As always the doors over at Steampugs are open 24/7, so feel free to peruse the site where you will find a wealth of reviews from myself as well as the rest of the Steamteam, and if you’d like to come and meet and chat with the aforementioned miscreants then hop on over to our little corner of the vapeverse we like to call our forum, where we promise a warm and drama free welcome…find us here…

Vaping Community Forum

Until next time



Maybe I will try something new - maybe it will be this shirt ripping beast. Nice one @Steampugs I always get a good laugh out your reviews. Cheers brother


Its a good tank brother, very impressed with it, thanks for the support man :wink: much appreciated as always :wink:


Thank you, that annoys the shit out of me too, glad to see my rage is shared :+1:

I have been enjoying my Bulk, the RTA too :wink: I did almost unscrew chimney when trying to remove the top cap but quickly learned, don’t overtighten that top cap.

Great review brother, you always make me laugh you silly silly man :laughing:


:joy::joy: why thank you kind gentleman :grin: glad you liked it, and yeah I can see this one staying in rotation for a while I think, flavours phenominal :ok_hand:



So sorry about that Pugs but anything you wrote after that didn’t come through anymore, so my vape budget is safe :laughing:


Lmao, thanks Jose :joy:


Alas, you are but another enabler appealing to my weakness. I gave up trying to fight the compulsion. I’ll just go buy it. Great review man!


Cheers Jim :wink::+1: don’t think you’ll be sorry if you did man, especially at that price :grin:


just ordered one lets see how good it is and if it beats the blotto

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I’ve actually got the Blotto on its way, I’m suspecting the Blotto may well beat it in terms of build quality, but I still use the Bulk on a daily basis and it’s been a great tank, no complaints at all. :+1:

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Is there something like this in RDA (BF) form? Preferably single coil? Nice looking deck.


I am pretty sure the RDA that uses the same deck is the BTFC by Augvape. It is a dual coil but you can build it as a single coil.

Still using my bulk RTA too, it’s a good one for sure


Two sites so far are out of stock/discontinued, pah.


I never actually got a BTFC I don’t think but I’d take Mjags word for it :+1::+1:


I will have to dig mine out, haven’t used it in awhile, pretty sure the BTFC came out over a year ago. I like the Bulk better, can take a bigger build but there both designed by Fagan

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