Pugsley's Ruggedly Handsome Review of Geekvape's Aegis Legend 200w TC Mod

We’ve all been there…you may have partaken in a few too many loudmouth soups the night before, you stumble downstairs in dire need of a caffeine assisted reality check…

You give your face a 10 minute power nap on the kitchen work top while you wait for the coffee to come into being …because let’s face it, in this state time almost seems to stand still…and that is no more apparent… than when you are waiting for a pot of coffee…

The first pot…unlike the coffee itself…disappears in an instant…this pot is a necessity and fuels the attention needed to repeat the process in as short a time as possible, because the second pot…is the one you actually have a chance of tasting…

You grab your favourite mug (no…I don’t mean the Mrs)…pour yourself a fresh coffee…put on your dressing gown, pick up your vape rig and a bottle of your favourite liquid…and with a litre of caffeine pumping through your veins you feel equipped enough to brave the outside world and enjoy a coffee in the beautiful early morning sunshine. You open the back door…take one wobbly step onto the stone patio, and for reasons no one will ever truly understand… your mod decides that gravity is in fact nothing but a myth, as it inexplicably jumps out of your dressing gown pocket and in slow motion…floats mockingly in front of your horrified face …

Before descending with almost suicidal tendencies headfirst towards the unforgiving Indian stone flooring…a thousand things will flash through your mind in that fleeting moment…do I drop my coffee and try and catch it?..Do I have super power lightning fast reactions?..Can I actually stop time with my mind?..and while this mind is manically trying its best to comprehend the Rolodex of ideas flicking before it…one idea pops into your sluggish brain like a fart in a mud bath…‘use the foot Luke’…

‘OF COURSE!..The foot!..I can break it’s fall with my foot!!..Genius!!..Wait…who’s Luke?..And why did that idea sound like it came from Alec Guinness?!?’

Regardless of the surrealism of that particular conundrum…your leg juts out with almost cat like reflexes assuming it possesses the silky foot skills of Lionel Messi …yet…assumption being the mother of all fuck ups…and without any rhyme or reason, what actually happens is… your leg unexplainably decides that once…it used to be owned by Bruce Lee…

It’s quite possibly the best, most powerful…and accurate karate kick that you’ve ever delivered to anything…ever…if you could in fact have done this ‘special move’ on demand in days gone by…you may actually still have more of your own teeth…but no…this moment is the one and only time you will ever be able to pull off such a jaw dropping manoeuvre…as you watch your precious device fly across your garden like a comet…and crash into your beautifully landscaped rockery…leaving the whole area looking like the Roswell UFO crash…only on a much smaller scale. You drop your coffee anyway…in sheer disbelief…as you slowly start to weep…

I say ‘we’ve all been there’…what I really mean is…I’ve been there, because that happened to me a few years ago with one of my Smok Privs…I can’t remember which, H?..G?..Whatever, it was one of only 2 mods I owned at the time…the other being too shit to use… and it left a scar in my mind that only people who have just broken their only available vape device through their own ham-fisted clumsiness…will understand…

What I really needed…was a Tonka Toy mod, a Panasonic Toughbook of vape devices…a ruggedly solid, bulletproof, Chuck Norris regulated machine that would stand the test of time should I nearly drown, be frozen solid, or fall from a 5 story building…yes…I am that accident prone. Of course this idea wasn’t around a few years ago…however…today is a different story…it would appear that Geekvape fully understand my plight…bless their little Kevlar woven fireproof socks…

Welcome back my cumbersome cloudy tearaways, back again with more drivel cunningly disguised as useful information regarding something that has, to all intents and purposes, been invented by your very selves…‘Why?’ you may ask…well, Geekvape in all their wisdom and understanding actually paid attention to their demographic when they released the original unbreakable colossus that was of course…the Aegis. This thing was pummeled, burnt, run over, frozen, drowned and murdered in more ways than an Italian Mafia torturer could ever possibly come up with… and survived… well… sometimes…everything has a limit. Even I put forward a set of stringent ‘tests’ last October, which were nigh on borderline psychotic savagery upon this apparent ‘unbreakable’ mod…with surprising results…remind yourself of that brutal ‘snuff’ review here…be vigilant…

Pugsley’s brutally savage snuff review of the Geekvape Aegis 100w Mod

However… despite all it’s puffed up macho bravado…it was lacking, It was a 7ft man-mountain built like Arnie with the durability and testosterone of Chuck Norris…but with a tiny penis, and the people spoke…‘What we need…is this device…with a massive pair of bollocks’…and so, the Aegis returned…with a legendary pair of gentlemen spuds, Courtesy of two of my favourite squads from the East, Sourcemore & Gearbest…I throw at you, with no regard for its own safety…the Geekvape Aegis Legend 200w mod…this time…with giant knackers.

‘Why two suppliers?’ you might ask yourself, well…it’s not a particularly interesting story, it would seem that the different colours were staggered when it came to release dates, so what you’re seeing here is the first one I received with the tan leather which you get to see after 2 months of solid use, and the Snakeskin version which is fresh out of the box…call it a durability comparison if you will…now…shall we…

The Lowdown

The Geek Vape Aegis Legend is a 200w regulated device utilising TWO 18650’s as opposed to its older sibling’s meagre offerings of a single 26650…thus upping the testosterone from 100 to 200 fantastically well endowed wattages…and they say size doesn’t matter…

As you can clearly see however…it has suffered in the girth area when compared to the original, but it doesn’t particularly matter when the old Aegis was all show and little go, and the Legend has both power and stamina to boast about…okay enough with the willy anecdotes…it’s making me slightly uncomfortable …(cough-envy-cough) …and besides…what the Legend loses in girth…it certainly gains in depth…(oh please)

Although the Legend may very well echo its predecessors appearance, it’s different in almost every other area. I mean, this is a complete re-design from top to bottom, they didn’t simply stuff another battery in there and say ‘Well…there you go…you asked for it’ …For example, gone is the hefty stainless 510 plate only to be replaced by…well…nothing actually, it’s now built into the chassis which…if I am completely honest…is something I wish they hadn’t changed. Both will still fit a 30mm top without overhang but there’s something about an over-sized bolted top plate that just tickles my nethers…

Also on the list of amendments is the battery door, never really been a fan of threaded battery caps, and although the Aegis had a rather well made one with a pull out thumb lever…

I just find them a pain in the ass, on top of that I much prefer the option of ejecting the battery should things go awry, so it’s nice to see a spring loaded hinged bottom door on the Legend.

It can be a little tricky and stiff to unlock but it is rubber sealed to help with it’s claimed IP67 waterproofing. One thing worthy of note in this area though, the battery tubes are SNUG, if you have re-wrapped bats you could well find yourself acting like someone trying to shake the last drop of ketchup out of a bottle just to remove your batteries, I have found however that ODB wraps are thin enough to make a significant difference with this dilemma…but standard Sony wraps can prove frustrating…

The fire button has retained it’s excellent form and thumb/finger friendly shape, only this time it’s slightly narrower and a smidge longer, it’s still impressively clicky and so far this still remains my favourite style fire button to date, the function buttons however are completely new, instead of being independant like on the original, they are now a kind of rocker switch.

Screenwise it’s almost identical, same size, same layout, behind the same flat black glossy fingerprint loving fascia…but now it’s a lot brighter and easier to read, and can even be changed between 3 different colours. I was never really a fan of the original screen, my peepers are failing me in my older years and without my readers on the information on the bottom half of the screen is just…

I still think they could have made the screen a little bigger with the remodel, but the increase in brightness is a big bonus and I do find that once you change the screen to red it is way easier on the eyes.

Another new addition is the USB port, hidden underneath a rubber plug on the top, for firmware updates and onboard charging…I still recommend that you use an external charger but the option is there…you even get a spare rubber plug within the package should you lose this one, and the only real problem with this port …is its location, anyone that puts a USB port on the top of a mod is an idiot, plain and simple. It needs to be at the bottom so when you plug it in you don’t have the wire sticking up in the air and more obviously…KEEP IT AS FAR AWAY FROM THE LIQUID AS POSSIBLE!..(smh) …On top of that, if you have anything bigger than a 25mm top on there you’re gonna have to remove it to open the plug…don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad it has one…but my 6 year old daughter could have come up with a better place to put it.

Buildwise you would still be hard stretched to find something as solid and as durable as any of the Aegis family. The Legend still boasts of the same near indestructibility as the first one and no…I’m still not going to try and kill either of mine, even our very own reviewer, Mjag, who tends to have a…shall we say…‘unique’… way of greeting every mod that passes before him…

respects the Aegis family values…and pointblank refuses to tear his down because this thing is so well put together and so tightly sealed that dismantling one would be a one way journey…and obviously…because like myself…he’d kinda like to keep on using his.

Although this time around the vast majority of mod murdering reviewers appear to have abstained from making their Legends run the gauntlet of uncertainty…the tests have been done, and one ‘Sir Mooch’ has indeed put one to the test with unsurprising results. You can see these results here… Mooch’s Aegis Legend test

It’s still waterproof…to a degree, it’s dust proof and can still survive being dropped on a hard floor from ‘normal’ heights…in short…the Aegis Legend is just as tough as it always was…it’s solid…in normal ‘real life’ scenarios. Mooch did touch on one thing though, and it’s something that worried me at first, because the one I’ve been using for a while started to get liquid behind the screen…

It’s clearly a design flaw and one that you would never encounter if all you ever used on the Legend was a leak proof tank, but if you’re a dripper and you over drip…(ahem)…like me…then this WILL happen. Mooch claims that the liquid caught behind the front screen will eventually evaporate and he also said that it won’t make its way into any of the Legends circuitry due to the innards being completely sealed…and I admit, at first I thought mine was just faulty - but sure enough, as I started to use the second snakeskin one…it happened almost instantly, way quicker than the first one did, but then I did use my bottom airflow Sherman RDA on this, and I over-drip on that constantly. If I had to guess…I’d say it seeps in between the rubber shell and the chassis…or maybe in through the fire button…but that being said…the liquid has been in there for some time and it hasn’t caused any further issues, so I guess Mooch is bang on the nail with regards to how much of a real problem this is.

Overall I would say that the Legend is built to last, it feels amazing in the hand…

And although it does not share the originals girth, with the extra battery space it does feel a lot deeper…

I’m not even remotely sorry.

The Performance

Obviously, with Geekvape using their AS chip it has all the bells and whistles you would come to expect from a modern day TC device…but me being about as technical as a potato, I’m going to let someone who actually knows what they’re talking about with regards to the performance tell you what it’s capable of. Now…be warned…he’ll be using words that may as well be spoken in Mongolian for all the difference it would make to me, but if you like this kind of stuff (cough-weirdo-cough) then you should watch what he has to say…not me you understand…I’ll be taking this opportunity to crack open a cold one while the beast takes the wheel…

So…let me introduce you to Ogre, one of the Steamteam’s most knowledgeable folk…I say folk…I use the term loosely…what he does do is eat folk…and test stuff…with all kinds of witchcraft and fuckery…I would probably just hurt myself if I even attempted any of this stuff…so…time to go into…

So…it’s good then?..It’s good right?..Hello?..(sigh)…I’m talking to a video…he’s probably back under his bridge now waiting for a pack of cute fluffy puppies to walk past and provide him with a nutritious snack…well I’m none the wiser…but I think he liked it?..Or did I hear that wrong…so many wavy lines, big words and weird numbers I dunno…(you’re an idiot Pugs…) …Tell you what I did hear though - I heard him refer to it as a 220w mod at the end there…and I’ll tell you somethin’ else too…I’m not gonna be the one who tells him either…fuck…that…Last time I told him he’d made a mistake…he ate my dog…true story…I loved that dog…

Aaaanyway…by all accounts the Aegis is middle of the road when it comes to catering for all you TC lovers out there, and outstandingly amazing for those…like myself…who are straight wattage shooters…or…‘normal’ …as I like to call us…(ooh…controvs)

The Update

Well…what a fucking barrel of laughs this was, I haven’t had this much fun since the aftermath of eating a tin of chilli-con-carne that happened to be 2 years out of date…I’ll spare you the details…

The Legend comes out of the box with V1.0 firmware, standard practice, but this firmware had it’s little quirks, none more frustrating than the fact that this little greedy beast spent it’s power like it had just won the wattage lottery… “Batteries?..I’ve shit 'em”…is the kind of attitude you can expect as the Legend expels batteries for shits and giggles…

So an update was most definitely required, and Geekvape most definitely did their job…until the day before yesterday that is.

On Feb 27th 2018 they released the V1.24 with the following improvements…

Optimized 10s overtime safety feature.
Modify Fahrenheit adjustment unit, from 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
Added Stealth mode, press and hold the 3 keys simultaneously for 2s to enter or exit the Stealth mode.
Version number changed to 1.24
Okay…nothing groundbreaking…you can just flick past that and fast forward to the update released on June 15th…Update V1.1-0611 (???) …

Fixed issues of Stealth mode, screen backlight does not turn off. And other screen backlit problems.
Improved overall battery life.
Improved Temperature control accuracy.
Improved power efficiency.
Added function: Factory reset function.
‘Improved overall battery life’…THANK YOU…that’s all I needed to see. This update you absolutely need in your life, and the difference is quite an eyebrow raiser…how this wasn’t implemented before release is beyond me, but alas…then came ANOTHER update…2 days ago (July 17th) …this one was V1.2 0710 …(wtf???) …

Battery life substantially improved;
Temperature control significantly optimized
Completely bricks your Legend
Mild panic and anus puckering ensues
I may have added the last two points, because that’s what will happen. Sure…battery life is substantially improved…BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FUCKING USE IT…it really doesn’t get much more substantial than that…please don’t use this update.

Thankfully, you can simply put the older V1.1 0611 firmware back in and everything will be golden once again, but for those few arse twitching moments…you might well believe you have an IP67 rated paper weight…sort your shit out Geekvape.

I’ve droned on about this far too long already for me to explain how to update the Legend. Simply go onto Geekvape’s website, hit support, and follow the instructions…I can do it…so you have literally no excuse.

The Specs

Main features:
● Thread: 510
● Supports 2pcs 18650 batteries ( not included )
● Charging time: 2h
● Wattage range: 5 - 200W
● Resistance range: 0.05 - 3 ohm
● TC range: 200 - 600 Deg.F
Product Details Brand: Geekvape
Accessories type: MOD
Battery Cover Type: Clip-on
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Material: Aluminum,Zinc Alloy
Mod: Temperature Control Mod
Dimension and Weight Package size (L x W x H): 10.50 x 11.80 x 4.70 cm / 4.13 x 4.65 x 1.85 inches
Package weight: 0.3200 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 9.05 x 5.85 x 3.00 cm / 3.56 x 2.3 x 1.18 inches
Product weight: 0.2600 kg
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Mod, 1 x English User Manual

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on the Geekvape Aegis Legend would be this…no…it’s not perfect, but I still love the damn thing. You can’t not - this thing is built to withstand the rigours and perils of even the clumsiest of vapers. It’s perfect for those amongst you that might work in construction and spend your days vaping on building sites in all weathers. I for one work in a warehouse and I’ve been using the first one solidly for 2 months, it’s been thrown in my rucksack without any care, I’ve dropped it several times and knocked it off my desk more than once…and the only visible sign of wear and tear is the paint fading on the chassis bolts…

And apart from the stitching looking a little grubby …even the leather is completely unmarked…

All in all…the Legend is a fucking tank, a true Tonka toy mod that will last as long as the (unproven) chip will allow.

It’s also completely user friendly, with a simple to navigate interface, and with increments of .1w up to 100w and 1w thereafter it can satisfy even the fussiest of tinkerers. Sure…the TC can be improved, and apparently it has just been with the second to last update…not that I’d know either way…me being normal ‘n’ all (stop it)…

It’s also available in very tasteful array of colour schemes…

The biggest gripes for me were the insatiable power consumption, the USB port location, and the ‘Aquarium’ front screen. The first has now been sorted and the other two obviously never will be…but you know what…I forgive it, neither affect the way I vape or use the Legend, and with it comfortably seating a 30mm top…giving 200w of power…and firing with really low builds (currently running a 0.06ohm build without drama)…they have both been my go-to devices for at home and at work. I just simply love them…well…love is a strong word reserved for people capable of human emotions…so let’s just say I like them a lot…and leave it at that. One thing I do love though…is the price…

The Price

Pick your poison on this I’m afraid…as both companies who supplied these devices are selling them for the exact same price. After a little negotiation from moi … I have discounts on both…not that the Aegis really warrants a discount, but every little bit helps.

Sourcemore - Use the following link GeekVape Aegis Legend 200w Mod and enter code ‘AEGISL10’ at checkout and the Legend can be yours for £36.81 / $47.88 with free worldwide shipping

Gearbest - Use the following link GeekVape Aegis Legend 200w Mod and enter code ‘AegisVIP’ at checkout (can be used 50 times only and expires on 31st July) and yet again the price is £36.81 / $47.88 with free shipping

I don’t feel I really have to explain what an unbelievable bargain this is. You simply cannot buy a better quality device for this price anywhere else at this moment in time, so I highly recommend you get on this while the price lasts.

So there we have it. You all spoke…and Geekvape listened, we all loved the original Aegis but wanted the power to match its build, and we got it. Forgive its quirks and you’ll be nothing but impressed with what the Legend will give you, it’s even Pugs proof…so far…and that alone can be a reassurance let me tell you…an affliction shared by both myself and my sister…

And while you decide which colour Aegis you would like in your arsenal, you might well want to hop on over to Steampugs where you will find a wealth of reviews from the Steamteam as well as a shop chock a block with discounted Vape gear, the doors are always open and the welcome is always warm.

Until next time



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@Steampugs I put the latest firmware on mine with no issue are you sure you didnt hit the start button 2x on the update?

The only visible change i can see with the new firmware is the tcr setting in ss has changed from 105 to 112 (maybe they heard what @SmilingOgre had to say in his video from memory he suggested 111)


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I tried it again last night and it worked on one, and so far doesn’t seem to causing an issue so i’ll do the other tonight, i dunno man, I put the 1.2 on 3 times on both mods and it bricked every time, had to keep putting the 1.1 back on to get it to work, weird it was on both, unless they changed the update 24hrs later maybe because I put it on a day before I posted the review :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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