Pugsley's Ropey Review of the Not So Ropey Wotofo Profile RDTA

Wotofo Profile RDTA

Iconic vape gear. For me, personally, I could probably count on 2 hands the amount of devices I have reviewed that I would put into that category. Devices that changed the game…no…I’m not talking about the Game Changer Homogenizer again, that was last week, although that would almost certainly top the list. But there have been other devices over the last few years that I hold in high regard for doing something not only new, but something that ends up being coveted by most of the big hitters in the vape industry - just because…it was a fucking good idea, and some of these manufacturers often like to show their appreciation of a good idea by offering their empathetic and undying support for one another…

What??..I didn’t say that…Nicholas Cage did…sue him not me, I’d never think OR SAY that reputable manufacturers were capable of pillaging ideas from other manufacturers…That just sounds ridiculous, immoral, and downright underhanded!?!..And I’m sure that if I asked any of them if they would ever be involved in such scandalous cutthroat business tactics… they would be very honest and upfront about it…

I believe him …

So, I’m not here to cast aspersions, nor am I here to give you my personal list of what are in my opinion iconic vape devices, I’m just here to talk about one of them. Weirdly…it’s not really one I use a great deal either, but…it not being in my regular rotation means diddly shit. It just means that regardless of how it doesn’t suit my personal style of vaping, I still fully appreciate and understand it’s value to the vast swathe of vapers who rock it regularly…so…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT PUGS!?..Well…you impatient bastards, I’ll tell ya. Because the device in question pretty much single handedly took an old skool method of building, dragged it back from the brink of almost complete annihilation, dusted it off, slapped it hard on the table of ‘bang up to date’ vaping, stared us all dead in the eye…and announced with an almost arrogant confidence…that THIS…is what is missing in our lives (well…not me, personally, but…you lot of reprobates). That thing on the table was of course…mesh, well not just mesh, but a method of using mesh that at that point hadn’t been done in quite the same way before…and the person doing all the slamming on the table was none other than one Mr Joel Robinson , AKA… #Mr.JustRight 1. , pictured here wearing his apparent favourite sweatshirt…

Bless you Joel, just a shame it appears to be missing the ‘S’…probably…tucked around the side…or something…


I think you all know by now where this is going. Joel was of course responsible for the Wotofo Profile RDA, an RDA that brought mesh right back under the nose of the masses with his innovative spring loaded build deck, something I reviewed when it was released to great praise. So…what’s new pussy cat?..(WOOOOHWOWOOOOH WOHWOHHH)…Tom Jones…pfft…I’ve shat him (?) ahem… anyway…let’s see what’s right with Mr Justright1 and see if he’s right and indeed just…with what’s next in his profile series of tops…alright?..Right.

Shall we?

Welcome back my mashed up, mechanical, meshy maniacs. I hope I find you all safe and well amidst today’s chaotic and surreal times, back again with more of that same shit that the hecklers just apparently can’t get enough of. I mean it’s been a while, but shiiiit, that last GC Homogenizer review brought them ALL out of the woodwork, that was a fun few days let me tell ya! I barely have a lip left to bite. Anyway…I’m guessing today’s offering will no doubt be a much more civilized and almost sombre affair in comparison, because what I have for you today is not only designed by one of the nicest and most approachable guys in Vapingdom that I have ever had the privilege of speaking to, but also someone that…for want of a better expression…‘knows his shit’ when it comes to his beloved ‘forte’… mesh.

Now like I said earlier, mesh just isn’t my bag. I can say that to Joel and he’ll forgive me, because I’m lovable …and ruggedly handsome (?). That being said, Joel has realised something important…mesh…although it performs very well - especially at low wattage’s - isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean…that his beloved Profile series cannot be for everyone, and in order for him to push his Profile into the hands of a much wider audience…he was going to have to diversify. Whatever the reason…I like to think he did it just for me.


Without further ado, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you, courtesy of my great friends over at Wotofo , the next rendition in the Profile family…The Wotofo & #Mr.Justright1 Profile RDTA

“RDTA??”…I hear you cry. “Didn’t they die a death in the depths of hell due to generally being a bit shit??”…you may well ask. Yes…yes they did, and I, for one, wasn’t particularly sorry to see the back of them. In fact…a few years ago they were all the rage - ‘dripper flavour with the convenience of a tank’ is what was promised, few…unfortunately…came up to the mark. But…this is Joel Robinson, a man synonymous with bringing things back from the dead and putting his own little spin on them, so…hardly surprising then.

So what has he done?..Well…now…everything. We’ve had the RDA, as well as the improved V1.5, we’ve had the Unity RTA, and now…we have the RDTA…but it’s not just and RDTA, we’ll come to that. First of all…let’s take a closer gander at what we have here…

The Lowdown

The Profile RTDA is a 25mm affair that holds a downright greedy 6.2ml of your finest, in it’s armored underbelly …

And inside this armored underbelly you will find four twisted stainless steel wicks…yes…yes…we all know by now, it’s a bit of a coincidence that this came out around about the same time as the Vapefly Brundhilde RTA, which uses the same method and also has an armored tank, but…you know how it goes…

It is what it is, fact is I’ve never tried the Brundhilde RTA, but I’ve heard mixed things. What I do find slightly amusing though…is this…taken from Wotofo’s website…

Shots fired…but hey…who the fuck am I to judge?..And besides, this idea is anything but new and certainly wasn’t invented by Vapefly OR Wotofo. I seem to remember a Taifun RTA using the same method some 4 or 5 years ago so…who really cares, in this industry there really is no point wasting your time by pointing your finger and throwing accusations here there and everywhere…


Anyway, fact of the matter is that I can tell you, from my experiences with RTDA’s, that the Stainless ‘rope’ method works a lot better in these things than without it. When done correctly, if you show a stainless steel rope to liquid it will act like gravity is a mere myth, but…this isn’t really the Profile RTDA’s party piece…actually…it has a veritable and comprehensive magic set up it’s sleeve.

Firstly…it doesn’t have to be an RDTA - simply unscrew the tank section off, screw on the included blanker plate and it becomes the iconic RDA…

And if you so wish, you can swap the pins out and have yourself the (IMO) best mesh squonker on the market…how’s that for diversity.

However…as cool as this is, it’s not this particular little party trick that pricked my ears up like a dog at dinner time, no…what grabbed my intrigue by the short and curlies came into play when I popped the hood…


“What in holy fuck is going on here then?” is all I could muster while staring at this overly complicated jumble of holes, screws, channels and wicks…but…it’s really not that complicated at all once you work out exactly what it’s all about, and it’s this alone that has sparked my own personal interest in the Profile RDTA…

But before we get into that too…there’s yet another little ‘new new’ that’s making it’s debut with this particular Profile rendition, and that is this…

Billed as the nexMESH Clapton mesh coil…not… exactly… mesh, but it is definitely clapton, a middle ground for those not particularly gelling with mesh I would imagine. And it builds and wicks in exactly the same way.

It also ohms out slightly higher than its mesh counterparts which was surprising. And for everyone out there that looks towards the Profile because of the mesh aspect, then you are also very well catered for…

But what’s this??..Why is there a pair of framed staple claptons in the package???..Well…here we are…all caught up with BY FAR my favourite part of the whole damned show…

Your eyes are not deceiving you, like I said earlier, Joel realised that regardless of how well the previous Profile models performed, they were still tied to the limits of using mesh. This time around however…it’s not - I’ve gotta say Joel, this is your swan song right here.

By simply including a postless deck underneath the spring loaded ceramic block, the Profile RTDA now caters for ALL…or more importantly …me. Yes I’m selfish…hide your surprise. Regardless, the Profile RDTA just got a whole lot more interesting…

Building on the Profile RDTA offers little challenge as you would expect because it works in exactly the same way as any postless deck…

Except this time around, once your wick ends are tucked into the two vape channels, they are constantly fed by the ends of the stainless rope wicks in the tank.

Overall, the quality of the build deck is right up there in my top 5, just based on the sheer amount of choices you have, the versatility really is where the Profile RTDA shines…you can’t not love it for that.

Also on this deck you will find the fill hole for the tank. It’s not the biggest, but it does suit 90% of the bottles on the market today…unfortunately for me, a lot used by me are the other 10%…unicorn bottles…which are too big. They still work if you press it on hard enough, but more often than not I tend to spill over…

But on the plus side, it does have a pressure hole in the adjacent corner, which shows me that the person who designed it…knows exactly what they are doing…you need that shit…end of.

The rest of it is as you would expect, standard 810 drip tip fitting with a nicely manufactured swirly resin drip tip…complete with SS beauty ring…nice detail. But isn’t it time we moved onto something else for drip tips?..I mean it’s been years now, like…I dunno…antler, orrr stone…orrrr…corn shaft or something…I don’t even know if that’s what you call it…I just wanted to type ‘corn shaft’…because I’m massively childish (shrugs)

And the airflow is dealt with in exactly the same way as the previous Profile models…

O-ring tension for the airflow is bang on as always, and that goes for the main chamber too…

And this ‘locks’ in place so that your airflow is always pointed towards your coils…or coil…or mesh…whatevs…I’m not writing that every time…

The Specs

RDTA Size: Φ25*52.7mm (without 510 pin)
RDTA Capacity: 6.2ml
Build Deck Diameter: Φ22.5mm
Supported Coil Type: single mesh coil, single/dual wire coil
Wattage Range: 60-80W
Recommended Wattage: 70-75W
Drip Tip Material & Connection Size: colored resin + metal ring, 810 sized
Filling Method: mid filling for RDTA / BF squonkable for RDA
Airflow Type: adjustable side airflow
Insulator Material: German PEEK
Threading: 510 thread

It comes with

Profile RDTA x1
nexMESH Clapton Ni80+A1 0.20 ohms x1
nexMESH Extreme A1 0.16 ohms x1
nexMESH Turbo A1 0.13 ohms x1
Framed Staple Clapton Ni80 0.33 ohms x2
6mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
3mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
Stainless Steel Wick x6 (4 pre-installed + 2 spares)
Mesh Bending Tool x1
RDA Adapter x1
Cross Head Screwdriver x1
Allen Key x1
Accessory Bag x1
User Manual x1

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Wotofo Profile RDTA would be thus, actually…it would be easier to say what I don’t like about it to begin with. The juice hole is too small for some of my bottles, and…on a side note, quite literally…it doesn’t like being left on it’s side. But then…show me an RDTA that does…(don’t do that)…and don’t leave your mod on its side…like I did…(sigh)

I know…everyone knows…this is not new information…anyway, what I really do like however…all circles around the Profile RTDA’s versatility. As far as I know…no other top offers quite the choices that the Profile does. Mesh?..check. Single coil?..check. Dual Coil?..check. Turn it into a dripper?..check. Turn it into a squonker?..check…Keep it as an RDTA…checkety check check check…PLUS…you even have a range of mesh coils to try, including the new clapton (not) mesh, which…I’m happy to say, is actually very good; great flavour, great vapor production, a tad more throat hit and a fuller vape than the actual mesh coils, it really is somewhere in between, and I think a lot of people are really gonna dig it. But for me…its performance with a chunky pair of low ohm coils…was where it was really at. This thing is an amazing device, the airflow is super smooth and you really are getting dripper flavour with the convenience of a tank…isn’t that what we all wanted?

And then of course there’s the stainless rope wicking/feeding method. I can tell you right now, this shit works AND…keeps up. I couldn’t get it dry and believe me I tried, the more I sucked the more juice just kept climbing. I can’t comment on how this compares to the Brundhilde though, because I’ve never tried it. And I’m sure Joel is sick of hearing it, but…I find appearance alone on the Profile to be not quite as ‘fussy’ as it’s closest comparison. The lines are cleaner, it looks neater, yes it’s a bit on the tall side compared to an RTA but, it’s basically a dripper on top of a tank so…you can’t have your cake and eat it.

Other noteworthy points are that it’s machined incredibly well. It comes…as always with Wotofo…with a comprehensive package of bits and pieces, and it’s available in the following colours…digging the gunmetal, has to be said…

I think Joel & Wotofo have hit an absolute home run with the Profile RTDA, it’s a one stop shop for whatever mood I am in and has quite quickly gained residency in my daily rotation. It just works…and works really well.

And of course…this is Wotofo, so…it ain’t expensive.

The Price

At the time of writing Wotofo have the Profile RDTA on their own site for £30.95/$39.95, which is bang average in today’s market, And I have to highly recommend it at that price when you consider the package you actually get with it, find that deal here…

Wotofo & #Mr.Justright1 Profile RDTA

But I did shop around a bit in the UK and found it anywhere from a measly £26 up to around £30, so depending on which country you are in it might be worth a quick perusal online.

So a big thank you to Wotofo for providing the Profile RDTA for review - it was my absolute pleasure. A huge thank you to Joel Robinson, AKA #Mr.Justright1, for re-imagining his baby and making it such a nice fit for my personal style of vaping…I know you did it mainly for me, and for that I am grateful…(ahem)

Now…quick news, feel free to skip this bit… I won’t be at all offended if you do (I absolutely will), but I wouldn’t be doing myself any favours if I didn’t mention the following, firstly, as you know, we run our own little Vape Forum called ‘Vaping Community’, and we’d love it if you came and knocked on…

If just to say ‘Hey!’…Maybe not…quite so creepily as that…But it’s free to join, is growing rapidly, and is completely drama free. It also…has an e-liquid mixing calculator that has been getting some serious attention from some even more serious mixers lately. Our man Grubby has worked incredibly hard on the thing of late, and it’s damned near perfect - find us…and that… here…

Vaping Community - Forum

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Vaping Community One Shots - DIY Flavor Chaser

Ok you can go now…

Until next time



Outstanding review. I think this might be the SECOND device that share aspects with the Squid Industries Peacemaker, i.e. the “revolver” look. Another steel roper ehh ??

I think you did an outstanding job on showcasing some of the more unique features of this one, etc. “Hole’s too small”, hehe, been there, done that, but you made the P’s and C’s clear. Nicely done Sir.


Thanks Dman, much appreciated :wink: glad you liked it :+1:


Awesome @Steampugs, I got the other three Profiles, now I just gotta have that one!
Great review as always :tada:


Thanks man :wink: very much appreciated :+1:


Wow! That is different. Really dug the read and am thinking strongly on giving this one a go. Thanks!


Gennie Tanks used to rule!!

Release the Kraken!! woots!!! :slight_smile:
That is a sweet tank, @Steampugs… I remember those… I had a few.


And thank you…for taking the time to read and comment brother :wink: appreciate it :+1:


Cheers Smokey! :+1:


I thought of getting one of these, it’s kinda like the SteamCrave just not AS bulky…, wotofo has had pretty good shit IMO…, have to put this one on the list…, thanks for the great review @Steampugs


More than welcome brother :wink: Big Wotofo fan too, thanks for the comment man :wink:

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No problem @ all…, again…, thanks for the wonderful review…, most of my RDAs have been profiles & I’ve thought of it being nice to have a tank on it, & then I saw every1 talking about the SteamCrave & it drew me in having the mesh deck like wotofo… I got 1 & the p.o.s. locked together after my first fill-up…, so I ended up breaking the glass just to get the MFr apart! Mesh is almost all I use so…, I like it…, mesh is much easier to deal with IMO


Yeah I get that, it just doesn’t give the ‘hit’ that I crave, I only get that from a couple of hefty coils, but…there might be times like when I need something super mobile, and then I will stick mesh in it and use a single bat device, I love the fact that it’s the best of both worlds :ok_hand: