Pugsley's OFRF the Hook Review of the OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank

OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank

Vape mail, let’s face it, we all love it. It doesn’t matter if you’re eagerly awaiting the replacement for your singular device that you massively failed to ‘ninja catch’ mid-air due to a chronic case of ‘Juicy Fingeritis’…yes…that’s a medical term…

Resulting in you screaming uncontrollably at the mangled metal, broken juicy glass and batteries…which are fuck knows where…on the concrete ground in front of you…yes…we’ve all been there…‘shudders’…

OR…maybe you’re a slightly unhinged enthusiast who can’t sleep at night unless he knows his collection of vape gear is absolutely bang up to date with the latest and greatest ‘vape fashion’, and has an almost ‘Pokemon’ attitude to curating his ‘new-news’…

Or even maybe…you happen to be an award winning internationally recognised and highly respected vape reviewer…can’t…quite think of an example right now…who gets a vast swathe of vape gear thrown at him from every corner of the world on a weekly basis…due to the…awards…and being…completely awesome…etc…EVEN THEN…it’s still a thrill when you open your front door and see the all too familiar overly parcel-taped package with an address label that makes literally no sense to anyone - apart from your postman who clearly possesses some kind of mystical dark magical reading power…usually…only found in…like…witches…n’ stuff…(?)

But you know what the best kind of vape mail is?..Surprise vape mail. There’s only really reviewers who are party to this exclusively rare animal. THIS is the kind of vape mail that …well actually…this can be split into two categories - firstly, there’s the ‘we’re actually quite embarrassed about this thing and we knew you’d say no if we asked you’ vape mail…I’ve literally had the worst e-liquid I’ve ever tasted in my life this way…AND…the worst device…and secondly, there’s the kind of surprise which includes what I am reviewing today, which…I’ll call ‘fate mail’. And the reason for that?..Because honestly, I would have said no to it. I am literally breaking my own rules with today’s offering, but thankfully, as luck would have it, my email inbox is a hateful and vindictive bastard who loathes the thought of me getting anything nice to review…

And subsequently throws the odd manufacturers request in the spam bin.

SO…fuck you inbox, because they sent it anyway - and I, for one…am very glad they did. Let us delve into the abyss of nonsensical literature which I like to cunningly disguise as a factual and informative vape review…shall we?..WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!..(thud)

Welcome once again my beloved steamy, yet surprisingly sweet smelling, smog soirée. Back again with more of the same…except it’s not the same, not this time, no no…this review would never have happened had I been left unsupervised…which is never a good idea in any event…let’s be honest. You see, I have a few ‘rules’ when it comes to writing reviews on vape gear. Nothing outrageous you understand, the rumours of me being an actual diva are…at best…mildly exaggerated. But to make life easier on myself, as well as any poor unfortunate soul who reads this shit, I politely ‘opt out’ of receiving Pod systems because I don’t use them, tiny starter kits for the same reason, anything from Smok because I really don’t want my house to burn down, and…if they’re on their own…Sub Ohm tanks. They just don’t float my boat enough to warrant a full review…and…I don’t use them either. So…today’s offering…is something of an oddity.

Now, the company who sent me this device are also a bit of an oddity. They appeared almost out of nowhere in 2018 - the entire company was literally born in 3 months - and straight out of the gate they supplied the industry with an RTA that now sits on almost every ‘Best of 2019’ RTA list: the Gear RTA - an apparently awesome little flavour banger (I haven’t personally tried it) which was incredibly well received by almost every top tier vape reviewer in Vapingdom. If that one skipped you by, then you must have had your head buried in the sand not to notice the hype they produced by supplying the mesh coils for the Wotofo Unity RDA - arguably the best mesh RTA around…for now.

So, let’s get into this uninvited intruder on my doorstep and see if this company’s unfathomable success is still gaining momentum or…just a two hit wonder…as thousands of vape enthusiasts gather to ask these new kids on the block…

Because if their last two releases into the vape wilderness are anything to go by…they are simply replying…

Courtesy of OFRF themselves…the OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank…

Indeed…all joking aside, this is one sexy ass looking tank, and my initial reaction of ‘Wtf is this thing doing on my doorstep?’ was abruptly thwarted the moment I opened the box. But…I’ve been here before - this was the woman who walks in the bar and makes the men spit there drinks out while awkwardly adjusting their nether regions. This was what your mother always warned you about. I know how this works…I’m the not so proud owner of one of the quickest marriages known to man, I’ve been victim of my own dubious choices born purely by the ‘erection reaction’ before…oh yeah…this was trouble in a box right here…I was not expecting this to end well…but fuck was I all-in…

But before I submerge my gentleman spuds…you may have noticed a little box in the first picture which actually isn’t related to this review in any way at all - but they sent it me anyway, along with the snapback. In that little box are new coils for the Profile RDA & Unity RTA…or indeed…any mesh tank that takes that size strip. Now, these haven’t been released to ‘gen-pop’ just yet - or at least they hadn’t when I received them - but they’re actually an SS316L version of the coils supplied with the Unity RTA. Because they are stainless, they can be used for TC’ing to your hearts content on either the Profile RDA or RTA. They still have OFRF’s patent triple density technology, and are far and away the better choice over Wotofo’s own coils…I just included them in the picture because…well…reasons…now, onwards…

The Lowdown

The OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank is essentially a 25mm tank that comes with a 4ml capacity and also a 5.5ml capacity with the included bubble tank. The glass tanks themselves aren’t glass at all, but are instead made from the plastic polycyclohexane dimethyl terephthalate modified by glycol…

Or ‘PCTG’ to people who…can’t…Google-Fu… It has excellent toughness and good heat resistance at ~120˚C. It is food safe- as granted by FDA, and will not emit BPA. Or…in my language…it’s tough AF, clear AF, won’t melt under heat or crack with acidic liquids, nor will it poison you in the long term. THIS…it turns out, is what every tank should be made of. I literally shovel a mahoosive pile of kudos and fling it with almost violent tendencies right at OFRF for that one.

Because if someone told me this was glass…I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.

Around the bottom we have the AFC ring, just underneath that beautiful knurling…

Which houses triple air intakes, doesn’t round robin, and has what I can only describe as ‘creamy’ tension. I play with this AFC ring just because I can. It’s unnervingly satisfying.

Underneath we have…well…the underneath…

Which has a protruding insulated pin as well as…lots of words…

If you flip it you will see a standard, push-fit, black 810 drip tip…nothing too fancy here, but it does have a dual bevelled edge like the tip on the Gear RTA - just not quite as pronounced. This is fitted into the top-fill cap, which has a sliding mechanism much akin to Wismec’s tanks.

Now…as a rule I am not really a fan of this method due to them only having one hole. Also as a rule, this hole is rather small, so when you pour your liquid in there’s nowhere for the escaping air to go - much like in a dual-hole top-fill, which can cause a bit of a mess on occasion. OFRF have, however, fitted a split rubber diaphragm ‘seal’…

I see the idea - it prevents leakage if you turn it upside down. But…the problem is, the hole isn’t massive, and if you’re like me and mix your own liquids and predominantly uses 100ml unicorn bottles, the tip doesn’t quite penetrate…which is great for birth control…but not ideal for filling your RTA’s. Your liquid will pool on the surface…I’m not even gonna warrant that with a gif…

Meaning…that when you slide the top cap shut, the liquid is pushed over the edge, down your tank…and all over your hand.

I counteracted this by taking a small pair of scissors and cutting the rubber out just inside the hole. Now…it works perfectly, and still doesn’t leak. Sorry OFRF, but at my heart I’m a destructive narcissistic vandal. What I will say though, is that the tension on that top cap is just as creamy as the AFC ring…I also play with this more than I should…it really is no wonder I have bad eyesight…

Now…here’s the test. As we all know, ‘beauty is only skin deep’ …not with me obviously - I literally fart Febreze - but with something like this tank, which is stunning to look at…it will count for nothing if its heart is a mere unfeeling swinging brick. This can be a deal breaker in all walks of life…and a tank is no different…thankfully however…OFRF know the odd thing or two about coils…

You get two variations here; on the left we have the 0.15 ohm SS316L coil - good for anything between 65 and 75w…it’s actually still great at 80w…even 85, and on the right is the Kanthal 0.2 which apparently shines at 75 to 80w…I say apparently…we’ll come to that…

Now…when I say OFRF know a thing or two about coils…it’s a bit like saying Ozzy Osbourne knows a thing or two about narcotics…

Because everything I’ve said about the tank so far pales in comparison to the thought which has gone into these little over-engineered monsters…I’ll let OFRF do the talking on this one…

"Whether your prefer a massive throat hit or a milder, smoother vape OFRF’s world first conical mesh coils have you covered. Experience the amazing flavor profiling of conical mesh with our breakthrough A1 triple density mesh coil or revolutionary SS 316L temperature control enabled mesh coil.

nexMESH SS 316L Conical Mesh Coil

The nexMESH stainless steel conical mesh coil is the right choice for you. Ideal for those of you who prefer temperature controlled vaping the nexMESH SS has a resistance of 0.15 ohms and delivers amazing flavor profiles without the risk of dry hit at between 350F-540F / 150c-280c . Don’t have a temperature control mod? Simply set your wattage control between 55W - 75W and experience the silky smooth flavor of your favorite juice.

nexMESH A1 Conical Mesh Coil

Looking for a powerful, warm throat hit with massive vapor and amazing flavor, then this is the coil for you. Featuring a slightly thicker mesh weave and operating at resistance of 0.20 Ohms this coil delivers amazing flavor profiles at between 75w-80w.

T.A.S Twin Absorption Wicking System

Incorporating two separated layers of organic cotton , the nexMESH Sub Ohm Coils unique wicking system delivers rapid and consistent cotton saturation ensuring you never experience a dry hit

Innovative Double Vapor Compression System

To maximize condensation of your vapor the nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank incorporates a secondary vapor compression chamber hidden inside the top cap that maximizes vapor compression to deliver an incredible flavor hit.”

In short…the internals of the coil are conical, meaning the air going in through the bottom condenses through the top whipping up a whole shit ton of vapour and flavour into your pie hole…I mean it’s not massively conical compared to their description of it, but whatever it does…it fucking works.

I’d pay good money to see Smok’s reaction to these coils…

And to add insult to injury, these coils are push fit - because turning something is apparently too much effort for some people right?..Regardless, fitting these things simply could not be easier…

The Vape

Okay, as I touched on earlier, I haven’t actually tried the Kanthal coil - but I have no reason at all to think it would suck balls. Once I saw the SS coil, I immediately fitted it and went with that. I’m a Stainless guy - what can I say? It’s personal preference - I just feel I get a cleaner taste from it, and although I have been caning this thing for close to a month now, it is showing absolutely no signs of degradation…at all. I have to say, this coil is nothing short of… the bees knees.

Longevity aside, the flavour - due to all that conical wizardry - coupled with OFRF’s proven mesh know-how, is simply… outstanding. Although, as a side note, they have been slightly conservative with their recommended outputs. You can go higher than they suggest, in fact…I urge you to do so.

Airflow wise, the nexMESH Sub Ohm tank is uber airy on full bore, and…I have to say…kinda turbulent. But…even for me, who digs a lot of airflow, halfway closed was enough. There aren’t many tanks which have that effect on me, so whether you’re an airy vaper or prefer something a tad more restricted, well…you’re covered.

The Specs


Size: 25 x 40.5mm
Capacity: 4ml
Refill: Top filling
Resistance: 0.20Ω A1 NexMesh Coil; 0.15Ω S.S.316L NexMesh Coil
Thread: 510

OFRF NexMesh Tank comes with

1 x NexMesh Tank(0.20Ω A1 NexMesh Coil Coil Pre-installed)
1 x Extra Tube
1 x Extra Coil
1 x User Manual
1 x bag Extra O-rings
1 x OFRF Sticker

Final Thoughts

I could say that this is the finest example of a Sub Ohm tank I have tried to date…and just leave it at that - but I just wouldn’t be doing it justice. Is it perfect?..Not quite, but fuck me it’s close.

Firstly, and absolutely foremostly, the appearance of this thing is absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think I own even an RTA that looks this good, let alone a Sub Ohm tank. The design really is impeccable, and it’s only when you start tearing it apart that you realise the beauty…is straight down to the core. The machining is FLAWLESS…

The only thing I think they may have slightly dropped the ball on is the drip tip…I mean it doesn’t even fucking matter, most people are gonna change that anyway - it took me 3 seconds…“and we’ll get rid of that”…

People like fancy shmancy drip tips, it’s part of our culture now, so a plain black one?..Meh. Thankfully though, if you choose one of the outlandish colours, they actually had the sense to mix things up a lil bit…

I mean, that’s it…I would change nothing else about the design…AT ALL…apart from that unnecessary diaphragm under the top-fill obv…

The only problem really is this…Mesh Sub Ohm tanks are now ten-a-penny, almost every kit comes with one. Standard coil Sub Ohm tanks are pretty much a thing of the past, so…was it really a good move to bring one onto the market with so much competition? Will it sell well?..I honestly don’t know. Most people who buy this will only buy one, and they will have never tried one before, so the appearance really is what’s gonna count to captivate the demographic OFRF are aiming for. As nice as it is, it does have a striking resemblance to the Crown 4 tank, and that tank is already a firm favourite with a whole host of mesh Sub Ohm tank vapers, but seeing as I’ve never owned a Crown 4, I can’t really compare the two. It’s a hard battle to win against an already proven Sub Ohm Tank.

But…what I can tell you is that I have been willingly choosing this tank now over some of the current RTA’s in my rotation, and for a Sub Ohm tank that’s almost unheard of. I really really dig it, so much so…that I am even going to order more coils for it and take it away on my next holiday…I mean…I don’t even know what else I’m taking…but I know I’m taking this. Do I recommend it?..Does a fat dog fart?..Of course I recommend it. If this is the way OFRF are going then they absolutely have my attention…I want more…I want a mod, a dripper, a dual-coil RTA…the lot - because these guys are on track to make a serious statement on the vaping industry.

The Price

Well…it’s still on pre-order with most companies, and doesn’t even appear in the shop on OFRF’s own website, but if pre-order prices are anything to go by then expect to pay around £27/$35…I have zero complaints at that price point, find that pre-order price here…

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

As always, the doors over at Steampugs are open 24/7 so feel free to mooch around where you will find a veritable cornucopia of excellent reviews from myself as well as the rest of the unfortunate reprobates I like to call the Steamteam. On top of that, if you would also like to see where we talk this kind of nonsense on a daily basis, then hop on over to our little corner of the vapeverse that we like to call our forum, where we promise a warm and drama free welcome…find us here…

Vaping Community Forum

Until next time…



Awesome review as always, the industry standard just keeps going up and up, I can only say that is a good thing and I hope certain other companies are paying attention and follow suit


Thanks my brother, yeah it’s the first Sub Ohm tank that’s made into my daily kit for sure, love the thing, looking forward to whats next from OFRF :wink:


Another well done and very funny review. I think I heard a rumor that you have won an award for your reviews?

OFRF is a company I am watching closely and hoping they do great things. Was not a fan of the Gear. Its more suited for people that like a very warm or hot restricted vape.


Single coil anything prevents my boat from floating let me tell ya, but it was very well received by all accounts…
That rumours been circulating for a while…it’s almost become an urban legend…actually…that might actually just be Legend…not sure… I’ll keep my eye on it… :blush:


The crown 4 is that for me so now I will have to try one out for a head to head. Cheers mate always informative and hilarious.


Always a pleasure my brother :wink: nice one


Great review that, personally I prefer sub ohm tanks, I would love to hear how this compares to the freemax mesh pro, as the flavour I get is amazing but I’m always looking for more cos I’m a greedy swine :grin:


Thanks man :wink: I really appreciate that, I didn’t review the Freemax Mesh pro but @Mjag did, heard nothing but good things about it, so it’s hard for to say how they would compare, but I’m really really digging the OFRF, I’ve seen since a couple of reviewers having trouble with leaking coils but…mine hasn’t leaked a drop so I dunno man …


Currently working on the OFRF subtank review but love the Freemax mesh pro I reviewed a while back and still use to this day. Currently comparing the single coil kanthal mesh of the mesh pro to the OFRF kanthal and SS316L single coils and will say they’re pretty close, I would give the edge to the SS316L OFRF coil over the other 2. If your a dual, triple or quad coil user of the Mesh Pro then that is another level of flavor that NO single mesh coil has matched thus far. I have been impressed with the OFRF subtank though and would be shocked if at least a dual coil isn’t an option in the future, not sure if there is enough room for a triple.

@Steampugs, will check out your review after mine is done brother!


Brilliant review that also gave me a good laugh,thank you.


Why thank you very much Jimmy :wink:


I will only use quads so thanks for that, can I ask how much the coils are BTW? One thing that worries me is the availability of the coils