Pugsley's new fandangled yet dubious review of the Digiflavor Edge 200w Kit

Witchcraft and fuckery, this is pretty much the label I use for anything technical that I don’t understand, which…to be fair…is anything more technologically advanced than a potato…

That’s…actually probably true…

But regardless, today we will be looking at exactly one of those things. I’ve had it explained to me several times by ‘that’ group of friends…you know…the group you don’t go out drinking with…but can say with quite some certainty that I haven’t a clue what they’re talking about…I just nod…and look pretty…

It is of course…wireless charging - something that is now practically standard in the latest mobile phones. Do I like it?..Honestly? …I haven’t a clue. I have a company phone, you know…one of those 25 year contracts…I’m just lucky it’s not a Nokia 3310, so my experience with wireless charging up to this point was somewhere in between… “it does what?..don’t be ridiculous” and “you can’t put that in there…it doesn’t fit”…no wait…that second one may have been something utterly different…

However…just because something can incorporate this relatively new wichcraft…doesn’t necessarily mean it should… Or does it?..And indeed…could it?..And if it could…did it mean to?..Or…wait…what?

Welcome back my finest fluffy throwing fog fetishists, tis I, your (ahem) award nominated reviewer…oh no…no no…get used to that shit, gonna ride that milk float for all it’s worth believe you me…I’ve even been signing my Christmas cards with exactly that…or at least I would…if I wasn’t a man…I mean…cards?..pfft, more witchcraft…ANYWAY…back again with more of the same, except this time it’s not the same, it’s completely different, so that…basically…is a lie.

Today…we have something not seen before in Vapingdom, a technology usually reserved for the higher-end gadget fuckery, a technology that thus far has eluded yours truly due to my companies purse strings being as tight as a ducks arse, and that technology is of course wireless charging. Don’t try and hide it all you nerds out there…I know this shit gives you a techno chubby…I can see you squirming in your rather moist seats…

But fear not my geek-full compadres, even I with my masculine stone-like exterior…(pfft)…had a little twitch when I first laid eyes on one half of what I’m reviewing today. So without further ado, lets geek out together…courtesy of my long suffering sponsors in crime Heavengifts, I present to you…the Digiflavor Edge Kit & Wireless Charging Dock…(swoon)

No pictures of the packaging this time around as it was just a plain white sample box…both were actually…yes that’s right…both, as this shit doesn’t come together in a package - thought I’d best get that out there off the bat.

The Lowdown

The Digiflavor Edge kit consists of the 200w Edge Mod & the Spectre Sub Ohm Tank with mesh coils.

The Edge Mod is powered by 2 x 18650’s and is kept in check by a brand new AS chip that utilises EVERY mode for EVERY vaper in a not quite so standard configuration. In fact…the menu system takes a little getting used to if I’m honest, and if you’re a beginner looking for a starter kit you would be forgiven for spending the first hour with your Edge kit with about as little a clue…as a cat playing a piano…

It’s a little more ‘Yihi’ than you have come to expect from a mainstream vape manufacturer, but stick with it, you’ll get there. It uses the same kind of ‘memory’ format, meaning you have basically 4 ‘memories’…or it might be 5…look…it’s in the car and it’s pissing down with rain - I’m not going out there. However many it is, whatever you set it to, be it TC, VW, Bypass etc. etc…it will stay locked in, so if you tend to change your vaping style depending on what top you are using it’s perfect. I can’t however tell you how accurate the TC is…mainly because I don’t care, but also because…I don’t care…It’s also 0.1w increments…which I also don’t care about.

So…starting at the top, we have a very nice indeed bolted down 510 plate housing a lovely spring loaded pin…

Centrally located so a 30mm top will not look ridiculous, a 28.5mm Sherman…is a winner, very, very nicely machined and an uber firm plate - you ain’t movin’ this shit anywhere.

Then, down the front we have the rather large 1.54" display…

It’s very clear, looks great…but…you’re stuck with blue (I think) …I have tried every configuration of buttons to find a menu where you can change this because I fucking hate blue, but to no avail. Maybe you can…I don’t know, there is of course a very good chance that I am a massive fucktard and just can’t find the option, but for now…it’s blue and slightly animated. And of course below this we have the function buttons exactly where you would expect them to be…little bit of finger tap rattle there…tut tut…

Down the sides we have (ahem) a ‘Diamond Cutting Texture’ …

To be fair, it’s a lot nicer than the last mod I reviewed which claimed to have ‘Diamond Cutting Technology’, and it offers a surprising amount of grip. When I first laid eyes on it I was kinda…‘meh’…but just like everything else on the Edge mod…it’s grown on me like a case of genital warts…

And at the top of one of these ‘Diamond Cutting Textured’ sides…is the fire button…

I’m guessing it’s ‘Diamond Cutting Textured’…like…for realz. That being said, when I first picked up the Edge to take it on its maiden voyage…I absolutely DESPISED it…“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS BUTTON!?!”…I whispered to myself in a very loud voice…“IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!!”…I explained to my Teacup Chihuahua, as she was the only living thing around me at that time…and she seemed genuinely vexed by my plight…

Hey…don’t judge me, it’s a real man’s dog, you’ve never known pure unadulterated evil until you’ve owned a Chihuahua - you can’t train them not to hate everything and everyone…it’s impossible…Anyway…my problem with this button; it doesn’t work if you press it like you would on any other mod. You kind of have to press it at an angle, which…admittedly…is the natural way your finger or thumb does it - I just wasn’t expecting it. It’s also quite small…and not particularly ‘clicky’…basically…it was everything I hated in a fire button, including it’s bullshit ‘Diamond Cutting Texture’…but…again…I got used to it.

Underneath we have a release button for the battery door…

I very much like this, it’s extremely well engineered and works perfectly, simply press it and the hefty battery door pops up…

And it’s heftiness is down to the wireless charging witchcraft housed within. It’s only when the door is off…that you can really appreciate just how compact the Edge is.

Now, this comes as a kit, so included in the package is the Spectre Sub-Ohm mesh tank…

Not at all ugly and follows the Edge’s theme with it’s diamond bullshit. The Spectre comes with 2 glass tanks, a standard 4ml, and a bubble 5.5ml. I have read somewhere that there is also a 2ml TPD variation but…you know…

It has a very nice quick release top cap with a slightly restricted 810 drip tip perched above it…this bit I love, the underneath however…not so much…

None-recessed fill port…I really do not like none-recessed fill ports, and to add insult to injury, the kidney shaped holes aren’t that big; if I am using my bigger unicorn bottles I have to literally trickle the juice in as they dont fit, and this more often than not…ends up in a bit of a mess…

However…thankfully a very kind fellow called Rob over at (ahem) a ‘fellow award nominated company’ Riot Squad e-liquids, sent me over their incredible range of juices with bottles that did fit…Happy. Cocking. Days.

Now, I’m primarily a dessert vaper but I do tend to have at least one set up for fruits and fruits only. I’d kinda gone off it though - even though I do mix my own liquids I never mix fruits, just desserts, so the fruit liquids I do have are usually retail, and it’s rare…I mean really rare for me, that I find some fruit liquids that don’t taste like a bag of Haribo minced up with a bag sugar…these however…are a little different…

He actually supplied me with 3 different ranges which I will roll out in 3 reviews, this one seems to be their most popular though, and rightly so…their ‘Smashed Apple Pie’ is quite possibly the best Apple Pie I have ever tasted…and as a result of these liquids, I now have 3 different set-ups dedicated to tanking my way through them. Incidentally, their ‘Menthol Molotov’ could give my ‘Cobweb Clearer’ recipe over on ELR a run for its money, that shit will blow your socks clean off your feet let me tell ya. Suffering from vapers tongue?..Getchoo soma that!..Excellent quality, highly flavoured liquids brewed right here in the UK…So a huge thanks to Rob for subjecting me to his wondrous liquid…hmm…maybe I should re-word that…

And a special mention has to go out to the bottles, not just because they happen to fit into ‘ill-measured’ fill-ports…but just because I really dig the bullet shape…which could come in really useful if you absolutely HAD to smuggle them into another country…jus’ sayin’…

You can find these liquids at many many B&M’s as well as a plethora of online stores, and you can find a map on their website that tells you exactly where those store are - I highly recommend you check them out. For their latest news and information check out their Facebook group here…
Riot Squad Facebook Group

And their Instagram here …Riot Squad Instagram

So…the Spectre got a full tank of Smashed Apple Pie for its maiden voyage - it should count itself very lucky.

The coil that comes with the Spectre is a single mesh coil, and we like mesh coils in Sub-Ohm tanks…

The fact of the matter is, if you bring a sub ohm tank onto the market these days and it doesn’t have a mesh coil…you’re already on the back foot, so…how did it fair…?

The Vape

Lovely…bloody lovely, suffice to say the Spectre is very, VERY good Sub-Ohm tank. It’s as good as anything else out there and better than most, the airflow is spot on albeit a little turbulent, and the flavour you get from that mesh coil is simply sublime - it picked out the rhubarb in that Smashed Apple Pie like it was looking for it.

For people that don’t build, mesh coil Sub-Ohm tanks are clearly the way to go and the Spectre is no exceptio. Apart from the flat fill port they did a really good job with it, and it does look the business.

Now then…at last, we come to the part that will excite all those kind of people amongst you that are far too ‘into’ the original Star Trek despite being too young to have been around when it was actually on…you know the type…

The Wireless Charging Dock

As I said earlier, this does not come with the Edge kit, it’s sold completely separately, and I’ll elaborate on why I think that it shortly. What I will say about it is this…it’s a really, really well made device…you would almost think this thing was made by Apple…

When I opened the box I was taken aback, I really didn’t expect it to look as good as it did. Massive geek love to Digiflavor for really going all out on the appearance and build quality…love that shit.

It’s all very self explanatory, just sit your mod on it like it’s having a rest in a very expensive designer lounger, and plug it in. Speaking of the plug…there’s another unique USP that the Edge has which I haven’t mentioned yet…the USB port on the front of the mod is actually a USB C, first one I’ve ever had with a USB C socket. For those that don’t know what a USB C cable is…well…it’s what the mini and micro USB SHOULD have been, the only downside being…that not everyone has them. I…like a vast swathe of others, have a drawer full of micro USB cables, that being said…Digiflavor do provide you with a USB C cable for the Edge mod, AND for the Charge Dock…BUT…in their ultimate wisdom, Digiflavor understand that USB C cables might not be in abundance in most homes yet, so…they gave you another option for the charge dock…

Both Micro USB and USB C sockets are available for powering the thing…LOVE that.

Now…there is one slight con with wireless charging - it’s quite slow. I’m not sure, but I think it’s about 1.1 amp output, despite the fact it states ‘Fast Charger’ on it’s front. Maybe compared to other wireless charging devices it is quick, but compared to external battery chargers…not so much, also when you are using the wireless charging…you’re mod get’s a bit toastie…not hot…but warmer than you expect it to, which leads me to my in depth and slightly unhinged theory about this whole idea…

Why is the Edge Kit made by Digiflavor?..Most people already know this, but for those that don’t, Digiflavor is in fact a sister company under the umbrella of vape giants Geekvape. So why does something so unique, something that has never been done on any other vaping device so far, something so theoretically brilliant and innovative…NOT have Geekvape plastered all over it?..Why did they hand it to their ‘sub-division’? …Well…personally I think it’s because they are promoting the idea of charging your batteries INSIDE your device. Yes, I know, many, many vapers do this via the USB socket on most mods, I myself know a lot of vapers that charge their batteries this way despite my efforts to tell them otherwise…

But there is such a huge stigma attached to this method of charging, both me and any other reviewer out there will tell you to always…ALWAYS…use an external charger for your batteries - I think this is also the reason why this wireless charging dock is an optional extra instead of being included within the kit.

Some people think that the reason for this is risk of explosion, it’s not…not really anyway. The main reason is simply because most mods don’t offer GOOD balanced charging, even those that claim they do, so one battery doesn’t get fed as much as the other. You do this a few times without removing your batteries ever…and the chances are that one of your batteries will have more pressure put on it than the other…then you have a higher chance of something going south.

No battery is 100% safe, we all know that, and I’ve never heard of anyone’s batteries going bang from charging them inside their devices, but it’s our responsibility to minimize the risk of things going wrong. You really need to pay attention to your batteries at ALL times, and for those that need a reminder of what happens when people are careless with them…then watch this video…

[video=youtube]- YouTube

I’ll joke about most things, but never battery safety - that shit is deadly serious.

Now I’m not saying that wireless charging is a bad idea. You would hope that someone as huge as Geekvape or any of their subdivisions would have the sense to fit a higher quality balanced charging unit into a device that is designed to onboard charge. However, the truth is I don’t know, I have no way of knowing, but the quandary that this is a Digiflavor device and NOT a Geekvape device…makes me worry slightly. It’s almost as if they have said "Well…if it doesn’t work properly, and things go tits-up on a few devices because of the onboard charging, it won’t be Geekvape that’ll take the brunt of the backlash…it’ll be Digiflavor’ …Feels almost like a damage limitation insurance policy…but like I said…it’s just a theory…I’ll remove my tin foil hat now…

The Specs


Edge MOD
Size: 67 x 29 x 90mm
Cell type: Dual 18650 cells(not included)
Power range: 5-200W
Display: 1.54-inch color display
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm
Temperature range: 300-600℉/100-315℃
Working Modes: Power/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/Bypass/TCR
Charging: USB Port/Wireless Charging (charging dock sold separately)
Wireless Charging: 9V/1.1A
Thread: 510

Spectre Tank
Size: 28 x 34mm
Capacity: 5.5ml/2ml
Compatible coil: Digimesh X1 0.2ohm Coil(30-90W)
Coil Material: KA1(best 60-80W)
Thread: 510

It comes with

5.5ml Standard Edition/5.5ml TPD Edition

1 x Edge MOD
1 x Spectre Tank(5.5ml)
1 x Regular Glass Tube(4ml)
1 x 0.2ohm Digimesh Coil
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Spare Parts Pack
2ml TPD Edition

1 x Edge MOD
1 x Spectre Tank(2ml)
1 x 0.2ohm Digimesh Coil
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Spare Parts Pack

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Digiflavor Edge Kit would be this - when I first ‘met’ this device, I’ll be honest…I wasn’t bowled over by the appearance one little bit, it just didn’t ‘gel’ for me. For something with such a unique selling point as wireless charging I really would have thought they’d have made more effort in the way it looks, I mean it’s just a box with some pleasurable ‘ribbing’…But once you pick it up and start using it…it kinda oddly becomes more appealing, it feels really solid and heavy, and I totally dig that. The high gloss fascia and back plate are real fingerprint magnets but even that didn’t overly bother me, and the PITA fire button that at first irked me such that I almost didn’t want to use it at all…became…almost normal…I’ve even got used to the blue theme on the hefty screen and the slightly awkward navigation method…Truth is…as a device…it’s so well made that I can’t really find anything wrong with it…It’s super compact, well engineered, solid, weighty, relatively easy to use and it fits wide tops on its central 510. On top of that the Spectre Sub-Ohm tank is a fantastic product with excellent airflow and top level flavour…the only unknown is it’s USP…the wireless charging…

And here I really don’t know what to think. People who will use it will more than likely have the dock on their desk, or their bedside table etc., and simply use it as a stand for their mod so that it is continuously charging and always ready for action…but that fucks with me. I’ve always been of the understanding that you should charge your batteries, then run them down before you recharge them again to prolong the life of the battery…I don’t even know if that really is a ‘thing’…but it’s what I’ve always done and it’s never steered me wrong. This is the opposite of that - I just don’t know if that’s bad for your batteries or not and it would simply take too long to test. My advice would be to seek out the ‘Mother of All Things Battery’…one Mr Mooch, for the correct information on this…

It’s just out of my technical comfort zone and I don’t want to be responsible for giving the wrong information…that’s basically me passing the buck…

The Price

Not cheap…but not offensive either. Remember this is new technology, and a brand new device, and you’ll pay on both counts. That being said, by all accounts Heavengifts have already dropped their price with an ‘apparent’ discount, and if you also add my personal discount code APUGS15 at checkout it shaves another 15% from the price, so you can get the Edge kit for $73.86/£58.67 …which for a full kit of this quality actually isn’t bad at all…find that deal here…

Digiflavor Edge 200w Kit

And if you want to buy the optional wireless charging dock, you can still use the same discount code, meaning it can be yours for $12.74/£10.12 …which is way way cheaper than it deserves to be once you see just how well made it is, find that here…

Digiflavor Edge Wireless Charging Dock

All in all, I can highly recommend the Digiflavor Edge kit to everyone. It has enough options to satisfy every type of vaper from seasoned Vape Vet, to complete noob - it’s a very well made kit, and it’s also available in a myriad of colours…

Should you go for the wireless charge dock?..Entirely up to you - I’ve been using it, and it does what it’s supposed to at its own leisurely pace, and looks super cool in the process. So far it hasn’t given me any problems, so I’m staying on the fence with that one…

As always if you would like to see how the Edge kit scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then the doors are open 24/7 over at Steampugs, and while you’re there feel free to peruse the Shop that you will find on the home page, I have listed a plethora of highly discounted vape gear for your attention and any proceeds go into the smooth running of my little corner of the vape verse…so every order is very much appreciated…and indeed…with Google’s recent attempt to slap yours truly with the ‘rank plank’ …even more so…Thanks in advance!

Until next time



Great review, and I believe the first review of any product ever made started with the words Witchcraft and fuckery
Love the fact its got a usb-c, if you see the speed my phone charges up at you would know why… But simply I won’t trust geekvape easily, but at least I know what the future is regarding other mods


I hope it is the first one…otherwise I’d start a lawsuit with someone :rofl:

Thanks for the comment brother, much appreciated.


Awesome review and interesting but slightly disconcerting idea of wireless charging, not a fan myself, cheers :beers:


My thoughts exactly, thanks brother :wink: :beers:


I agree but it could be useful if it’s a standard protocol (as in, use it for other things). I’m likely never going to be convinced to charge external cells by the mod itself.

Another winner, my favorite award nominated reviewer!


very kind of you to say so brother :wink: :beers:


I’m with you Grub…
It would be one thing if the companies manufacturing these mods approached the entire device like it should last (and be in production for) at least a couple years. But given they seemingly plan to EOL (end of life) most things they make within 6 months (unless they turn into a real barn-burner of a seller), I’m really not instilled with the utmost confidence that they’re going to implement the necessary balanced charging (and monitoring) circuitry that’s required to support said “feature” inside the device itself. The charger itself may be great, but that’s useless if the other aspect doesn’t pull its weight unfortunately. =/

Great review Pugs. Thanks for the time and effort!


It’s perfectly fine to do so in a DNA FWIW. :wink:


Still not convinced!!! And no DNA so pfffft on your attempt to persuade me!


Thanks for an interesting review Pugs, however I don’t think I will be buying this one.


Thanks brother, i always appreciate your comments :sunglasses::+1:


Nice one again Pugs, it’s just that I’m starting to suffer from gear fatigue. There’s this flood of ‘new gear’ and they all come with a little something extra that you can really do without :tired_face:

Why don’t they just produce something that works really, really well and stick to it instead of churning out mountains of crap with side features?


Truth be told I’ve veen suffering the same affliction for the last 12 months, I couldn’t agree more, imagine what its like having to review them again and again and again.
But as much as I wish for the same thing as you, it makes my life slightly easier when there’s something ‘different’ going on, at least it gives me an anchor to base the review on, its when I get something that ISNT special or different than anything else that I tend to suffer… I’ll stare at it for hours wondering what the fuck to say about it lol


Well, there’s always the fancy packaging.


IMHO The Voopoo Drag is one such mod.


I’ve never owned one, I just don’t like the over the top branding.


Great review brother @Steampugs

I think that the first verse of this excellent song completely described the flood of new gear:

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.

There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.


I have a ‘no voopoo’ policy with reviewing, not after what they did to Tony B, :triumph:


LMAO…love it, and thanks man, I should use that in a review lmao