Pugsley's narcissistic review of the Wotofo Bravo RTA

There’s something slightly uncomfortable about anything that lavishes itself with congratulations before it even walks through the door. It’s always been my view that these things are first presented, and if congratulations are called for and deserved…they are given forthwith …especially if what that thing refers to… is appearance…(you would say that…you have a face like a fat dogs arse)

Bit rude… these days however, it would seem that ‘conceited’ and ‘vanity’ are words that have been given an upgrade to make them sound cool and perfectly acceptable…I believe this term to be…(shudders) …‘swagger’…

Regardless…self-adulation, to someone in his mid forties who struggles to even recognise himself in the mirror most mornings…

is something that gets my back up almost instantly, severe scrutinization will ensue…and today…is one of those days…

A fine welcome to you all my little foggy frumpets, back on track with the clearing of the decks, and today…we are looking at something that I have to admit…was left purposely in the box of magical mysteries purely because of its self proclaiming name…‘Yes…you sit there in the dark and have a good long think about yourself you arrogant little fuckpig…I’ll deal with you later’…and now…is later… (?)

Sent for the purposes of being brought down a peg or two by my partners in crime, Gearbest …I present to you for harsh judgement …the Wotofo Bravo RTA…

DON’T…feed it’s ego…ffs…

The Lowdown

Yes…okay…it’s a good looking tank, bloody good looking tank actually…but I’d never tell it that…I believe it does a very good job of doing that all on it’s own…

Bravo indeed…we’ll see about that…(grumble grumble)…onwards…

The Bravo RTA is a 25mm dual coil RTA with bottom adjustable airflow and has a 4.5ml capacity…

Stretching to 6ml with the included bubble tank…

It has fully adjustable dual bottom airflow, adjusted by the knurled AFC ring…

A highly recessed top fill system which is big enough for pretty much any kind of bottle…and is unscrewed easily with the aid of more…irresistible knurling…

And upon it’s noggin…your finest dramatic and super swirly resin 810 drip tip

I mean let’s face it…it was always going to have nice hair…

FINE…I admit it, I love the look of the Bravo, to me personally it’s one of the best looking tanks on the market…and yes…I have put it in the drawer while I type that…I have a limit to dealing with over inflated egos…and perhaps a little finer scrutiny is required to find the chink in this ‘pretender’s’ armour…as we de-robe it…and no doubt find a fugly, flabby and ‘thrown together’ build deck…

Motherf…that’s a nice looking build deck…

Building on the Bravo is pretty much as easy as it looks, two clamps, four screws, and it wicks like an RDTA…you will not need a manual to know how this works…and as an added ‘cherry’ on this stainless cupcake…this is a Wotofo product, and they ALWAYS supply a comprehensive large package (ooh-er), including…three (no…I still don’t know why they always give three) ultra finely wrapped fused claptons…I mean these are really…really nice coils…

The screws are super chunky and the clamps will hold any shape of wire without drama…it’s a good post design.

Wicking, like I said earlier, is dealt with the same way as an RDTA, simply poke your cottontails through the juice holes, being careful not to over, or under stuff them, and let them poke through just a little…and then prime your wicks…

The Vape

Absolutely awful, worst I’ve ever tried…okay…that’s a lie (sigh) …it’s really…really good…

The flavour is as good…as anything I have tried so far, the last RTA I reviewed was the Crius II Dual Coil, and I gushed over that, claiming it was the best RTA on the market in terms of flavour production…and then immediately after, I get this arrogant prick strolling in with all it’s ‘swagger’…and fucking things up, simply because…it matches it, not better than…but I can’t tell the difference between the two when it comes to performance…bastard.

You could argue that the Bravo doesn’t have juice flow control like the Crius, but it doesn’t matter, it deals with juice flow just fine, no dry hits…no leaking. And as far as the airflow goes well…it’s ample, on full bore you get more air through thanks to the bigger 810 drip tip over the Crius’s 510, which suits me more I have to say but…generally speaking…it’s swings and roundabouts, there is literally nothing between the two.

Well…let’s get this over with, No doubt it will revel in being allowed to talk about itself for a few minutes…

The Specs

Main features:
● Comes with two glass, 4.5ml and 6ml
● Diameter: 2.5cm
● Capacity: 4.5 / 6ml
● Thread: 510
● Bevel-shaped air intake design, more easy to gather gas, taste better (gas??)
Product Details Brand: Wotofo
Type: Rebuildable Atomizer
Rebuildable Atomizer: RTA
Material: Glass,Stainless Steel
Thread: 510
Dimension and Weight Product weight: 0.0460 kg
Package weight: 0.1130 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 5.00 x 2.50 x 2.50 cm / 1.97 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 9.50 x 7.40 x 5.00 cm / 3.74 x 2.91 x 1.97 inches
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Atomizer, 2 x Glass Tank, 1 x Accessory Bag, 1 x Cotton, 3 x Heating Wire, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x English User Manual

Has it finished…??..

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Wotofo Bravo RTA would be that…MAN I wanted to hate this thing, but it’s just so damned good. It looks the business with all that knurling…and I reeeeally like knurling on an RTA, It just makes sense to have it there, nothing grips as well as knurling and it looks…cool?..The flavour is top notch, as good as anything else and better than most, and even the airflow is bang on point…although…slightly higher pitched on the Bravo (totally nitpicking). The build deck is simple and very effective, it wicks easily with no dry hits, flooding or leaking…it pains me to say this but…there is nothing bad I can say about this tank…at all…and you even get a frankly ridiculous array of colours to choose from…

All the usual suspects…and blue…pretty sure he feels a little out of place…

Fair comment…

And of course…this being a Wotofo product, you do get the full package…

So…there we are, is it perfect?..Well if it is, I’m certainly not going to be the one to tell it, feel free.

All that’s left now…is the price…

The Price


Okay it’s not…I just wanted to say the words, because as it happens…even the price is almost narcissistic…£21.22 / $29.74 …a smidge cheaper than the Crius…find that deal here…

Wotofo Bravo RTA

This wasn’t supposed to be a comparison review, but the Crius Dual Coil is the closest RTA I can put to the Bravo, and they are both amazing RTA’s, literally nothing between the two, what it will really boil down to…is personal preference as to which one you prefer the look of…and it pains me to say…that I reeeeally like the look of the Bravo…it’s the knurling!..I’m a bitch for knurling!..That being said…I still wouldn’t take it out and about with me…it would just be too fucking unbearable…

So…well…I have to say it…I don’t want to…but…yeah…Bravo Wotofo…Bravo…man I hate myself right now…

As always, the doors are open 24/7 over at Steampugs so if you would like to see how the Bravo stacked up against other pieces of awesome vapeology, then feel free to hop on over, where you will find a fine selection of vape reviews from the Steamteam as well as a shop choc full of heavily discounted vape gear, see you there.

Until next time



Great review. If I was a tanker it would be on order. Classic.


Lol, I have to laugh. Never thought of the name in that way. I can totally see your perspective as I read the review however. I appreciate your ability to be honest regardless of your character impressions. I’m prior service as was the person who developed the tank and I believe this is more a statement of pride in accomplishment than narcissism. You would have to have been there to get the connotations. Thank you as always. Great read. Another one I will probably end up with. “I feel I owe it to someone” CSNY


Thanks Fizze :wink: much appreciated brother :grin:


Well you know…I have to find a hook somewhere lol, just how I do my do :wink:

Thanks brother :grin::+1:


It was great! or better yet… Bravo!!!


Yup, agreeing with Ogre! You bravoed the Bravo!! Nailed it brother!!


lol cheers Eddie :ok_hand::wink:


Whooaa mama! I read the review and heard it all inside my head with Johnny Bravo’s voice. Love my Bravo. Great review!


Nice one Jim lmao :wink:


Great review @Steampugs, and now it looks as if I have to ADD it to my shopping list now.


Finally… Knurling!! We need more Knurling on tanks, makes it so much easier to get them apart.

Great review as always, “bravo” :clap:t2:


Be prepared to be shocked. I’m in total agreement with your review, I managed to pick one of these up for a great price about a month ago and it’s one of my favourite tanks. I wasn’t expecting much as it’s so similar to the troll rta but I was happy to be wrong for once lol. It’s a stellar rta. Great job brother.


Nice one Dman :wink: …I don’t think you’d regret it, I have to add though, yesterday, I had a conv with someone who told me that a couple of people claim it has a manufacturing fault whereas they can’t unscrew the base, it just spins…I’m certainly not having that issue and it’s the only place I’ve seen it mentioned but I feel it pertinent to mention it :wink: …I love the thing.

@Grubby knurling is the future man, I loves me some knurling :wink: cheers brother :ok_hand: :grin:

@DrChud glad we agree man, I see you’re not having issues with it either then, good stuff, I’m guessing dodgy batch as these people seem to have bought them from Fasttech…could even be clones knowin them lol
Cheers man :wink:


Picked one up about a month ago and you are spot on brother, great rta and review!


Nice one brother :wink:🖒
Yeah lotsa old stuff I gotta review now, need to make way for new stuff lol :ok_hand:


I hear ya, I gotta get off my ass and try to get through the backlog too, it is just tough when I graduated with a BA in Procrastination…or is that a BS :thinking:


And I have a BA in super fertile testicle magic that’s stopping me clearing my backlog…it’s a curse…

I did however also major in BS…so I totes relate…although the testicles aren’t BS…I could probably make you pregnant…in fact I may of already…they have a habit of surprising me…


I am just hoping that is a growing beer belly, if not then child support bitch!


Hey Pugs this is bordering on too much information :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: