Pugsley's Mesh Match Made in Heaven Review of the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

‘Behind every man is a stronger woman’

I believe this is the age old saying, of course these days you can’t really say that without upsetting some snowflake who probably believes it should be changed to ‘Behind every none gender specific human is a potato whose gender is a non-consequential entity with equal consideration towards other vegetables’…or some such…who the fuck knows?..It’s hard to keep track these days…

I come from a world where we have two genders…and my perception of that is more than likely massively offensive to at least half the population…

Call me old fashioned if you like - my field of fucks is completely barren of anything I am likely to give you.

Alas…I digress, because today I’m going to be finding out what happens when the person behind that strong man…is actually another strong man…and yes…I did google some gifs to go with that saying…and no…I shall not be posting them.

Another time perhaps…

Welcome once more my bromantic billow brigade, back again with more of the same. Today we are looking at something which has been causing quite the chatter in vapingdom, a device born from the meeting of two creative minds in some weird vulcan mind meld type shit…

In one corner we have a mind solely responsible for providing us with arguably one of the most innovative RDA’s of last year, a dripper that plucked mesh from it’s failing and all but done ‘old skool’ status and planted it firmly in the present day to a very appreciative market of wanting vapers. To say the Profile RDA was a runaway success…is something of an understatement. In the other corner we have a mind whose creations, amongst other things, include the Drop RDA - one of the most successful mass produced RDA’s ever to hit the shelves since the Goon, and if that wasn’t enough…also the Topside squonk mod, probably the most innovative squonk mod ever created. If these two devices aren’t in your arsenal…I highly suggest you take a long hard look at your life choices… I am of course talking about Mr Justright1 & Brian ‘TVC’ Herb…or Beryl…as I affectionately call him…to his utter dismay…

SO…when you know what kind of pedigree and lineage we are dealing with here, what can you really come to expect from these two vaping virtuoso’s when the enormity of their own successes has converged their paths…

and given birth to a new bromance in the vape industry, while they mentally cross swords under the watchful parental eye of vape giants Wotofo.

Maybe it’s high time I just shut the fuck up and show you…(please do…on both counts)

May I present to you, a Wotofo, TVC & Mr Justright1 collaboration: The Profile Unity RTA.

Now…I reviewed the Profile RDA last year, and although the way it vaped did not suit my personal preferences - I mean…vaping from mesh is a different animal altogether - I did ultimately gush over it, in part because of the innovative way it functioned, but also because of the flavour you can get from this way of vaping. It most definitely opened a lot of people’s eyes to what mesh can bring to the table, as well as dispersing with problems people have had with mesh in the past…and it thoroughly deserved its accolades. So, it was really only a matter of time before we were going to get what we are looking at today. However…there is one very obvious difference to the whole project, one which begs the question…why TVC?..I mean the Profile was all Mr Justright1 right?..So…what did Beryl bring to the party?..The answer is quite simply…‘experience’…all shall become clear my little fluff puppies…the knowledge you seek shall soon be within your reach…

The Lowdown

The Profile Unity RDA is a 25mm tank housing 3.5ml of your finest amber nectar in its belly, or 5ml with it’s bigger glass and tube extension…(or 2ml if you’re under the umbrella of the steaming pile of shite that is the TPD)

It has side adjustable airflow dealt with in the normal manner…

An 810 drip tip up on the top…

A quick release top cap hiding it’s top fill system…

And a protruding, insulated 510 pin underneath…

Now…that’s the formalities out of the way, everything there that you would come to expect from pretty much every other RTA on today’s market…all…very…normal. SO…what indeed does the Profile Unity have that gives good enough reason to buy it over anything else out there today? What makes it think it’s so special? Well…firstly, let’s take a look at why it bears the name ‘Profile’…enter Mr Justright1 with his witchcraft and fuckery…

Obviously it was never going to be anything else. The build deck is identical to the Profile RDA, the only real difference being the huge juice channels on either side to feed the massive amount of cotton that this method of building requires…

It really is a work of art this build deck, the huge ceramic block in the centre being pushed up by a spring underneath is the little slice of genius that Mr Justright1 got…well…just right. By pushing the cotton against the mesh it eliminates the biggest problem that mesh gave us…the dreaded dry hit from hell, I mean a dry hit from a mesh coil is no joke. It’s something nobody should ever experience, it’s like any other dry hit from an RDA, multiplied by ninety twelve…

A bit like snorting a fart straight from the Devil’s arse…I would imagine (shrugs).

And as well as dispersing with mesh’s greatest problem, the Profile build deck is also one of the easiest to build on. I mean, I could probably give this to my dog and 2 minutes later she would be under the hood with a fresh build in there…it’s that simple.

This time around it has one addition which, for me personally, is a game changer. Although Wotofo’s original mesh coils supplied with the Profile RDA were absolutely fine, they just didn’t Ohm out low enough to provide me with a satisfying vape - the flavour was there, it just lacked ‘body’ for me. This time however, they have opted to draught in the company behind the much loved Gear RTA - OFRF -and let them supply the Unity with their Nexmesh triple density 0.13ohm mesh coils. I mean, these are good for (apparently) 70w, which for mesh is actually quite high. However, I have been running mine at 75w and the difference between these and the original Wotofo mesh coils previously found in the Profile RDA…is quite phenomenal, but we’ll come to that…firstly…back to the build.

Same method as before, simply take a Nexmesh coil and with the Wotofo coil tool provided, push it over the thick end of the shaft and roll it firmly between your fingers… until you either have a perfectly shaped mesh coil…or a massive erection…depending entirely on how you followed my instructions…

Then simply unscrew each clamp, place the coil in and tighten her up, it really is that easy. Then just give it a little tickle to make sure all is tickety boo…there’s something highly satisfying about seeing a mesh coil glow evenly…or is that just me?..Is this reviewing malarky finally making me a bit…weird?..(I think that damage was already there fella)…cheeky…

Now…the next bit, is probably the most important thing in the whole process- the wicking. When I say ‘it’s all in the wicking’…I cannot emphasize that fact enough. It is probably more important in this RTA than in any other I have ever tried, you simply HAVE to get it right, not to say that it’s difficult to do - it’s just very unforgiving should you get ‘experimental’. Here’s what I found; using the cotton that Wotofo provide is slightly easier due to the added aglets, it also gives you a good indication of just how much cotton you are stuffing in this thing. Now, me being me…my thoughts ran away with me, I first figured…well…this will need to have a strong capillary action to work properly, so I should comb it through good and proper before trimming…

Which resulted in this abomination…

I then trimmed it all…and then trimmed it a bit more…then I got real ‘Vidal Sassoon’ on its ass, only pausing to make small talk and suggestions of…“Something for the weekend Sir?”…at which point I wondered what the fuck I was doing and finally stopped to admire my masterpiece…I say masterpiece…it looked exactly how you would expect anyone to look if they allowed me to cut their hair…but I juiced her up anyway…

I will say, that after all this rigmarole, putting it all back together and filling her up, it still…amazingly…worked quite well. I’m sugar coating the shit out of the word ‘quite’ …what I actually should have done, was do it the way they said in the instructions, which is much simpler, requires very little effort and results in a much nicer experience for all involved…

That’s it…which is fortunate really because my career as a high profile hairdresser did not have a particularly promising outlook. Regardless of my first few questionable efforts, I did have a better experience using my trusted Cotton Bacon Prime rather than Wotofo’s cotton, despite how easy the aglets make it - I just found the flavour popped a bit more and the juice flowed slightly better…no offence Wotofo…

Now, the reason that this method is so important relates to the juice flow. It is the juice flow and the airflow - and these specific areas alone - which distinguish the Unity from the original Profile RDA, and it was in exactly these areas…that Mr TVC’s experience came into play. Yes…the Unity build deck is very much the ‘brain child’ of Mr Justright1…but it was Beryl that put all the pieces of the puzzle together to turn the Profile RDA into a fully functioning RTA…but don’t take my word for it, there’s a whole video that these two love birds put out to explain the coming together of the Profile Unity RTA, and it’s very much worth a watch…especially if you like films like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ for example…hey I’m not judging…they genuinely make a lovely couple…

And it’s nice to see two men being forthcoming and open about how much they respect each other’s manliness, regardless of the fact that at least one of them is married to a woman…I’d say that’s a future episode of Jeremy Kyle right there…

But regardless of the blossoming bromance, the video also contains a graphical breakdown film of all the in’s and out’s of the Profile Unity which explains everything a damn site better than I am capable of doing, partly because I’m slightly retarded, and partly because…well…they made it (shrugs)

The Vape

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. The Profile RDA smashed the market with it’s innovation and won the hearts of a whole swathe of vapers. As I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t really for me because it’s a different kind of vape - that was just personal preference. So, I was kinda apprehensive about what was going to happen when vaping on the RTA version. I was expecting more of the same if I’m completely honest, which wouldn’t be a bad thing - I am capable of seeing the beauty behind something regardless of whether or not it suits me personally. If it was the same…that would still be a good thing, but this time…with those triple density Nexmesh OFRF coils, the vape very much tipped into my goldilocks zone. At 75w the vape was warm and full-bodied, it had mouth feel and a dense, saturated vape that I just didn’t get from the Profile RDA. I mean it’s not quite what I would get from dual hefty trick coils in the low ohm realm with an offensive amount of power rammed through them…but it was way, way better for me than the Profile RDA. The flavour is next level - as you would expect from a mesh coil, but coupled with the lower ohms and more power, and that silky smooth airflow…the Unity is something that outperforms any mesh powered device on the market…by a country mile.

The nagging doubt…yes…it will be there - you are vaping on mesh after all - and for those amongst us who have deep fried a lung or lost facial hair from using mesh in the past, it can only be expected. I mean, mesh fires so fast compared to normal coils it almost makes you jittery when you hit the fun button, but that doubt will fade the more you use it. ONCE you have the wicking bang on, you can chain it and it stays soggy, you can push it slightly past it’s recommended max wattage and it won’t dry hit your face clean off…you just need to respect it, don’t push it too far - 75 watts was perfect for me, anything past that gave me familiar warning signs. But for me, the pros with using mesh now far outweigh the cons, from flavour to longevity, these coils work - and work incredibly well if you show them the respect that they deserve.

The Specs

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Profile Unity RTA would be this: Is it going to be for everyone?..No, probably not, but it will suit a lot more people than the Profile RDA did…which incidentally suited a LOT of people. It’s still a different kind of vape, something that is really hard to explain…it’s almost… too smooth, and some might not like that. The fluffies this thing can produce almost take you by surprise because the smoothness of the vape doesn’t feel like it should produce as much as it does…if that makes any sense.

The thing I absolutely love about the Profile Unity RTA is quite simply that everything…and I do mean everything…has been thoroughly thought about. There is a reason for every little piece of this tank that to me…smacks of TVC. If you own a Topside mod, you’ll know what I mean. Brian tests his devices TO DEATH before they get released, which means each problem which arises in the development stage gets dealt with, the design is changed, then tested again…and again…and again, until each piece of the puzzle comes into place and does the job exactly in the way it is supposed to. For example…take the drip tip…it is one of the thickest walled drip tips I have seen and although you could…if you wanted to…swap it out for a standard 810 with a thinner wall to give you a bigger bore, it won’t do you any favours because the hole in the chimney is perfectly matched to the bottom diameter of the drip tip that comes with it…

Due to it being conical, it ensures the vapour flows perfectly from the coil straight into your mouth with no bottlenecks or ridges to impede the flow.

Then there’s the juice flow, highly imperative due to the nature of mesh that it stays completely saturated at all times, so 2 extra holes were added directly above the juice channels in the chamber meaning that extra juice can feed directly onto the top corners of your cotton so that it doesn’t just rely on the capillary action coming up through the bottom juice channels.

Even the topfill…although I really wish this was bigger to suit my bigger bottles…is channeled inwards to draw your liquid straight in, so as not to build up around the top like you get on some tanks with a flat surface under the topcap…and it’s quick release too…big pro.

Then of course you have Wotofo’s proven build quality, I can’t find anything wrong with the way this has been manufactured, like…at all. You could say the threads are a little scratchy to begin with but even after a couple of short weeks mine are smooth as butter.

All in all, the way this thing has been designed is testament to the two people responsible, you have Mr Justright1 with his innovative mesh build deck and a wealth of experience from Beryl and his almost OCD approach to building anything vape related. Put the two together, and instead of getting two vape supremos battling for custody over their latest offspring…you get innovation that breeds creation…you get Unity.

Mehh…that’s a little much…

Yes… better.

The Price

The final piece to the puzzle!..It would be almost unprecedented for Wotofo to bring something on to the market that’s overpriced. Bear in mind the pedigree behind the Profile Unity, plus Wotofo’s insistence on providing a fully comprehensive package…and then look at the price tag of anything between $29/£22 and $39/£30 depending on where you look…it’s still a bargain at the top end of that scale, and a bargain that I would happily recommend to anyone.

A little unexpected side bonus for me - I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed to open the box and realise that I’d received a rainbow one, but seeing as I literally had nothing that it would go with I dusted off the old Laisimo L3…I’d really forgotten how much I love this thing, and the way that screensaver matches looks kinda sexy…if…multi coloured feathers are your thing…

I probably should have thought about that a bit more before I mentioned it…

As always, the doors over at Steampugs HQ are open 24/7, please feel free to peruse the site, where you will find a wealth of reviews from myself as well as the rest of the Steamteam.

Until next time.



Spot on Sir Pugsley :+1:

I was mistaken thinking I would not use mine that often but with certain juices it shines.

Looks lovely on the the L3, your salon clients must be over the moon after a fresh cut while staring at the combo :grin:


Why thank you very much kind sir, yeah you’re spot on, I’ve been using mine in rotation since I’ve had it, I really really like it, thirsty fucker though, but then you do get that real saturated vape which I fucking adore.
Right I can read yours now, well…in an hour…Game of thrones time :grin::muscle:


Fuck yeah, feels like it is empty everytime I go to pick it up and I am using the 5ml option :triumph:
Would love to see Wotofo come out with a bubble glass for it, this thirsty bastard needs it.

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GOT that right (see what I did there…)
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I love my GoT but I think Jon Snow’s take away was a bit wrong (click to reveal the spoiler)

when told he is the rightful king of the 7 kingdoms his reply was Daenerys is our queen when it should really have been ewwwwwwe I have been shagging my aunt


Always a pleasure Jose, thanks for taking the time to read and comment :+1::wink:


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Great review mate, mesh looking oh so promising lately, I’m still hitting my goon RDA but pondering a tank of some sort


Thanks my brother :wink: …you dig lower watts so this could be for you man, real flavour banger :grin::heart::+1:


I think 90w is the highest I’ve been on the goon, now I vape at 66.6 for good measure :smiling_imp:


A fine and frank review full of fun and fuckery.





Thanks Jim! lmao :wink: