Pugsley's mean green flavour machine review of the Wismec-Jaybo Luxotic BF Kit

I admit right now, don’t judge me, but I do enjoy from time to time…the finer things in life, I work hard for my money, and occasionally I may well pay over the odds for something that is of such a fine quality, that I feel I have earned the right to own it…or eat it…or drink it…or indeed …wear it…this by no means makes me a snob, I fart in public to the utter disgust of my other half, and can quite often be seen ‘wearing’ a kebab whilst staggering home from the pub like any other bloke at the weekend, but shove a high quality item with an offensive price tag under my nose , and if funds allow, then more often than not…I am defeated…

I am the absolute polar opposite of my better half who, even in her thirties, still shops like a student and then complains when her ‘designer’ top will only fit our 5 year old daughter after it’s first wash or when that 9p tin of ‘own brand’ baked beans tastes like a bowl of runny red bum nuggets… that I have to pretend to enjoy…

Blame my mother, it’s almost comical that everytime my Mrs is out for the day, she lets me know in her own special way…that it is indeed time for an impromptu…and secret food shop at Waitrose…

The apple it would appear…did not fall too far from the tree.

So…what happens …when I am presented with a beautifully crafted item of the highest quality, an item that would normally have me checking my bank balance within mere seconds of clapping my materialistic and all too gullible peepers upon its luxurious appearance …yet possesses a price tag that would suggest my Mrs bought it from Danny ‘discount deals’ McDodgybastard down the pub…well…conflicting bewilderment and pessimistic suspicions of almost ‘clown car’ durability is what …I mean it has to be like that?..Doesn’t it…??

A warm and fuzzy…almost incoherent welcome to you all my little smokeless soiree, first I must apologise, this review was started weeks ago…however…a little ‘lads weekend’ in Amsterdam happened in the middle of it (hence the incoherent) …and after a few days of enjoying it’s many delights…any writing skills were left at the bottom of a dirty ashtray (urgh) , in a seedy coffee shop (yay), drowned by more than several pints of Heineken (wugh)…the effects of which can still be very much felt to this day…anyone who has been…I am sure will understand…so…sense…it would seem…may very well be in short supply…more than usual anyway…which let’s be honest…is never in abundance…SO…let’s just stumble right in there, because what I am reviewing today…is a little bit special, courtesy of my friends at Vapesourcing , I give to you the Wismec Luxotic BF Kit by Jaybo

Unfortunately the packaging does not mirror the absolute masterclass in mod design that the Luxotic surely is, crystal case…black inlay…and that’s shallot…moot point I know but still…when I say masterclass…I really do mean masterclass, and it should have been presented in slightly better clothing…

The Lowdown

The Luxotic BF is yet another collaboration with renowned designer Jaybo and big hitters Wismec, it’s a kind of ‘Smart Mech’ if you like, yes it’s unregulated but it’s limited to 100w and has various safety features…so if single battery mechanical squonk mods float your misty boat…it’s the best of both worlds.

Lovely isn’t it?..Full stainless body and a honeycomb luminous transparent side panel which fits seamlessly, all held in place by an array of strong magnets…

Inside we have a 7.5ml bottle and upon its noggin…no…it’s not a robot nipple…it’s the stumpy little Tobhino BF RDA…more on that shortly…for now we’ll concentrate on the Luxotic.

Straight off the bat you’ll notice how well made this thing is, I’ve reviewed…quite frankly…more than my fair share of single battery squonkers lately and the Luxotic is quite simply…next level quality, especially when you compare it to the torrent of 3D printed plastic squonkers that have whored themselves out on the market lately, and its super compact and rounded smooth chassis just feels so damn good…

Easy…I meant in the hand…I mean I like it…but let’s not go crazy here…(awks)

On the back you have some debossed uber sized branding which…I admit…might not be to everyone’s taste, but It’s so well done that I believe it lends itself superbly to the overall look of the Luxotic…

And to be perfectly honest…If I manufactured this thing…I’d want my name all over it too…

Down the front we have the only control you need…the beautifully clicky and back lit fire button (Jaybo does love his back lit buttons)…5 clicks on…5 clicks off…

Underneath we have the bottle removal system…

The honeycomb theme continues with a removable magnetic plate which is one of only two slightly (and characteristically for Jaybo) questionable design quirks, because as you’ll notice, the plate has a ‘tooth’ on one side that is off centre…and this fits into a matching notch on the mod…why this is off centre is anyone’s guess, it would of made more sense to centre it, because this means it will only fit on one way, if it was centered…it wouldn’t matter which way round the plate was, but as it is…I guarantee nine times out of ten you will put it back the wrong way …causing mild…and in my case…slightly over dramatic…frustration…

The second slightly bewildering moment…comes when you try and see how much liquid you have left in the 7.5ml hard plastic bottle…

Being heavily smoked might well look cool…but is completely void of practicality seeing as you can’t actually see…anything…in it…

And as an added anti-bonus…you get 2…exactly the same (scratches head)

And the issues kinda keep on comin’ with the whole bottle situation, for a start…those Squonk elitists amongst you will more than likely turn your nose up at the hard plastic bottle…

And you will more than likely be beside yourselves when you learn that you can’t simply swap it for a standard silicone bottle due to the way it fits over that solid pipe…so you are indeed…stuck with it…

I mean…there are hacks you can do, I believe Mike Vapes has a video on how to accomplish exactly that, but it will be bye bye warranty…and in some cases…like mine more than likely…it would be bye bye mod, so the vast majority of us will just put up with it…grow amazingly defined thumbs …and crack the fuck on…

Moving onto the crown on this veritable prince of squonkers…the Tobhino BF RDA, a stumpy little 22mm single coil RDA with adjustable side airflow…with a beautifully machined and kind of unique one sided build deck…

It all becomes very clear when you see the included package, as well as an 810 adapter, solid pin, spare O’s and screws, you also get a pair of very nice Alien coils…

Pre-cut and pre-bent, you simply drop it into the massive flat clamp holes and tighten it up…

A couple of points worthy of mention here, firstly, the clamp holes are massive, these are chunky Alien coils and you can see how much space is left on each side, I didn’t try it, but I am imagining using straightforward round wire coils will be a pain in the ass…if not impossible, flat wire…it would seem…is what the Tobhino is all about, as a plus point however, it has 2 little cut outs on each side of the build deck to sit your coil tool in while you tighten it up, first time I’ve seen that on an RDA and it’s very useful…and necessary for this style of build deck…nice.

It also boasts a slightly raised BF pin hole on the bottom of the surprisingly deep juice well, great for keeping the juice in the Tobhino and not sucked back into the bottle on depress.

Airflow is dealt with via cut outs on either side and corresponding holes on the outer sleeve…kinda restricted, even on full bore, but this is a single coil RDA so you want to get the most from the flavour on offer.

Straightforward wicking, no surprises here…obligatory drip shot…

All in all, a very well made and manufactured build deck for a little fella, all grub screws are well threaded and the single O ring does it’s job effortlessly.

The only thing I didn’t particularly care for was the standard Ultem 510 drip tip ‘nipple’, thankfully, not only can you change the 510 tip, but you can also use an 810 with the included adapter, most people won’t do this though, and the reason for that is simple, the Tobhino is super short, meaning your smackers are worryingly close to the coil, great for flavour…but it can run the risk of spit back…I say ‘can’…

I went with this sexy little number…and I had no such issues, result all around and major chufties for me.

Finally…we have the beauty ring, completely unattached to anything, it just sits between the Luxotic and the Tobhino.

Nice…if you like piss coloured Ultem…If you don’t…take that shit off…

The Vape

Fucking…incredible…I’ll just throw that out there, my ‘meh’ with single battery squonkers is fairly well documented, however…I wasn’t prepared for just how fucking hard this thing hits, now I know there is some witchcraft and fuckery going on with the chip on the Luxotic, it has safety parameters and what not…but my searches when trying to find out any further information on what exactly is going on in there came up with diddly squat…is it boosted?..Because it feels boosted to me…and the first time I vaped on this angry green little monster…the punch it delivered, completely took me by surprise…

It fires instantly, and with my cake hole almost sucking the coil itself, my mouth was instantly filled with warm thick full flavoured vape…something I haven’t experienced with a single battery squonker before, the only thing that came close was the VTinbox…this however…is next level, the airflow is just enough and the flavour from the Tobhino is nothing short of impressive, couple that with the instantaneous slap that’s delivered…and what you have is a pretty fucking amazing experience, form over function…the Luxotic Kit is definitely not.

The Specs


Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell
Max output wattage: 100W

Tobhino BF RDA
Height: 28.7mm
Diameter: 22mm

Decorative ring
Height: 5.4mm
Diameter: 25mm

WISMEC LUXOTIC BF Kit with Tobhino RDA comes with

1 * Tobhino BF RDA
1 * E-liquid Bottle
2 * Clapton Coil
1 * Cotton
1 * 810 Top Cap
2 * User Manual
1 * Warning Card
Spare Parts

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Wismec Luxotic BF Kit by Jaybo would be that this is…at present…in my opinion, the best single battery unregulated squonker on the market today, the fit and finish is outstanding and although it may well be late to the party, it’s almost as if Jaybo was simply biding his time to see what came out before he showed us how it should be done, and man did he nail it, some might not like the hard plastic bottle or the fact that you can’t use your own, and you could even argue that instead of providing 2 impossible to see through smoked hard plastic bottles…at least one of them should have been frosted silicone…but you know what…you get used to it, and pulling your ‘poo face’ everytime you thrust your thumb into it…

Is a small price to pay for the quality of vape that the Luxotic produces.

Being primarily a high wattage dual coil vaper who isn’t particularly over fond of the single battery squonk scene…even I have to admit…I very much enjoy using this kit…and have been taking it out and about with me more often than a lot of my favoured set ups, it’s a fine quality kit in a sea of mass produced cheap 3D printed plastic…and if the green honeycomb doesn’t float your boat in that particular ocean…you have these other and equally beautiful choices…to…choose from…(?)

HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE!..is that middle one a VooPoo Drag!??..clearly the person taking this picture accidently put his Drag down whilst setting up the shot…and simply forgot it was there…silly bastard…(ooh controversial and yet ever so slightly bitchy)


The Price

No surprises here, Jaybo’s claim of making high quality gear at affordable prices holds true once again, the absolute key to success in this industry is making something awesome that everyone can afford, and this has never been more true than with the Luxotic Kit, at time of writing Vapesourcing currently have this kit up for a quite frankly…almost offensive…price, of only £28.62 / $39.90 …for the whole kit!?.. How the fuck anyone is making any money off this thing is absolutely beyond me, you simply WILL NOT get a single battery squonk kit of this quality…for this price…ANYWHERE, end of…even with the £5 postage fee this price is just unreal…uncompeteable almost…(that’s not even a word)

Find that deal here…

Wismec Luxotic BF Kit from Jaybo

And if you fancy the mod on it’s own, it can be yours for a ridiculous £23.60 / $32.90, find that deal here…

Wismec Luxotic BF Mod Only

Let’s put it this way, deals like this don’t happen very often, especially for a relatively new product, flash sales 12 months down the line maybe, but out of the gate?..Practically unheard of, and if you are thinking of trying squonking but aren’t too sure if you trust yourself with an unregulated device then…you simply will not find a better product to start you off, you get all the pros of mechanical squonking with very little risk due to the safety features in place, and even if you are a seasoned squonker with a arsenal of single battery squonkers at your disposal…you absolutely should still have one of these in your collection, it’s that good…well done Jaybo, and well done Wismec for making it happen…

As always if you would like to see how the Luxotic scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then head on over to my house at Steampugs where not only will you find a wealth of excellent reviews from the Steam team but also a shop choc full of discounted vape gear.

Until next time.



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