Pugsley's Jack of All Vapes Review of the Wotofo Faris RDTA/RDA

Versatile, Practical, Multifaceted, Flavourful, Multifunctional, Adaptable and Downright Fucking Legendary…These are all words that my future wife uses on a daily basis when describing yours truly, to anyone bored enough to listen…

Which to be honest is most people the way she goes on with herself…however…two of those words in particular are also quite apt for what we are going to be looking at today…and those words are versatile and multifunctional…and probably adaptable…and I guess practical to a degree…and you could even view it as multifaceted…and I suppose the flavour’s not bad either…(sigh)…It’s pretty much all of those words…and I probably should have thought about this intro before I started writing it…so I guess what I’m saying, is this device is a lot like me - except not nearly as legendericle…

Welcome once more my cloudy little fluff bums. I trust I find you all in good fettle…no…I don’t, I don’t know what fettle means either, but who cares? Because today I am a fettling maniac…let’s hope it means something good, and what is it that I am fettling with today?..Well…if its name is anything to go by, then what we have here is a bit of warrior, something that is well versed in the art of combat, weilding a sword, firing an arrow, riding a horse, hand to hand slapsys and jedi level sarcasm…because that’s what a ‘Faris’ is…of course, none of that is actually true…because it’s an inanimate object and that would be indeed…weird…However, something carrying the label of Faris…would determine that whatever this thing is, you’ll bet your cock and balls that ‘versatility’…is it’s middle name…along with Kevin…probs…(?) SO WHAT IS IT?..Well…it’s an RDA, it’s an RDTA, it’s a squonkable RDTA…and a squonkable RDA…it’s the Wotofo Faris RDTA/RDA.

I can picture you all now looking on with a furrowed brow and probably saying to yourselves…‘Is that it?’ …but bear with, because I can tell you 2 things, 1…this isn’t just an RDTA, and 2…Wotofo wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of doing a collaboration with another reviewer if it was just an RDTA…even though…chances are…if you’re reading this…you’ve probably never heard of him…there is indeed hope for me yet it would seem.

The Lowdown

The Wotofo Faris RDTA is a 24mm affair that has been designed by a vape reviewer called Vape GeekQ8, and the reason many of you may not have heard of the guy is due to him being out in the Middle East…I’m guessing Kuwait (Q8) but don’t quote me, and as a result all his reviews are in Arabic…I think…maybe. This isn’t his first device either, I can’t remember the name of it but he had an RDA out not so long ago that shares a few things with this new baby…so…he knows a few things. That being said…when I was first offered the Faris…I have to admit, my first thought was…‘An RDTA?..Really?..People still use those?’…for me personally, with the exception of the Dejavu RDTA…I just never got along with them. It was almost as if it was a fad for a while, sure they worked, but they had some pretty annoying cons…generally…like leaking, dry hits if you caned it, small liquid capacities etc., etc., but I guess like everything else, some people will just dig em. So…what’s new here then?..Well…options…although, technically not new as I’m sure someone like iJoy has done this before…again…I can’t remember which…wow…I am just choc full of absolutely no useful information today…anyway…it does this…

That’s right…if you don’t fancy an RDTA, take off the glass, screw on the included plate, and you have an RDA, which is pretty much what I did on the first day.

However…what the iJoy thing…or…whatever it was…didn’t have…I think…(seriously?)…was a squonk pin for both modes AND a postless build deck…(there’s a fair chance it actually might have done…sigh…sometimes I just say…words)

Not too shabby either, single or double coils, angled side adjustable airflow that comes underneath the coils and a juice hole on one side that is literally millimeters away from your cotton for all you squonkers out there…a very…very practical build deck…And for those of you that would want to keep it in RDTA mode…it even has a little fill hole with a rubber…erm…not sure what you would call it…seal?..grommet?..inverted nipple?..glory hole?..

And this is sat between the post screws on one side (you’ll notice the screws are Philips AND flathead… (I doth tip my cap at you for this, kind Sir)…Fine point bottles will have no problem filling the 2ml tank through here, but fat unicorn bottles…not so much…be ashamed fat unicorns…

Now…being a postless deck it’s a piece of piss to build on as you’d expect, and holds few surprises for even the most novice of builders…

Give the legs enough length for the air to whip up under it’s nethers and you’re golden…all that’s left to do at this stage is paint on a little magic…uh huh…few trees here…little snow capped mountain there…

As for the rest of the Faris, well the styling definitely has an Arabic influence to it, with it’s turreted chamber and matching engraving around the bottom…it’s all very…notchy…

The domed top cap is quite heavy but has perfect O ring tension for adjusting the side airflow

and upon it’s noggin is…what is now industry standard it would seem…a matching, swirly, resin 810 drip tip.

You can really gauge just how deep the juice well is on this thing by the distance between those O rings on the base…love that.

Another point worthy of noting, is the solution to a problem I didn’t know I had…which is interesting…I’m just gonna copy and paste the next bit…so lazy…

Vapor-condensate barrier inside the top cap to eliminate condensation in mouth

Vapor condensate gives a bad vaping experience and it’s a big problem for aotmizers. To eliminate condensation drawn into your mouth, the Faris provides a barrier inside the top cap to stop condensation going up along the inner wall of the atomizer, improving every puff of your vaping.

I mean…it’s nice that they bothered…I guess…

The Vape

Actually very pleasant, in RDA form anyway. The airflow is silky smooth, the flavour is good due to it pulling the air underneath the coils, and it gives a full bodied fluffy without getting too hot in the process…and I did punish the thing to be fair. It’s nice and airy which also helps with dual coils by keeping the heat down…this thing can chuck clouds if you ask it politely.

The Stats


RDTA Size: Φ24*44mm

RDA Size: Φ24*36mm

Materials: S.S. + Pyrex

Drip Tip: Colored resin, 810 sized

Threading: 510 thread

E-liquid Capacity: 3ml

Filling Method: Side Filling & Squonk BF Method

Airflow Type: Adjustable side airflow

Insulator Material: PEEK

Extra Accessory: 2ml Frosted PC Tank Tube

And of course in true Wotofo fashion you get a whole host of spares and extras…

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Wotofo Faris RDTA/RDA would be…well…to be perfectly honest I figured RDTA’s had had their day, I was surprised to see Wotofo release another one, but the truth is that some vapers still really dig them, and with the Faris you are truly open to options as to what you want to do with it. It covers all bases…it really is the jack of all trades…and maybe the master of none…it’s true that there are better RDA’s out here, and as far as RDTA’s go I still prefer my Dejavu, although…even that doesn’t get much airtime these days, yet, you do get a good performing RDA, that squonks well enough if you want it to, and an RDTA that performs as well as any other RDTA I guess…and you get all this for just one price…which also in true Wotofo fashion…isn’t much at all…

The Price

At time of writing Wotofo have the Faris on their own site for a measly £22.84/$29.99 in SS and £24.37/$31.99 in Black, Gunmetal, Gold & Rainbow, I really can’t argue with that price at all, find that deal here…

Wotofo Faris RDTA

All in all there’s nothing really not to recommend with the Faris, it is what it is, and it’s built by Wotofo who have a solid history of fine good build quality. By drawing on the experiences of people who get to test a lot of devices before designing their own…it’s a winning combination, and this time considering the money you pay for this…you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck…nice work Wotofo, and of course Mr Vape GeekQ8…نيك ورق …(prob just called his cat a knob)…

As ever…if you would like to see how the Faris scored against other bits and bobs then head on over to my house at Steampugs where you will find a plethora of awesome reviews from the steam team, and before you go you might wanna have a quick peruse around the Steampugs shop where you will find more highly discounted vape gear than you can shake a shitty stick at…find that here…

Until next time…

Thanks Bob…I could have done that myself…tut.



I’m one of those chaps who still digs RDTA’s, and this one had me on the hook solid until I got to capacity and airflow… it was then that I jumped and threw the hook.

The RDTA capacity is simply too low. I’d be refilling it far too often. And worse are those circles for the airflow. I hate them! It seems that if you wish to land somewhere between a fully open circle, you’ll get a whistle the will very quickly result in the atty being chucked as far as one can throw it.

Damn shame, it looked really promising!! Great GIF’s and an excellent review as always.


Great review Pugs but like you I never got the hang of RDTA’s.


Hmm, an RDA with the tank below it. No leaks, no special silly air burping techniques, deck right up there by the drip tip. I was hooked at the first draw!


Awesome review!

Not so sure about the rdta. I also never got into them. Got one and never got it to wick right


Thanks man, It’s OK, I mean…it’s hard to look at things through fresh eyes, I don’t use or rate RTDA’s but if you do like em, you’ll probably like it, as a squonkable RDA it’s actually very good, but the whole RTDA thing has had it’s day I think, sure some people like yourself still dig em but more people would rather have an RDA or an RTA, and the majority will win the day as far as sales is concerned I think, it’s good that someone brought one out with a neat little twist…I do dig that. :wink:


The Dejavu is excellent, but even that…rarely…gets used these days. Thanks! :wink:


They just can’t keep up with my crack head lungs lol, I chain to much for an RDTA :wink: thanks man :wink:


Oh I’m not worried about it. I hope no one thinks I’m being defensive or was offended at all- of course not.

The capacity and the circle stepped airflow are the killer for me.


Well I love RDTA’s, there I’ve said it :stuck_out_tongue:
Another great review Pugs thanks


Lol thanks man, looks like im in the minority lmaooo


tsk tsk tsk. So naughty. You know I love it. I think I shall fettle my fluff buns. Yes, I believe I shall do just that.
I swore off RDTAs after that Uwell Fancier. It just ruined it for me. Desire actually made a decent and solid RDTA. Great review as always Mr. Fluff Buns.


baaahaha, you’re very welcome my little fluffy bum bum, and thank you :wink::laughing:


Great review Pugs!! :+1:


Thanks Eddie :wink:


Could never get an RDTA to work well, shame cause they look really good.

Very entertaining review once again though Pugs, cheers :smile:


Thanks my brother :wink::ok_hand::+1:


I will have to revive this old topic, since I definitely got the hang of this one.
I had one sent to me for a review and I haven’t used anything else since, even bought a second one, just in case.

Must be more than a year now, so there you go :woman_facepalming:


Excellent write up and review. I never had an RDTA ,but I tried the older version of this. It wasn’t half bad.
So I’ll keep an eye out for this version.


This is an old review. Newest RDTA from Wotofo is the Profile RDTA.