Pugsley's 'I've done it again' review of the Wotofo Flux Kit & Warrior RDA

Wotofo Flux Kit & Warrior RDA

(Sigh)…what can I say, I clearly never learn, once again I predetermined that I wouldn’t particularly get along with a kits included Sub-Ohm tank so I added another device to make a kick ass rig, and yet again…it was completely unnecessary, and the reason for this?..apart from the obvious fact that I’m a dick…is because a little part of me just won’t accept that Sub-ohm tanks are making a comeback, I am however going to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror, and once I get over the sheer beauty that would be before me…I shall be having a serious word…just the one…

The outcome of this however, is obviously another review that was written in Longville, on a long day, by Mr Long McLongington, so buckle up…strap in…and steel yourselves in utter anticipation for lots and lots…of words and pictures…some of which…may actually be interesting (pfft)

No doubt…so let us indeed…crack…the fuck on, because let’s be honest, by the time you’ve read this review…you will literally be older…(?)

And another warm welcome to you my long suffering steam sucking cloud monkeys, back again with much …much more of the same, I mean shit…I’m gonna have to balance these lengthy rambles one day with a review that simply goes…

Here’s the mod

It’s alright!



Well…there’s no need for quite that amount of honesty…I can’t help it if I like the sound of my own voice…

Now that’s…just…rude, but point taken…I’ll crack on then shall I…jeeez

Today’s thrown together set-up comes, as mentioned earlier, in two parts. Firstly we have a kit that comes as a collaboration between vape giants Wotofo and American Mech mod manufacturers Rig Mod, the latter of which made their name in the market some years ago with their much sought after mech tubes…

I admit I never owned one, I wanted to…but back in the day when I used to use mech tubes these were always way out of my price range. They were also pretty much everywhere you looked, Instagram fucking loved these things, which screwed with my shinyitus something chronic, so that would indicate to me that Rig Mod know a thing or two about making vape devices, but a regulated mass made device?..well…it’s an odd pairing for sure, but I’ll come to that shortly. And the device I chose to replace the Sub-Ohm tank with is yet another collaboration …because well…Wotofo…and this time they have teamed up with coil building ‘wizards’ JMT Elite. I don’t proclaim to know anything about these 3 guys other than (a); their Instagram page throws up some of the sexiest coil porn you’ve ever laid your peepers on, and (b); they themselves claim that their new RDA…is nothing special…I just fucking love how humble that is…I however…will be the judge of that…SO…here we are at last, sent from Wotofo themselves for my evaluation, may I bestow unto you, The Wotofo Flux Kit & Warrior RDA…

Now before I start, I have to give special mention to the packaging for the Flux Kit which I purposefully left out of the first pic because I have never seen this done before, it’s actually reusable, sure…other mods have come in elaborate leather bound packaging that looks like it should really contain jewellery…but something that’s practical for a vape enthusiast?..can’t really think of one.

The packaging for a start is fucking huge…

And once you’ve taken all the gubins out and peeled off the stickers you actually have a practical little kit box with a clear plastic lid to keep things like coils, drip tips, battery wraps or even a little build tool kit in…I am literally throwing my loves across the sea to Wotofo for that one…

On with the gear…

The Lowdown

The Wotofo Flux kit comprises of the Flux 200w VW Mod designed by both Wotofo and Rig Mod, and the Wotofo Flo Pro Mesh Sub-Ohm tank. Now…you’ll notice a distinct lack of 2 particular letters after the name ‘Flux’ mod that some of you out there may well be surprised about… ‘TC’…no sir…there will be no mindless geek tampering this time around, there’s no TC to be found here, as well as no curve mode…no bypass mode…no TCR settings and no ‘wtf are you doing just get on with it’ mode…there aren’t even .1 increments…the Flux mod was made with one thing and one thing only in mind…simplicity. For those of you…like myself…who like to freely frolic in the fields of ‘easy street’…

…without being bogged down by menus and settings that turn a simple hobby into a degree in electrical engineering and fuckery…to say I like this approach…is somewhat of an understatement. What you do get is a straight wattage dual 18650 200w mod with all the safety parameters of any modern day regulated device; 3 ‘hit’ settings - standard, powerful & powerful +, an easy to understand colour screen, 1w increments, 2 function buttons and a massive fuck off fire bar…

I need nothing else in my vaping life, if someone gave me a DNA device and said “take everything out that you don’t need and give it me back”…this is what they would get…and the good stuff doesn’t stop there either. The Flux mod is probably one of the most ergonomic devices I have ever tested, the fully rounded body sits perfectly in your palm as it’s kinda compact,

I say kinda, for a dual battery device with a bottom battery door it’s overall dimensions feel a bit ‘Alien-esque’…only slightly more swollen around it’s midriff…

And it’s kinda weighty too, feels solid and well made…love that.

On it’s noggin we have a pleasing to see, centrally placed, spring-loaded 510 surrounded by a super flat top surface. Looks can be deceiving though and disappointingly anything over 26mm will start to creep over the edge, not too much, a 30mm top might fuck with most vapers but a 28 doesn’t look ridiculous…I actually forgot to take a picture of that…so I pillaged one from Wotofo…I’m such an amature.

Down towards the rear of the device we see Rig Mods infamous oil rig logo laying their claim to the proceedings…

And around the front we have the full colour no-nonsense screen…

Watts, power mode, Ohms, voltage and battery life are all you are going to get here, and it really is all you need, the vast majority of the hidden menus are saved for something much more sinister…and something I haven’t yet mentioned…yes…it has lights (sigh). I mean I guess they are kinda tasteful if there is such a thing, you can set them to pulse up when you fire but…you can also turn that shit off. I can only imagine that this particular option came from the Wotofo side of things and not so much from Rig Mod…call it a hunch…but you can play around with colours and functions…if you really must.

The one thing I did not like about this screen however is the fact that it is behind a smoked plastic face, and I’m coming across this more and more now. I mean I get it, when the screen is off it makes the whole appearance look super black and sexy, but unless you’re gonna fit an ultra bright LED screen in there you can forget seeing this thing in the daylight, and seldom do they do that.

Hidden just below the screen are the function buttons, although you would be hard pressed to see them as they are incorporated into the design of the fascia, but they’re there, and are superbly clicky and rattle free, as is the ultra rounded side fire bar running down one side of the flux.

And finally underneath…

We have the solid spring loaded battery door, a slide and click which in my month long test I have not had a single issue with.

Now…onto the accompanying crown on this King of Simplicity, the Flo Pro subtank…

The Lowdown

A 25mm, 4ml tank stretching to 5ml with the included bubble tank and powered by Wotofo’s 0.18ohm mesh coil head of which you will receive 2. It has a triple bottom AFC and an 810 drip tip (810 fitment - 510 hole).

Once again mesh makes its mark on the subtank market, why any manufacturer nowadays would include a subtank that runs off standard coils is beyond me, mesh is where it’s at cat, and again these do not disappoint. The flavour is good and the break-in is practically zero, couple that with the adequately smooth airflow…and you have a tank that is very good, unremarkable…but very good; this thing ain’t gonna blow your socks off or run for President…it’s not going to be the next best thing nor is it likely to change people from using RTA’s…but…it knows its role in the whole proceedings and it plays that role well enough. It’s built well, it has a top fill slide cover…

…which incidentally is unmarked - you have to play around to find where it opens, but it’s nice and snug.

As far as the Flo Pro goes it’s all about the coil…now…I’ve used these coils before and I made a comment that Wotofo were peddling the fact that you can fit Smok baby beast coils in these tanks too, because the coils are the same size and fitment. I also said not to do that because these coils are good and Smok coils are utter garbage…but then it dawned on me…Wotofo weren’t selling the idea that you could use Smok coils in the Flo Pro…what they are actually saying is…if you have a Smok tank, you can buy Wotofo coils and make your Smok tank actually quite good…crafty little Wotofo…I’m onto you…kudos though for inventive coil selling marketing.

Right…onto my almost unnecessary addition, an RDA that is claimed by it’s makers to be ‘nothing special’…

How often do you see that kind of humble approach to vape marketing…never…that’s when, yet it’s this alone that has me…instead of looking for faults…actually doing the opposite…I want to like this thing…how weird is that…genius really when you think about it…a collaboration between Wotofo and JMT Elite…the Warrior RDA

The Lowdown

The Warrior is a 25mm side airflow RDA incorporating a dual coil build deck…yes…again…I mean when the boys at JMT say this is nothing special…well…they’re actually kinda right. I mean what else can you do with a 25mm dual coil RDA, it is what it is, there’s a vast plethora of these things on the market to choose from, each competing with the other to be the next best one…well…these aren’t doing that. What JMT did is look at the vast amount of RDA’s that they have built their super complex coil porn on in the past and come up with an RDA that just…works and uses the components that they prefer…I see nothing wrong with that…it’s not even particularly nice to look at…it’s super clean and rounded, has a spartan logo and a choice of swirly resin or knurled 810 drip tips…if you asked someone to draw a cartoon RDA…it would probably look like this…

The airflow is the honeycomb kind we have also seen on a million RDA’s to date and locks in place to position it next to the coils.

It’s adjusted in a way we have seen…again…so many times…but you know what, this kind of side airflow is probably the smoothest on the market…if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it…

What I will say though, is that the top cap is so clean, and the fit is so snug…that adjusting the airflow can be awkward seeing as there is nothing to grip on to, and if you’re the kind of vaper that likes to paint the coils, then you will be removing the whole chamber - not even your fingernails are getting between the top cap and the chamber, but adding a ridge like the Wotofo Profile, or knurling like the Drop Dead, would sacrifice the super clean look…so…swings and roundabouts…(I’ve never really understood what that means btw…)

Underneath we have all the bumph pertaining to the makers along with a protruding, insulated 510 pin (squonk pin) pre-installed.

At this point…you’ll be agreeing wholeheartedly with the JMT boys…yes it’s all good and dandy and distinctly unremarkable, it is what it is…a 25mm dual coil side airflow RDA…again…but they can eat a big fat bag of humble dicks if they think there’s nothing special about the internals…

You can see where it gets its name from, this is one heavy duty, brawling beast of a build deck. Two massive clamps with a ceramic block in between, two screws per post hole, with a channeled and bevelled top bar that evenly distributes the pressure across two coils legs…not spring loaded…bevelled…so you just unscrew the phillips AND slot head screws (nice) introduce your coil leg between the clamp bars and it opens up like a hookers legs at the mere sight of a $100 bill

Then just simply push your legs in, tighten the screws and trim the ends…this is a really easy deck to build on, and obviously being designed by the JMT Elite team…it can take your most monstrous of coils…probably why Wotofo included a packet of ‘no fucking around’ Juggernaut coils…

And to make things even easier still…they also include their cotton strips with added aglets.

I have to say, I’m actually quite partial to Wotofo’s cotton, I’ve been using it in the Profile mesh RDA for a while now, it’s actually really good fluff - durable and ultra absorbent.

In fact…there is only one gripe I have with this build deck, and that’s the juice well…it reminds me a lot of myself…it’s kinda shallow…

Which…on it’s own, wouldn’t normally be that much of a big deal, but with the top cap being so hard to remove, it means you will be removing the whole chamber. Two ways you can counter this, one is to just squonk with it, you’ll never have to remove the sleeve this way and the side airflow is high enough to prevent any undue spillages, and the other - if you’re just dripping then forgo the pleasantries of painting your coils and just drip through the drip tip like I do, it’s fine…I do prefer painting coils though I have to say, so when I do I just make sure I don’t over splurge.

All in all the Warrior is one solid RDA, both in terms of performance and manufacturing. The airflow is super smooth and the flavour is as you would expect from a side airflow RDA…not groundbreaking…but good enough. The beauty in the Warrior is in its build deck and what you can fit in it - this thing is made for fitting your trick coils in, just as you would expect from a team of top level coil builders.

The Specs (Flux Kit)

Mod Specifications:

Dimensions: 91.6mm50.8mm30.3mm

Body Material: Zinc alloy

Battery Type: dual replaceable 18650 battery (not included)

Display: OLED 1.3inch color screen

Output Range: 5-200W

Firing Mode: Standard/Powerful/Powerful+

Max Charging Current: 1.5A

Resistance Range: 0.08-3.0ohm

Tank Specifications:

Diameter: 25mm

Height: 41.1mm (without drip tip)

Coil Head: 0.18ohm (40W-60W)

Compatible with SMOK Baby Beast coils (hmmm)

Construction: Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass

Filling Method: Push-open top fill system with single fill port

Capacity: 4ml with regular tube; 5ml with bubble tube

Fully closable triple adjustable bottom airflow

What’s in the package:

1pc Flux Box Mod1pc Flow Pro SubTank

1pc USB Charging Cable

1pc Bubble Glass Tube

1pc Extra Coil

2pcs User Manuals

1 bag Extra O rings

The Specs (Warrior RDA)

RDA Specifications:

Diameter: 25mm

Height: 33mm

Material: stainless steel

Net Weight: 45g

Gross Weight: 100g

What’s in the package:

1pc Wotofo Warrior RDA

1pc Spare 810 Drip Tip

1pc 510 Drip Tip Adapter

1pc Single Coil Adapter

1pc User Manual

1 bag Coils

1 bag Agleted Japanese Cotton

1 bag Extra O rings

Included coil specs:

Juggernaut coil

(26+36)x2+0.1x0.4 N80

ID 3mm


Final thoughts

My final thoughts on everything I reviewed today in one word would be this…‘sense’…because everything here makes a lot of it. At first glance you may wonder why someone has brought out a regulated device that doesn’t do half the things most modern day devices do, well…it’s designed by Rig Mods, a company synonymous with manufacturing high-end mech tubes amongst other things. They have no interest in temperature control or curve modes, TCR settings and 0.1w increments - their forte is high power, low ohm cloudbusting devices that hit hard and are simple. That’s exactly what you get here, except you now get variable wattage, a display, and all the safety parameters you’d normally get with a regulated device. And the Flux does hit really hard, quickly, and down to 0.08ohms; for a straight wattage shooter like myself (a bit simple) it really doesn’t come much better - it’s solid, weighty, well made and has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Obviously Wotofo had to pair it with something to make a kit and the Flo Pro fits the bill. It does what it needs to do to make a simple kit package, and it performs well enough to please anyone, but the real reason I included the Warrior in this review is simple - we have a mod designed by a renowned mech mod manufacturer and an RDA designed by a team of trick coil makers. The two together make a perfect rig for someone who makes their own juicy trick coils at low ohms and vapes with hard-hitting, punchy power…I figured the two would compliment each other, and for once…I was bang on the nail…

And of course…in true Wotofo fashion all these items are available in a veritable rainbow of colours…including…erm…rainbow …

The Price

For the most part, it’s as you would expect. Rig Mods were not known for their budget vape products, so if the Flux was cheap it would reflect badly on their company. So…it’s not cheap…there’s that ‘sense’ again…but it would appear the original price point of £72.90/$94.99 might have been a bit of a stretch for a demographic that really just want a good quality regulated kit…so they have discounted it on their own site down to a much more palatable £57.55/$74.99…however…they appear to be sold out of ALL kits for now…hows that for an indication…

Wotofo Flux Kit (currently out of stock)

I can help you somewhat with this though, if it’s the kit you really want then we have the Black, White & Rainbow kits in the Steampugs shop for £54/$70 with free shipping here…

Wotofo Flux kit - Black, White & Rainbow - Free shipping

If it’s just the mod itself you are after then Wotofo also have this discounted, and thankfully…all but black in stock…although these stocks are kinda low due to them flying off the shelves, so act quickly. At the time of writing they were £46.04/$59.99 plus either $6 or $10 shipping - find those here…

Wotofo Flux Mod Only

And as for the Warrior RDA, this can be found on Wotofo for £26.85/$34.99 with $6 or $10 shipping here…

Wotofo Warrior RDA

And once again I can help slightly - we have the warrior in our own shop for the same price but with free shipping. Find that here…

Wotofo Warrior RDA with free shipping

I think Wotofo are quickly becoming one of my favourite manufacturers. They more often than not draw on the experience and knowledge of renowned vapers from the industry to collaborate with, and I don’t see this as a weakness, but more a common sense approach to bringing us well made, excellently performing products…In a market where some manufacturers seem to fail, Wotofo keep climbing - there’s a reason why this kit is selling out fast - more and more people are turning to the likes of Wotofo for their consistent quality, and again…this kit is all that. Keep it coming Wotofo…and erm…if you don’t mind me saying…make more of the ones that are already out…like…seriously…

As always if you would like to see how all this gear scored against other bits and pieces then head on over to Steampugs where you will find a plethora of awesome reviews from the Steamteam.
And If it’s highly discounted vape gear you’re after then by all means peruse the shop while you are there, discounts galore, free shipping and occasionally the odd discount code to twitch even the hardiest of purse strings, find that here…

Steampugs discount store

Until next time



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Thanks brother :wink: yesh they’re not bad at all, still not as good as a nice build but good enough :ok_hand: cheers!


Great review Pugs, I had the Flux kit for review and I was also very surprised with the quality of the tank.
Didn’t prevent me from giving it away after the review because I still refuse to buy coils but it was good nevertheless.


Thanls @Jose :wink::ok_hand: you are of course quite correct, I’ve never bought extra coils for any subtank that ive reviewed, even the new ones, cant bring myself to do it lol


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