Pugsley's flamboyant and trippy review of the Wismec Luxotic NC 250 kit by Jaybo

Once again…the backlog gets backlogged even more, you see a light at the end of the tunnel…and it just turns out to be some bastard with a torch…and a pile of vape gear in need of reviewing…yes…I know…cry me a fucking river Pugs, first world problems etc etc

Whatevs…today’s item for review…just wasn’t gonna wait, as soon as I saw it…I wanted it, and why?..because…reasons…that’s why…I don’t see why I have to justify myself with ‘why’s and why nots’ …(actually…you kinda do…it’s your fucking job) …that’s quite a valid point actually…maybe I’ll do that…

Sarcasm…I dig it…

Welcome once again my trippy little acid muffins …(?) …back again with another shoe-in review, and don’t worry…I will be back to reviewing gear that you probably won’t give two shits about …all too imminently, but today’s offering it would seem…has been causing something of a stir in the undergarments of the vaping community…we were simply shown a picture, it was swirly resin and stainless steel…that alone forces the eyes of all but the hardiest of vapers to look it up and down like it’s a celebrity pin-up in his or her undercrackers…and then it’s accompanied by words such as ‘Jaybo’…‘Smart Mech’ …‘Dual 20700’…‘Luxotic’…‘Noisy Cricket’…

Oh I do understand, I am indeed a long time sufferer of the vapers affliction known affectionately as ‘Shinyitus’ …


I can only judge from my own experiences as a reviewer, and when I see the word ‘Jaybo’ …I just know that I will have to put up with at least a couple of really annoying ‘bugbear’s’…that I will forgive it for…because it’s lovely…

Courtesy of @vapesourcing , I bestow unto you…The Wismec Luxotic NC 250 kit designed by Jaybo…

The Lowdown

The Luxotic NC 250 is a conundrum, you can’t really call it a mech mod because it has just as many safety features as many of today’s regulated devices…but what it is…is a Noisy Cricket II …after a weekend of strong acid …and pies. What this has to with the Luxotic is really anyone’s guess as it has absolutely nothing in common with it, other than it was designed by Jaybo…as far as function and performance goes however…it’s Noisy Cricket II all the way…it’s a smart mech, capable of throwing 250 of your finest watts straight into your pie hole.

The body is essentially made from four separate parts, and out of either swirly resin , or stainless steel, all bolted together in a kind of hallucinogenic sandwich with a creamy metallic filling…nom nom nom…

At least I think it’s resin?..feels and looks more like acrylic…but then what the fuck do I know (very little)…shh.

It runs on dual 20700 batteries, or…should you prefer, with the included sleeves it will happily chew on a pair of 18650’s, and these fit in through the bottom via a very solid battery door which is identical to its older…and much smaller sibling…the aforementioned Noisy Cricket II.

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(psssst…it’s all in your head…it’s a written review…weirdoooo)

And with said batteries, you can either run it in parallel or series, so don’t get confused by the orientation of the batteries in that picture…I wasn’t having a ‘senior moment’… The Noisy Cricket II did a similar thing, whereas the batteries went in parallel but instead of taking the plate out of the bottom of the battery door and rotating it to choose between Parallel or series, on this you just simply flick the little switcharoo on the top of the mod…

Flick it right for series which gives you a red light…and left for parallel which shows a white light. You’ll notice that little pin hole directly over the light, nothing is mentioned about its purpose anywhere but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say that it’s there so that you can see the colour of the internal light, it’s as if they made the mod, realised that in this colour option the white light will still look red…so panicked and thought …‘Shit…we’re gonna have to put a hole in it’ …job done…although…now…you have a hole in it, which isn’t great on the top of any mod.

The switch itself is very stiff but not too much so, there’s little chance of accidently switching it in your pocket, but you wouldn’t need to do any special finger workouts in preparation for doing so intentionally…

Control wise…not a great deal to report really, there’s no screen, so no battery gauge, no TC, no…well…no anything…what you do get…is a fire button, and a potentiometer…

These…for me personally, were the first ‘Jaybo-isms’ …they work absolutely fine don’t get me wrong, but I think they are made of plastic?..they certainly look like they are, unless they’re actually alloy with a coating of some sort, but whatever it is, it doesn’t match the surrounding stainless…which appears to be a different story on the Wismec website…

On Wismec’s picture…they look like the same stainless as the rest of it…alas…that is not the case, and on top of that…there is a bit of rattle and play in the fire button too…like I said…‘bugbear’.

Along with the kit comes the Guillotine V2 RDA…all 24mm of robust stainless gorgeousness of it…

Understated appearance some would say…I…reeeally like the look of this thing though, but then…I love stainless, and with it’s clean lines, beauty ring and unfussy solid guise, it’s right up my street…but why is it the V2 I hear you say?..

Well…I’m going to tell you anyway…It’s my show…Now, first things first, the build deck, and that’s almost identical to the V1 in every way…

Same dual post design with screw down ‘blades’ inside each of the two very wide post holes, but then it would have to be, seeing as this is where the Guillotine gets its name from, and when it comes to putting a build in it, it’s entirely self explanatory and also…a piece of piss, unscrew, insert legs, tighten up, snip the legs and Bob’s your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt…


Look inside the juice well…and you’ll think …‘oh hello…you’re new?..but they look like…bottom air scoops?’

Indeed they do, but…this is a side airflow?..so why are they there?..

Well…allow me to feed your intrigue with some factual candy…you see the V2 has a quirky little party piece that blatantly teabags the V1 and doesn’t even apologise for it…and it’s all to do with the airflow. The V1 was your normal run of the mill adjustable side airflow RDA, and it was good actually, great little all-rounder… the V2 however…as well as having the same kind of side airflow…

Also sports a reversible middle sleeve…Ok I don’t ‘actually’ mean reversible, you can’t turn it inside out like a pensioners casual jacket mysteriously turning it from beige…to a slightly darker beige…but …you can flip it upside down…

And when you do…it opens up…THE BOTTOM AIRFLOW!!!..

So simple…so crazy…yet so very clever, and just like the side airflow, it’s fully adjustable. simply slot the sleeve back in the beauty ring, pop the top cap back on and et voilà…

This will also please the most OCD amongst you too due to the logo being upside down when using side airflow…

Oh it really wants you to go with the bottom…and thus far…I have had no leaking issues either.

And you’ll also notice the extra Ultem 810 drip tip you get included…it’s bigger…obviously, but another little slight annoyance with this kit is that the stubby matchy matchy resin drip tip you see in the other pictures…doesn’t fit very well, it’s far too loose, I have tried other 810 drip tips in it and they feel loose as well…not super loose…but I have knocked it out of there quite a few times with very little effort, and even though it is a push fit 810 (the Guillotine V2 has an internal O ring), drip tips with O ring fittings actually fit better…another bugbear…

So that’s the teasing out of the way…time for the licky licky…

The Vape

Pretty…fucking…amazing, The flavour from this RDA…especially with the bottom airflow, is phenomenal, whatever the magic ingredient is that makes one RDA give more flavour than other RDA’s…is ever present in the Guillotine V2, whatever Jaybo did to this airflow…he made that shit run smoother than Ex-Lax.

The Specs


Size: 54.526.696.2mm
Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
Cell type: high-rate 20700/18650 cell
Max output wattage: 250W

Guillotine V2 RDA
Height: 34.8mm
Diameter: 24mm

Decorative ring
Height: 3.9mm
Diameter: 25.5mm

WISMEC LUXOTIC NC Kit 250W With Guillotine V2 RDA comes with

1 * Guillotine V2
2 * Battery Sleeve
1 * Mouthpiece
2 * Clapton 0.28ohm Coil
1 * Cotton
2 * User Manual
1 * Warning Card
Spare Parts

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Wismec Luxotic NC 250 are exactly as predicted, I love this thing, warts ‘n’ all, and If you’re a straight shooting power vaper that really doesn’t give two shits about a full colour screen with a wealth of different settings then you probably will too. The looks might not be for everyone…I mean…it’s flamboyant in either colour to say the least…

But it’s put together really well (if you overlook the slightly under par fire button, the ‘afterthought’ pin hole in the top and the dodgy drip tip). It feels great in the hand although a bit on the big side and this thing has enough umph to satisfy even the hardiest of ‘iron lung’ vapers amongst you, and to top it off, it also has its fair share of safety features to stop you from doing something silly. The Guillotine V2 that comes with the kit is a beautiful thing indeed, the choice of side or bottom airflow is a huge bonus, and if you couple that with the epic flavour production this thing is capable of producing then you have a winning combo…Jaybo’s approach to designing good quality vape gear at affordable prices once again holds true, yes it has some questionable quirks…but all in all…it’s an epic kit…especially when you consider the cost…

The Price

At time of writing Vapesourcing have this on pre order for a frankly unbelievable £39.20 / $54.90, the price of a decent RDA on it’s own, and I can tell you that shipping starts this month so jump on that offer while you can…find that deal here…

Wismec Luxotic NC 250 Kit by Jaybo

If you are wondering what the pros and cons are between running series or parallel batteries then I suggest you search out the man himself …‘Mooch’ he is after all the first and last name in battery safety, and while you do…can I also suggest you support him in his latest endeavour. For 3 years he has been providing our community with quite simply THE BEST information on battery safety and test results, he has literally saved many people from blowing their faces off by quality testing every battery that we use and letting us know which to use…and more importantly…which to avoid, and he’s been providing this service for free…now…he wants to do it full time, give up his day job and work for the community that he has come to love, and the price for this service starts at a mere $2 a month, or if you’re in the UK…that’s about 36p a week…and it’s the best 36p you’ll ever spend…find a bit more information about his proposal and how to show support through his Youtube channel here…spare a few minutes for the mooch and hear him out.

Mooch’s proposal to the vaping community.

So…can I recommend the Wismec Luxotic NC 250 kit?..yes absolutely, you will forgive it’s slight annoyances because of what it can give you, and obviously…because it’s so good value, safe, and produces some of the best flavour available today, and something I haven’t mentioned…the Guillotine even comes with a squonk pin should you want to try it on a different mod…I love that Wismec did that seeing as this isn’t a squonker.

If you would like to see how this lovely kit scored against other bits of awesome vapeology then as always the doors over at Steampugs are open 24/7, once there you will find a treasure trove of reviews from the Steamteam as well as a shop chock full to the rafters of highly discounted vape gear…and we always promise a warm welcome.

Until next time.



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