Pugsley's Bare naked review of the Vaporesso Switcher 220 Mod with NRG Tank

To be fair…it was always gonna happen eventually, if you keep pushing your luck further and further, someone is gonna get bitch slapped…OBS got away with it with the Bat mod…Then Vaptio downright took the piss with the Super Bat and Wall Crawler mods…boundaries were crossed…innocence was questioned…and when the Franchise Copyright Infringement Police (totally a thing)…heard about another multi-million dollar franchise about to get ‘teabagged’…

This time around, it was old timers Vaporesso who were the culprits caught with their fingers in the copyright cookie jar, trying to sneak a cheeky little nibble of someone else’s sweet biscuits…or at the very least…pilfer old Granny Hasbro’s recipe…

‘We’ve made a device for vaping, it can change its appearance and has a robotic design on the back, and right in the middle is a logo that looks strikingly similar to Optimus Prime’s mugshot…and we’re not gonna give you a penny for it…that cool?’

And so it was…Vaporesso were taught a fair…and no doubt very valuable lesson…

“Assumption is indeed… the mother of all fuck-ups”

Welcome once more my voluptuous little vape bots (?) …as is the norm at this point of my rambling meanderings you are more than likely left wondering what the hell I’m waffling on about…believe me…I ask myself the same question several times a day…I shall enlighten you all in good time…but for now, let me introduce you to a device that although now a couple of months old…went through a rather dramatic change in its infancy…as well as receiving a very hard slapped wrist…

Courtesy of one of the best suppliers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, Cvapor , I present to you, the Vaporesso Switcher Kit with NRG tank…

Looks remarkably like the Vaporesso Transformer which was revealed at the start of the year eh…maybe I should stop rubbing salt in that particular wound…not just yet though…I did say ‘maybe’…

The Lowdown

The Switcher is a 220w, dual 18650 powered device which is available in two different versions - the LE kit with added LED lights (please don’t)…or the standard version which thankfully…is the one I got. Both are kept in check by a slightly tweaked version of Vaporesso’s epic OMNI board…this one being the 2.6 version, it has all the bells and whistles from its earlier versions as well as a few more additions on top…nothing too drastic…like I said…‘tweaks’…This time around it features graphical virtual keys which change when you hit the fun button, on screen instructions on how to lock or power down, puff number statistics, and a high power protection function (to someone as technically minded as myself…that’s just basically…words)

Now…like many others out there…I LOVE the OMNI board - in terms of value for money, I believe it’s one of the best chips on the market. I still rock my first Revenger and that damned thing has never skipped a solitary heartbeat, in fact…due to its unmatched compactness and unflinching reliability, it is my go-to travel companion and has literally been around the world with me…However…‘compact’…the Switcher is not.

Ooooh she’s a portly beast alright, but there’s a very good reason for that, and that reason is exactly why it was called the Transformer…and is now instead called the Switcher…(impending lawsuits aside).

You see, the Switcher’s USP, is that it quite likes…to get it’s kit off…

Simply flip open the bottom battery door…

Pull down on the outer sleeve…

And there she stands…as naked as the day she was born…(or manufactured…even…)


Raising the bar in terms of pedaling robot porn…

I’m not even sorry…

Of course this isn’t particularly a new idea, changing side panels to suit your matchy-matchy mood is something found on lots of devices these days, but I don’t think anything else wears something interchangeable that’s quite so…‘armor-ish’…And then there’s the available choices…you have a set for the LE version…

Frankly…quite hideous…and then the choices for the standard version…

Frankly…boring (yawn)…I mean I get it, it was always meant to be the Transformer, so stick with bright lights, loud colours and don’t move away from the whole robotic theme…but it’s not the Transformer anymore…it’s the Switcher, and it’s ‘thing’ is no longer being a robot that changes its appearance, it’s now just a mod that can change its blouse - so make some of them a bit different, make some a bit classy, stick some brushed stainless and tan leather in there, a bit of carbon fibre with black leather on a gunmetal background…and change that fucking god awful circuit board design on the back panel…not a fan of that…like…at all…

Appearances aside, some people might still dig that, taste is entirely subjective as we know full well, so…we’ll overlook that and crack…the fuck on…because the rest of it…is actually rather good.

One thing that Vaporesso absolutely excels at is the ‘user friendly’ aspect of the OMNI board. You will never need to look at the manual to know how to drive it, which obviously for me and my technical disability…is a massive bonus. You have everything you need to know on the large front screen, and although it might seem a little ‘medieval’ in comparison to today’s full colour screens…it’s enough.

The actual hand feel of the Switcher is well above average, both sides are coated in a ‘rubbery’ finish which gives excellent grip…

Couple that with the sheer girth of the thing and what you have is a very obvious sexual innuendo, which I feel personally…I have already kicked the arse out of…it feels good…let’s leave it at that…

The controls on the front are another big step away from the old Revenger mods, no more side button…instead they have opted for a huge cyclops eye slap bang in the middle of the front face…

LOVE this button, it’s as close to perfect as I have ever seen…or felt…in terms of fire buttons, perfect size, perfect placement…and perfect ‘clickyness’…big fan. And as for the other control buttons…straight forward left and right buttons with a select button between them…what more do you need?..Nothing…that’s what… (bit dramatic)

I’ve already shown you the battery door with the striptease so instead…we shall go to the other end… which for me… is the pièce de résistance…the massively massive 510…oh yes, yes, yes…

Now…obviously, I’ve never mentioned my obsession with big RDA’s before (pfft) …but I do have a rather nice collection of 28 to 30mm jobbies, they are most definitely…my jam…so it’s really nice to see more and more manufacturers making devices purely…and indeed undoubtedly…just for me…

So my beloved Shermans can sit large and in charge…

Whilst looking down upon those silly little 24mm rigs wearing Steam Crave 30mm Aromamizers…

Unfortunately…it doesn’t actually come with a wide top…nothing does…(sigh) but what it does come with, is Vaporesso’s NRG tank…

This thing has been covered more times than (insert favourite Beatles song) …so I won’t dwell on it too much, suffice to say it still has a nifty slide cap for top filling…

And has an almost ‘Smok-like’ array of coils available for it…including a ceramic coil…

It’s a 24.5mm sub ohm tank that comes in 5ml and 2ml variations and you know what…it’s actually alright. I literally can’t stand pre-made coils, but these days at least they seem to be getting a bit better, and these are definitely some of the best I have tried. Flavour’s good, cloud production is admirable, airflow is smooth and adequate…and it looks…okay?..I mean it’s never really changed but…if it ain’t broke…

The Specs


Mod size 538931mm
Wattage Range
Tank capacity
Tank size 26.556mm
Temperature Range
Resistance Range 0.05- 5 ohm
Screen size 0.96inch
Battery Type 2
18650 batteries(not included)
Zinc Alloy casting
Color silver, retro, iron grey, red blue
Package content:

1* Switcher Mod
1* GT4 core
1* NRG Tank
1* USB cable
1* GT8 core(pre-installed)
1* Replacement glass tube
1* User manual

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Vaporesso Switcher kit with NRG tank would be…I’m a big fan of the way it feels AND the way it performs, it’s a really solid, incredibly heavy, well made device…I just wish they’d dropped the whole ‘circuit board’ and robotic theme when they had to ditch the ‘Transformer’ name - it’s unnecessary now, and the whole thing could have been made to look sooo much classier. I mean, at least in the dark colour scheme which I have, it kinda looks a bit nicer, but that design on the back plate is an eye-sore for me…personal preference and all that though. I dig the way you can change the ‘armor’ but I highly doubt many people will buy the optional covers because…well…when you buy one, you’ll obviously just pick the one you want and that will be that. I guess it’s nice to have options, but even with the interchangeable sleeve…it hardly made it a Transformer. Had it got away with the blatant copyright pilfering, people would have been expecting it to change into…I dunno…an MP3 player…or a bottle opener…or a waffle maker…not just merely a change of clothing…you can’t use the Transformer name, follow the theme, and then not actually transform into anything…otherwise…you’ll just look like this cat…

What I do really love about the Switcher though, is just how user-friendly it is, it’s totally pick up and play…and with the OMNI board, it will undoubtedly play for a very long time…trouble free. Couple that with the beefy 510 plate…and what you have is a device that’s pretty much golden in my eyes.

So what’s the price for all this muscle?..Well…here lies the driving force behind the whole review, because currently Cvapor have this complete kit on sale with a mouth watering…wallet retching…purse bursting…49% discount…49%!!..

And so you should be, because this kit can now be yours for a quite frankly…disgusting…£36.68 / $50.66 …a 220w beast of a device, with a 30mm…or there abouts…510 plate, the OMNI 2.6 board, and the NRG tank…for 36 quid!?!..I apologise in advance for those who had no intention of buying one…because here’s the link…

Vaporesso Switcher 220w with NRG Tank - HEAVILY discounted

I think what it boils down to with me and Vaporesso products…is trust. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with their products - I have pushed the Revenger onto more people than any other device, and all have been more than happy with them…I can take it away with me on holiday because I trust it won’t break, or have a dicky fit…or explode, and that is worth the price alone.

As always, If you would like to see how the Switcher measured up against other pieces of awesome…and some not so awesome…Vapeolpogy, then hop on over to Steampugs where not only will you find a plethora of great vape reviews from the Steam team, but also a shop chock full of heavily discounted vape gear…see you there

Until next time…



Thanks @Steampugs another great review mate.


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I’ve been looking forward to seeing this review! First off, Thanks @Steampugs! Excellent Review :+1: … Man I think this thing is sharp. That button :ok_hand: . I agree, there’s room for improvements but It’s on It’s way to being a great piece!

Agreed… The opportunity is there for sure👌… Good read!!


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Great review @Steampugs. I got to try one of these at a local vape store. They feel really nice. Unfortunately they only had the red/blue and the rainbow. Hopefully they are picking me up an iron grey model tomorrow.


Another excellent review brother!

I too liked the Revenger so good to hear this works just as nice, might have to pick one up.


nice one Jim, yeah I think out of all of em this is prob the best colour :wink:🖒


you wouldnt be sorry brother, great mod, and that price too!..ridiculously cheap 🖒😁

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That’s what I love about your reviews. In the face honesty. I’m still chuckling. They are quite hideous.


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