Pugsley meets his mini me match with Vaporesso's Target Mini II Kit

Vaporesso Target Mini II Kit

Oh yeah baby!..This is a perfect representation of my good self leaving work in about 7 days time…except…we don’t have an elevator…so I’ll basically be dancing in another room…except we don’t have sliding doors…anywhere…so…wait…

Oh yeah baby!..This is a completely different and vague representation of me leaving work in around 7 days time!..And why? You may well and enthusiastically ask…well…IT’S VACATION TIME BABYYY (that’s holiday to my fellow English folk…but if I say HOLIDAY then all the Americans will get confused and think it’s Christmas…or…one of those other weird holidays they have…soo)…VAYCAY BABYYYYY!!! WOOOP!!!

Okay…I’ll give you that one…that’s startlingly accurate…

And the reason I’m telling you this?..Well…every year I spend a quite frankly offensive amount of time curating the perfect vape kit with with which to accompany me upon my lengthy globetrotting adventures…(it’s 10 days in Turkey ffs…not a month trekking the Amazon )… rude.


Any vape enthusiast will thoroughly understand this arduous task, it’s incredibly important. This is Turkey after all - the chances of me finding anything out there, should anything go wrong, are a bit like myself…slim…(pfft) .

So, choices have to made, and between now and then I have 2 reviews to write which will follow in this incredibly enthralling and no doubt…award winning…theme…

And first up on the list is probably the most important of all…the stealth rig, because I will absolutely under no circumstances be mixing a flavourless high nicotine base mix to vape in those kind of places where it’s disallowed, probably illegal, which…if discovered…will give vapers a bad name, because that would be downright irresponsible. Especially if I pretend to scratch my nose, take a cheeky pull, and keep it in long enough to exhale nothing…anyone that does that…is a dick.


(sigh)…Shall we?

Welcome back once more my juicy jet setting mist monkeys, and a happy joyous return it is too, quite possibly my favourite time of the year…next to my birthday…or Fathers Day… or any day that’s essentially all about me…except my families birthdays, or the kids Christmas…which I will still go out of my way to make pretty much…about me. BUT…it’s definitely one of my favourites, that much is very true, taking my beloved girls on an adventure where I can teach them about the joys of travel, the wonders of different cultures, the incredible and varied wildlife, as well as the obvious advantages of an onsite hair salon coupled with an all day, all inclusive bar service…

has me peeing in my newly purchased speedo budgie smugglers in anticipation…now there’s an image.

But before all of that, first and foremost and above all importance, I need to deal with my current dilemma - what indeed…should I take to get my vape on?

So…without further fuckery, let’s get into it. The first in my 2 part vacay special is my choice of stealth kit, courtesy of my fine friend Delia over at Vaporesso I present to you, the incy wincy, NOT polka dot NOR bikini… Vaporesso Target Mini II kit…you may need your readers on to see it…

Cute indeed, and just to show how ‘cute’ this little mini mod actually is…here it is being overshadowed by one of my Custom Whiterose Lipo mods…which admittedly…is mahoosive…but I’m all about the drama…

The Low Lowdown…like…really low…

The Vaporesso Target Mini II kit comprises of the Target Mini II mod and the VM Tank 22.

The Target Mini II mod is an updated and totally redesigned version of the original Target mod, only this time around we have a much improved 2000mah internal battery giving a maximum of 50w, which is up from the original 1400mah giving 40w. This time it is all kept in check by Vaporesso’s Omni board 4.2 chipset, giving you all the same modes that you get in their bigger devices. I mean it’s great that you get all the options, but to be perfectly honest the vast majority of people who buy this kit will probably not use them in favour of straight wattage…like me. See…already I’m making it all about me…it’s like an illness…

The mod itself is exceptionally well made and feels reassuringly heavy due to its internal battery, yet with it only being just over 10cm high…and that’s including the tank…it fits snuggly, and almost hidden…inside your hand.

On the front we have the tiny 0.66" OLED display…

which on mine was a bit faulty (I’ll come to that shortly) …and this displays all the information you need in such a way that I have absolutely jack shit chance of seeing it without my goggles on. I can just about make out the wattage but the rest of it might as well be little pictures of kittens riding unicorns for all the difference it would make to me…(?)

Also on the front we have the infamous Vaporesso function button sat directly above the up and down rocker switch, and above the screen we have the fire button, which is the lovely shape that we first saw on the Aegis mod. It’s almost like a trigger on the Target Mini II though, due to the shape of the casing, and it’s very comfortable to use and satisfyingly clicky.

And also on the side we have the micro USB for software updates and of course charging. Now obviously you don’t have any choice BUT to onboard charge, but at least it offers 2a quick charging…which gives me more time to work on my uber ripped beach bod…

Up on the top of the mod we have the tiny 510 plate with a spring loaded pin. I don’t think those 2 bolts either side of the plate have anything to do with the way the plate is fitted, although it does feel sturdy enough. I think they are to take the mod itself apart…should you be our very own Steamteam member Mjag…who literally can’t see a bolt or a screw without reaching for his screwdriver…the man is a sadist.

The shape of the mod is very hand friendly, I can safely say it’s been at least 3 days since I’ve felt something this small in my hand which feels as good as this does. Unfortunately though, the same cannot be said for how table friendly it is…

You notice underneath how the base is shaped to curve up at the front?..Well this does nothing for it’s stability - once the tank is on all it takes is a slight knock and the target will topple forward…imagine a big busted woman with tiny feet…yes that.

Now, the VM Tank 22 is a 22mm tank and its USP is that it caters for both DTL and MTL vapers via it’s two way airflow,

all controlled by the AFC ring along the bottom of the tank. On one half you have 5 tiny holes that you can shut down one by one for the MTL vaper, but if you carry on turning it this opens up fully for the DTL brigade. I have to say that the tension on the AFC ring is silky AF…big fan.

The tank itself holds a measly 2ml of liquid, I say measly…the VM tank is not known for its thirst, so 2ml is actually more than adequate. This is refilled via a half turn quick release top cap which covers the single refill hole. Now, you know how much I dislike single hole refill systems, but on the VM tank it’s actually quite big when you consider the size of the tank…so I shall allow it…because I’m kind like that…

Also, underneath the top cap you will notice a little screw in the middle. Well, you actually get a special tool to undo it, and once you do you have the opportunity to clean out your tank…because I absolutely do that all the time…and also change the glass (of which you do get a spare)…I mean you’ve gotta be some kind of special to break it given that it’s almost completely encased in metal…but I could certainly think of a few vapers that fit that bill…

The coils that come with the VM tank are the EUC CCELL Ceramic 1.0Ω coil (pre-installed) and the EUC Meshed 0.6Ω coil which has tea fibre instead of cotton…how very British…

The Vape

Now here lies the thing that made me choose this kit in the first place. Because let’s face it, I’ve made my personal style of vaping known enough. I’m dual battery, low ohm, high power all the way…but…it’s been a while since I’ve been this surprised by anything vape related.

With the ceramic 1.0Ω CCELL coil I was only using a maximum of 20w…20w!..I rarely get out of bed for less than 100w, yet the vape I was getting did not seem to marry up with the power…like…at all. Yes…it’s a restricted vape, even on full bore it’s barley DTL, but if you control your draw into a longer less angry one, then the clouds you produce from this mighty midget will shock you. I don’t mean RDA sized clouds by any stretch, just more than you think. To top it off…the flavour was surprisingly good, not forgetting that the silky smooth airflow is…erm…smooth…and silky.

Now…I did say I wanted this as a stealth kit, which didn’t just mean I wanted the kit to be inconspicuous. I also didn’t want to create my own weather system in places that might raise an eyebrow despite my best efforts to hide it…

So I chose this kit to primarily MTL vape, and the reason for this is the coils. Now…as much as I liked the 1.0Ω ceramic coil…I was expecting to like the 0.6Ω mesh coil better, but alas…this was not the case. For starters, it will absolutely tan your battery life and even though the capacity has been upped by over 50%, it’s not going to do you any favours vaping at 40 to 50w…expect 2 to 3 hours…tops. To make matters worse, the mesh coil really doesn’t feel like it’s happy being in this tank - the flavour’s nowhere near as good, which is odd for mesh. So I stuck to the ceramic because I truly believe this tank wants to be treated gently in order to get the best out of it, and as an added point; Vaporesso also claim that the ceramic coil is very good with Nic salts and CBD…neither of which I use…soooo…there’s that.

The Specs


Dimension: 37.2 x 25.7 x107.1mm
Tank Capacity: 2ml
Display: 0.66" OLED
Batteries: 2000mAh Built-in Battery
Power Range: 5-50W
Resistance Range: 0.03~5Ω
Charge current :2A

2000mAh battery with small size
2A fast charging
Tea fiber mesh coil for free base juice
CCELL coil for nic-salts and CBD
Smooth bottom airflow
Easy top refill design

It comes with

  • 1 x VM TANK 22 (2ml)
  • 1 x EUC CCELL 1.0ohm coil (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x EUC MESHED 0.6ohm coil
  • 1 x Extra Glass Tube
  • 3 x 〇-Ring
  • 1 x Disassembly Tool
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Final Thoughts

I can sum up my final thoughts on the Vaporesso Target Mini II kit pretty much with one sentence…

“I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do.”

But that would just be plain fucking lazy…albeit no less true. The truth is, once again Vaporesso’s consistency for build quality and attention to detail holds true, because as far as mini kits go…this is a really impressive little thing…although, and I have to mention this because I touched on it earlier and it would make me sound like a hypocrite, I happened to get one with a slightly faulty screen. It was way dimmer down the middle than it was around the edges and although I did try to photograph it, it really didn’t show up on the pictures very well. Yes I know…Vaporesso’s standard OLED screens have been dim in the past, especially outdoors, but there is something not right about this particular one. So, for the purposes of showing you what it should be like…

I did my due diligence anyway and contacted Delia about it, sent a video etc., etc…the usual rigmarole. They offered to send me a new one because it was clearly something that had slipped through QC…hey, it happens - I won’t hold it against them and at least they offered to put it right, also…at the end of the day, this was a pre-production sample…

Regardless, I told them not to bother sending another. I’m only going to use this as a stealth device, which won’t be very often truth be told as it’s still far and away from how I vape day to day. But the point I’m trying to make is even though this is so different from my usual preferred style of vaping…it’s still good enough to satisfy me when a bigger rig is not an option…and I really didn’t think that was going to be the case…

Now of course, for all intents and purposes this is a normal mod that functions in the same way as any other mod, so you can, if you want to, put any top you like on here and it will work perfectly well. The Omni Board 4.2 chip is not to be sniffed at, but you do have to bear in mind that this is designed as a low power kit, 2000mah and 50w is all she wrote…and if you go balls out then the Target Mini II will not reward you with anything even slightly sustainable.

Above all else, the Vaporesso target Mini II kit, if treated properly, can give you a really nice experience. The flavour was a real shock to me for something so small, and the quality of vape is excellent. If you’re one of those vapers that purely MTL vapes then…you will genuinely love it, and even for those of you that can DTL with a long slow draw…you’ll probably be a big fan of it too…BUT…if you’re really only ever interested in throwing offensive amounts of wattage through a triple coil 30mm RDA, and the mere thought of being told that you will only be able to vape on a 50w through a 2000mah internal battery on a restricted 22mm tank makes you do this…

Then I’d probably leave it alone…but for what it’s worth…I like you the most.

The Price

Well Vaporesso don’t really have a shop on their site but I looked around and i’ve seen it as low as $45/£37 and as high as $59/£49…I’d honestly say it’s worth the lower price point but anything over $50/£40 is pushing it a bit for what it is.

But for now, as well as my usual holiday accessories…

this has made the cut into my special vacay vape kit. This will travel with me for the whole journey and I may even treat it to a couple of fresh coils - who knows? I feel confident that it will serve me well, I already have my mod for the beach…the Aegis obv, and a desktop mod for chilling on the balcony with a nice Turkish coffee in the morning…that spot will more than likely be taken by the Topside Carbon, and a back up mod which will no doubt be my old faithful the Revenger, so all that’s left is a lightweight mod that’s sturdy and powerful enough to give me what I need while I’m wandering the streets of Oludeniz, without it looking like I have an inappropriate chubby…and funny enough…I have just the thing coming up in my next review. Once that review is done I will be letting my suppliers and sponsors know that I will be taking a little break from winning awards and being uncontrollably awesome…try not to cry.

As always the doors over at Steampugs are open 24/7…even in my absence, so feel free to peruse the site where you will find a positively offensive amount of reviews from myself as well as the rest of the Steamteam.

And if you’d like to come and chat to us in person as well as meet a group of like minded reprobates then head on over to our little corner of the internet we like to call our forum, it’s free to join, has a rather nifty e-liquid mixing calculator, and promises a warm and drama free welcome…I mean who doesn’t want that?..find us here…

Vaping Community - Forum

Until next time



A stellar review old chap, thank you.
I have to say, not my cup of tea, despite the cotton it uses.
Enjoy your holiday.


lmao, thanks brother, this won’t be a lot of people’s cup of tea I wouldn’t imagine, but as a stealth kit it’s pretty good :+1:


Nailed it! My first thought was, hmm who knew they celebrate Christmas in August :laughing:!! Great review man and enjoy your holiday :beers:


Thanks Eddie :wink: :rofl: very much appreciated sir :+1:


Thanks for the review and enjoy your Turk-ay-tion!


Cheers Sparks :wink: :+1:


Hey I don’t…oh wait, yeah I do :crazy_face: Please send me the mod so I can rip out it’s innards as you watch in horror :+1:

Good stuff brother, I liked the original mini, was my go to stealth until a stupid friend needed a stealth kit for his new job. Would show him a small mod…nope, not small enough then he saw the target mini…bastard!!!


You are the worst mod murdering maniac I know brother…My vape collection is very happy that you live in a different country very…very…far away, my mods have nightmares about you…:smiling_imp:

Thanks for comment brother :wink: :+1:…you need different friends btw :confused:


At least he can’t rip out its heart and show it to you as it still slowly beats -@mjag is the boogeyman to mods leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem for our resident mod coroner @Sprkslfly to investigate and clean up.

If you write it up @Steampugs I can see a movie deal and possibly more awards in your future. Paul " Patricia Cornwell" Foster. I think that Berryl will like he can call you Patricia.


There are no more awards…I have them all…I checked…:neutral_face:

But if you’re saying there’s the possibility of a new one being invented then…I’m in…:raised_hands:


Have you got the award for the most awards yet?


Guiness book of records and everythin…:lying_face:

I just don’t like to talk about them…


Ya i had a friend of a friend tell me of your awards otherwise I would never have known.


I’m nothing if not humble…


Well, you are half right with that statement not sure which half :grinning:


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or maybe both halves are correct




Absolutely stellar review as usual, and having just recently attained this kit, I agree with pretty much everything you said. Now if the coils were easier to find…grrrrr


Why thank you very much Lisa :wink: lovely of you to say :+1:t2:…can’t say that’s a problem I’ll ever have (ahem) lol


Thanks to the bump by @Mysticrose I caught this one, yeah a little far and away from my vaping style but nonetheless Great review @Steampugs :+1: