Pugsley keeps it Vanilla with the Dovpo MVV II Box Mod

Dovpo MVV II

Now…it has been said that I am a simple man. Not to say that I’m stupid you understand, there’s a difference between being stupid and being a dick. Admittedly, I may well blur that line on the odd occasion, but keeping it simple has been something that has attached itself to me like bum nuts on a bears arse…no…I don’t know if bears have a problem with that particular conundrum, maybe you should ask the rabbit…(?). My point…if indeed there is one to be had…is that simple things - if done correctly - have a certain lure to me, more so than things which are overly complicated, just for the sake of being overly complicated. For example…my favourite flavour ice-cream is Vanilla. Not that cheap shit your mum used to buy for a quid at Iceland when you were a kid, but a really good quality, thick and creamy Vanilla Bean ice-cream, which in my mind has been lovingly concocted by utterly professional, down to earth and completely normal looking farm folk…

With milk that can only ever be produced from one particular breed of aesthetically pleasing cow, which roams freely in the renowned rolling valleys of Milkington in Creamville and is known not only for the quality of it’s udderly rich creamy milk goodness…but also for its lusciously flowing blonde locks of golden hair…

Man…that’s one sexy ass cow right there…bee-moo-tee-full…

(ahem) aaaanyway, you get the picture. How does this relate to whatever the fuck direction I am going in with today’s offering? Well…I’m not really quite sure, but what I will tell you…is that I like to keep things simple, I said that right?..Man…I’m way too distracted by that cow…meh…I’m sure it’ll work itself out…shall we?

Welcome once more my psychotic, steamy simpletons, back again with more absolute nonsense which you probably shouldn’t read, but insist on doing so anyway. And why?..Because you’re special, that’s why, and I love you all the more inappropriately for it. SO…what indeed the fuck was I going on about in the intro? Well, now I’ve gathered myself slightly from that dairy deity I bestowed upon you …today’s review is all about keeping it simple, because let’s face it, as nice as it is to have a shit ton of options built into whatever we buy these days…how many of us really need them? I’m as guilty as anyone with this, so I’m absolutely not judging. I recently bought myself a new TV, I did my research as I always do when buying something relatively expensive, and ended up buying an LG B8. Why?..Because of all the shit it does. What do I do with it?..I change the fucking channels. I mean sure, I might get occasionally brave and wander into menu systems that I have absolutely no business being in, while looking around a little like…

But generally…I just change the fucking channels…and watch movies…about cows… (?)

And it’s exactly the same for me when it comes to vape devices. Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW there are vapers out there who fine tune their mods to within an inch of their lives to get what they consider to be a ‘sweet spot’, and hat’s off to ‘em, whatever floats your proverbial boat, options can never be a bad thing if they’re needed. But me?..I don’t really have a sweet spot, well…I do…but it ain’t on a fucking vaping device. You feel me?

Right then…moving on…today’s offering is exactly along the lines of what I’m talking about. It does away with all the pomp and circumstance, all the bells and whistles, and indeed, both the oomph and the snazz…it keeps things as simple as possible and wraps it all up in a beautiful - if not slightly wayward - nutshell, as it introduces itself…as the Dovpo MVV II.

Now…when I first saw pictures of the MVV II, I was probably not as underwhelmed as some may have been. Remember that this comes from Dovpo off the back of the Topside, the Topside Dual, the Topside Carbon, and…many, many other Topsides. Some of the most innovative devices from the last couple of years in fact, so to go from that, to this…may have a somewhat…“oh” …reaction from a vast swathe of vapers who like to keep up with the latest and greatest. Vaping, after all, does have a ‘fashion’ element to it for some, and to be perfectly honest, the uninspiring packaging…although a moot point…really doesn’t help with that. But regardless… I kinda knew what I was in store for. I’ve been using lipo powered mods having nothing but potentiometers for years, and I need nothing more. Truth be told, I actually prefer them, plus on top of that…the original Dovpo MVV was so well received back in the day, and sold so incredibly well, that a new and improved version 2…had very little chance of pissing me off…SO…time to nestle up to the technophobes…coz simplicity as they say…is the spice of life…wait…no, that’s not right at all is it?

The Lowdown

The Dovpo MVV II is a variable voltage device (hence the name) which looks like a semi mech mod, yet in fact is very much…not. It’s powered by two 18650’s which are reigned in via the front facing potentiometer, this is numbered from 1 to 5 in roman numerals…because…well…actual numbers are so X years ago, and this will give you your rampant powers between 1.0v and 8.0v…full bore being the equivalent of around 280w…which as most of us already know, is fucking ridiculous and far outside the capabilities of dual 18650’s…

I tend to vape around the 100 to 130w range, and halfway on the dial feels about right, which…much to the annoyance of my work colleague…is at 3, sorry…III. Try as I might to argue with him that on a dial that goes from 1 to 5, the middle is 3, his fuzzy little ageing head could not accept it, as he repeatedly ‘demanded’ that it’s actually two and a half…“IT DOESN’T START AT FUCKING ZERO YOU LITTLE INBRED TURD NUGGET”…I calmly explained to him…again…and again…he’s dead now, may he rest in peace.

The MVV II also fires down as low as 0.08 Ω, and as high as 3.5 Ω , which is quite some range for a simple device. Thankfully however, it also has it’s fair share of built-in safety parameters, such as battery reversal protection, overheat protection and an overtime vaping warning, all of which are narrated to you via the little led on the front, primarily though this acts as your ‘vague-ish’ battery level indicator…

This lights every time you fire, and gives you a rough indication of where your batteries are at. Green is good, amber is ok, and red is when you’re stuck in traffic on the way home from a long journey without any spare batteries…or at least…that’s what it appears to mean…to me.

Now, as far as the way the MVV II is built, this was by far the biggest surprise to me. The moment I picked this device up out of it’s dull and uninspiring packaging, the feeling I had was not what I had expected at all. I figured this would be super lightweight, but it isn’t particularly. It actually feels quite solid, not as solid as the original MVV which was completely encased in alloy, but solid none the less, and the elaborate designs on the side panels are not the expected stick on vinyl type, but instead a heavily embossed, thick and highly detailed 3d printed affair…

The designs may well not be to everyone’s taste, as all but this particular one do indeed seem to be Japanese inspired…

But this was a theme heavily pushed with the original MVV, so who am I to judge? Although…I have no idea what the words are all about, and it kinda looks like it belongs to ‘Emma’ …whatevs.

Now…an admission. I have absolutely no idea what it’s made of. It feels plastic, but Dovpo claim it to be plastic and zinc alloy, yet when I scratched the underneath I couldn’t get down to anything metallic? It feels a bit too heavy to be plastic…so who the fuck knows? Let’s call it Pletal. Overall, I like the way it feels and so I stopped trying to destroy the poor thing, accepted this particular conundrum as…‘unsolved’ …and got on with my life, like the trooper that I indeed…am.

Down the front along with the potatometer (yes…that’s what I call it now…it’s easier to spell, and it amuses me) you will also find the domed fire button…

I like this button very much indeed, it has a very satisfactory clickiness to it…sometimes…even when I’m not using it, I just walk up to it and click it…and smile…that’s normal right…?..(?)

Up on the top we have the spring loaded pin nestled in the middle of the super clean looking 510 plate…

No external bolting, but it is raised by around .5mm to avoid scratching the ‘Pletal’ surface, and it’ll take up to around 26mm before it peers over the edge.

Finally, we have the battery door…and to avoid those awkward moments when you can’t remember which side it’s on, and spend several seconds trying to pry your mod apart…they’ve pointed it out for you…

And for once you don’t need ‘baby’ nails to get the door off either.

And a very hefty door it is too, Pletal…certainly has some weight to it, but what really impressed me was just how incredibly clean looking the back of the door AND the battery bay looked, in fact…they have put so much emphasis on everything with the MVVII looking super clean…that they have even put the USB type C port underneath the battery door…big fan of that…I genuinely hate micro USB leads.

The Specs


Size: 91mm X 53mm X 27mm
Material: PC+Zinc Alloy
Resistance: 0.08ohm - 3.5ohm
Operating Voltage: 6.4V - 8.4V
Output Voltage: 1.0V - 8.0V
Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery (NOT included)
Display: 3-LED Indicator
Maximum Output: 280W
Thread: 510 thread

It comes with

  • 1× USB Type-c Cable
  • 1× Instruction Manual

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on the Dovpo MVV II would be thus - truth be told…I prefer the look of the original MVV, but I just really dig solid metal devices, and although the MVV II might share the same…albeit improved…format, I see the build as a slight down step from the original. Yes, it still feels solid, but it does feel a bit plastic, and that might slightly irk fans of the original.

That being said, I have quite literally not been able to put this thing down, and that may very well be down to personal preference. As I’ve already stated, I genuinely love VV devices, they’re all I need. This mod is super powerful, it fires incredibly quickly, feels solid enough to last, has very little to go wrong with it, feels good in the hand, is as safe as any other regulated mod out there, and above all else…it’s as simple as a mod can be, it’s a good quality ‘Vanilla’ device.

TC users won’t entertain it for obvious reasons, but straight wattage shooters such as myself will genuinely love it for it’s no nonsense, simple approach to operation - it will really only ever come down to whether or not you can get along with the slightly outlandish designs, no…skulls aren’t for everyone…unless you’re Jai Haze’s wardrobe that is, but unless you like Japanese art then your choices are slightly limited. I personally don’t ‘mind’ the skull version, it kinda has a tattoo vibe to it…

And I’d much rather go down this route than the neon flashing, multi coloured, gimmicky path a lot of mods started to go down…thankfully…that particular fashion seems to have dwindled of late.

Would I recommend the MVV II?..For the reasons I’ve already stated, absolutely, and I haven’t even gotten to the best bit yet…

The Price

Dovpo’s own site doesn’t have a shop as such, but if you shop around you can see this go from anything between £22/$28 and £28/$34, even on notoriously expensive Chinese sites it rarely goes over that…

No…well…yes always…but on this?..No, absolutely not, it is nothing short…of a fucking bargain, Pletal it seems…is cheap as chips, making this much cheaper than the original MVV.

Now…to all the ladies out there…

And to all the mindless simple men such as myself who’s attention may well have dwindled at this point…

That oughta do it…


Now, I have a favour to ask of you all. It’s that time of the year once again when everything in this wonderful industry of ours is rewarded for it’s efforts via the ecigclick awards, some of you…very few actually, seeing as it’s something I have never spoken about to anyone, being the super humble pillar of the community that I am (ahem), may remember that last year I was awarded third place in the ‘Best blogger/writer’ category, and for a writer in an industry so massively influenced by video reviewers…being awarded anything is fucking HUGE, it means we get more opportunities to review better gear more often, and also…my Mrs thinks it’s super hot so…y’know…yeah.

Anyway…this last couple of weeks has been the nomination stage, WHICH ACTUALLY ENDS TOMORROW, THE 24TH NOVEMBER!..I’ve literally just realised that, so…being my usual punctual self, I may have left it too late but, if you like reading my claptrap, firstly…get help…and secondly, if you could be so kind as to throw me a nomination over at ecigclick by following this link…

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Until next time.



Really enjoyed the review. Again, a great read to wake up with a cup of coffee and a vape. I can honestly appreciate it for what it is. Personally, it’s an instant pass. I guess I’m gonna let my attitude show here. A boxy box with dead things painted on it. This is where you shine as well. You still put out a great unbiased review as always. Keep on Truckin my brother!!!


Why thank you my brother from another Ogre, always nice to hear your thoughts man, it is what it is, suits me but might not be for everyone. :+1: thank you man :wink:


You know me so well. :grin:

My daughter would love this, unfortunately she doesn’t vape and I won’t buy it for her as a paperweight.

How about a free Dovpo MVV II? I will even suffer your bragging for another year without any comments. :sunglasses:

Nice one again Pugs, keep em coming :+1:


You know something…I would but…I won’t so…yep, BUT…on the plus side this is all pretty much your fault soooo…yeahhh you’re gonna just have to live with it :smiley::crazy_face:
Bu thank you though :wink: always a pleasure lmao :raised_hands:


In that case, maybe I should do the bragging instead of you.


I wouldn’t…brag…about that…(eesh) :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::shushing_face:


I could leave it, if I’d get an award. :trophy:


Oh they only give those to really ‘special’ people…


I am really special, the only reason I haven’t gotten one is because they don’t have a best enabler category (yet) :woman_shrugging:


Oh you’d be up against @Mjag and @woftam there…them two are brutal, I mean you’re good but…award worthy?..hmm…it’s a thinker…:rofl:


I am not a huge fan of the art work it isn’t terrible but meh - the mod however is great a slight upgrade over the og with the inclusion of the usb charging port (not super useful as you have to take off the door) but like the og it is as you say super simple and hits really well.

Thanks for the review mate always a laugh - I hope you realize that your opening comments have been reported and you now have a restraining order that prohibits you being within 200m of a dairy farm.


I live near the countryside… They can’t keep me away from all of them :smiling_imp:

Thanks for reading brother :wink::+1: always good to hear your opinions :ok_hand:


Damn @Steampugs stop! Just stop! Before you get yourself in trouble - cows are now reading vape reviews it appears.



Great review! I personally didn’t read it… I just kept looking a the pictures of the milk maid and the girl running. Everything between was just a blur. I am regulated guy, but I have been eyeballing this mod and will probably get one. Submitted your nomination and don’t forget to add VC for best forum!


Literally took me hours to start writing again after the milking escepade brother… I feel your pain man :joy: :ok_hand:

Thanks for reading and commenting :grin::+1:



Now there’s a couple for the bank right there man :rofl::rofl:


That was an udder-ly amazing review brother …wait, was there a product or just milk maids :thinking:

Shit, I already ordered one after seeing you and that damn enabling @woftam post pics. Didn’t get this guns n rosey one though…knew if I did I would scream…oh oh oh ohhhh sweet child of mine! Everytime I picked it up…sigh, why didn’t I order that one? I screwed up.

Now where was that farm again? I am in need of some fresh dairy products :grin:


It’s been quite surprising how many men can’t get past the first paragraph :rofl::rofl:
Thanks my brother :joy::joy: :raised_hands: :+1: