Pugsley gets a bad case of wind with the Vaporesso Target PM80 Kit

Vaporesso Target PM80

THIS…will go down in my history as one of the most stressful weeks I’ve ever had, the fact that I have even a solitary thread of sanity left in my …admittedly sketchy at the best of times…mind, is nothing short of a fucking miracle.

They say that the two most stressful things you can do in life are buy a house, and get married, but…did you know that a third entry has been ‘officially’ added to that list?..No…me neither, until I bitched and moaned about it to a work colleague, who then let that little bum nugget of information out of the bag…

"Oh yeah…they say it’s like…one of the most stressful things you can do now, next to buying a house and getting married.”

“WHAT?..That’s a ‘thing’ now?!? They added a third entry to the list and DIDN’T tell anyone!?!..Why wasn’t it on the news?!!..Why has it gone completely under the radar!!!..WHY AREN’T THERE RIOTING GROUPS OF MANIACS TRYING TO TAKE DOWN THE GOVERNMENT FOR HOLDING THIS INCREDIBLY VITAL PIECE OF INFORMATION FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!!..WHY??..WHY CHRIS WHY!!!”

I feel sorry for Chris, and so should you. He happened to get me the day after my first experience of this third entry…the day after I got a new phone.

Oh sure, they make it ‘simple’…just send all your info from one phone to the other wirelessly…but does it log in to your 567 apps?..Does it force you to remember EVERY SINGLE password for every single log in??..Does it answer your online banking ”memorable question” of ‘What was the colour of the pair of underpants you wore the day that you shat yourself in home economics when you were 9’?..NO…no it does not. You know what it does do?..It sends you a password recovery email to your inbox, you know…the inbox you can’t open BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FUCKING LOG IN. Sure…you can get right on your laptop and get the recovery email from there, but I couldn’t because one of the kids had tripped over my laptop power lead 3 days before and shattered the power port (for the second time in as many weeks I might add), and the battery had long since died…SO… ‘Fine,’ I thought, ‘keep calm…not the end of the world…I’ll sort it from my work computer when I get in’…

“Morning Pugs…we’ve got you a new work computer, it’s all set up, you just need to log everything back in.”

I’m not sure what happened next…hard to say…the last thing I remember is pulling this face…

Next minute…I’m standing in a pile of rubble surrounded by mutilated corpses (shrugs)…

Why am I telling you this?..Well…you’re not the Police, and…this was last Monday. On Tuesday I received a device for ‘immediate review’…a shoe-in if you like, and upon opening said device, I only had one thing to say…


Admittedly…my mood at this point was still frayed beyond anything recognisable due to the previous day’s technologically tumultuous tantrum…but still…I’d only just got my head around reviewing pod systems…like…literally in the last review, but nooo…now pods are so last year, because…we have pod mods now…

Why in the holy fuckballs did I decide to take that pensive step out of my comfort zone into a world that is as utterly confusing as it is ever-evolving?..How is anyone supposed to keep up with this shit??..Ridiculous…everything hates me…even me. Fuck me…and fuck this week…

Shall we?..We best had really, there’s no telling how long I have before this laptop turns into a fucking toaster or some shit…

Welcome back my fine fluffy fog fetishists, back again with absolutely nothing the same, not for me anyway. Although in the space of time it’s taken me to write this review it will probably be ‘old hat’ and already replaced by some bullshit device that I’ve never heard of, that does something I’ve never done before, and everything I say about it will more than likely be wrong, resulting in some snowflake reporting me for blowing his cat’s face off because I never mentioned that it’s not safe for pets (?)…Man…I need to sort my mood out, I feel like I’m hosting a party and I literally know no one who’s there…(breathe). Right, okay…I am calm, I’ve had my rant, so here we are in the face of something new, something I have absolutely no experience with AT ALL, other than what I have witnessed this week, yet…something that felt completely familiar…confused?..You will be, as I present to you…courtesy of my so called ‘friends’ at Vaporesso …the Vaporesso Target PM80 kit…

So…what is this ‘Pod Mod’ which the Target PM80 get’s it’s name from? Well…it’s not a pod system, although it does have a pod, but it’s not really a pod, it’s actually a tank with interchangeable coils, but it’s a proprietary tank because there’s no 510 - this is the only tank you can use on the mod, so it’s not really a sub-ohm tank either, although the coils are sub-ohm. And it’s not just a mod…because the pod that comes with it is the only thing you can use on it. So It’s an AIO then?..No…because the pod that’s not a pod is detachable and you can…if you wish…carry a spare pod (included) with a different type of coil and liquid in it right in your pocket for a quick change when you need it. PLUS…unlike the majority of pod systems and AIOs, it is actually powered by a chip that gives you different modes as well as enough power to match most single battery mods…so…it’s a fucking ‘Pod Mod’ - a device that uses a pod, has the convenience of an AIO, and the power and versatility of a single battery mod…


The Lowdown

The Vaporesso PM80 is a complete kit. It has an internal 2000mAh battery, can contain 4ml of liquid in it’s propitiatory not-a-pod-pod-sub-Ohm-not-a-tank, comes with 2 different coil variations, all kept in check by Vaporesso’s versatile and proven Axon chip, which is capable of pushing up to 80w into its not-a-pod-not-a-tank coil, and out of it’s not-a-drip-tip …drip-tip.

Okay, I have to apologise at this point - new phone = new camera. I was a photographer for ten years and I do have in my possession a professional photography kit which cost me a small mortgage, but I have always used my phone for doing this, it’s just easier, and usually…it gives good results. However, I haven’t got my head around this one yet, so the pics might be a little…‘floopy’…but after the week I’ve had I’m giving my brain much needed respite from all things more technologically advanced than a potato…(shrugs)…just bear with…the fact that my phone has survived this week is a fucking miracle in itself.

Now…first and foremost, what is difficult to comprehend in solo pictures is just how compact the PM80 is, so…

’Tis but a wee fella. Not as small as the pod system I reviewed last week, but way, way smaller than most single battery kits, and with it’s resin looking (it’s a vinyl sticker) grip and ergonomic shape it fits perfectly in the hand…and…in your pocket. So, if you’re a guy you certainly won’t be raising any eyebrows should someone notice the phallic shape in your jeans, although you may get the odd condescending …“aww…poor lad” from female passers by as they swerve you and your non-penis completely…not based on a true story…(ahem).

Down the front we have all the usual function buttons exactly where they should be, the fire button up on the top and the function buttons down below, all of which are as perfect as I would expect from Vaporesso…

Navigation is simple enough, 3 fire to lock, 3 fire for lock off, 5 fire on and off, and both function buttons together to get into the menu. Here you will get options of VW, VV and something called Smart VW, which - from what I can gather - automatically picks a bang average wattage for you depending on which coil you have in. For example, I had it set at 60w, I turned on Smart VW and it went down to 55. Apparently the best parameters for the coil I was using were 45w to 60w. It thought it knew what was best for me…it was wrong…not so smart after all, but…should you change coils and have your wattage way too high from the previous coil, it’s a good thing to have, especially if you’re new to this kinda thing.

Now…one thing I absolutely LOVE about this device, is the 0.96 inch TFT screen…

You all know how much I love a screen that I can actually read without my glasses on…well…most of it. For me, the only important thing I need to know is the wattage, and that’s displayed with UBER large numbers front and centre, but for those that aren’t a living Mr Magoo like me, you have pretty much all the information you could ever want…AND…you can even change the colour theme…AND…it has a cool equalizer graphic…which serves no purpose…but still…manages to look cool…AND…it even tells you the best wattage parameters for any given coil…AND…no…I think that’s it. Regardless, huge fan of this screen, and from a personal point of view…if you’ll pardon the pun…it’s one of the first things I look for…

Up on the top we have the area of confusion, an area in fact, that blurs the line between everything non-buildable - the tank/pod/thing…which is held in place…not by a screw thread, but by magic…

I’m kidding, it’s magnets…which is completely alien to me and yet…makes perfect sense. It is, after all, square(ish) and sits in a ‘cup’…so you aint turning it on anything. None the less, it fits snuggly and is super easy to remove, yet secure enough that it won’t fall off in your pocket.

As I said before, this is not a closed pod system, it takes coils, and this kit came with 2 different variations, 1 x GTX 0.2Ω Mesh coil (45 to 60w) and 1 x GTX 0.3Ω Mesh Coil (32 to 45w). Simply push the coil into it’s bottom…easy now…

Then lift the rubber grommet to locate the fill hole, which is big enough (it won’t accept my larger unicorn bottles but it’s more than happy with finer point retail bottles). It’s only one hole, so nowhere for the air to escape. If you’re over-zealous when filling it up it can get messy, but generally…if you’re not a ham fisted idiot like me…you should be fine. All that’s left then, is to pop the thing back on the mod…give it a few minutes…and you’re in business.

Oh…And last but not least, it’s an internal battery, so you are forgiven for on-board charging through it’s side located micro USB socket…

It’s 2 amp quick charging, giving you a full charge in 45 minutes, but yes…it’s micro USB, not ‘C’, which these days is kinda outdated. However, on the plus side you already have 500 power leads for it.

The Specs

Dimensions: 102 x 33.4 x 24.8mm
Display: 0.96”TFT Screen
Battery: Built-in 2000mAh
Resistance : GTX 0.2ohm mesh coil (45–60W); GTX 0.3ohm mesh coil (32-45W)
Power Output: 5-80W
Charging Current: 2A Micro USB
Cartridge Capacity: 4ml

2000mAh battery with 80W max output
Great sub-Ohm DL vaping
Crystal clear 0.96”TFT Screen
AXON chip for smart VW
Innovative GTX coils for better flavor
Easy top refill design
2A fast charging, 45 mins a full charge
4ml liquid capacity and Transparent E-Juice Window
Multiple functional protections

It comes with

  • 1 x VAPORESSO TARGET PM80 Battery
  • 1 x GTX 0.2ohm MESH COIL
  • 1 x GTX 0.3ohm MESH COIL
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Vaporesso Target PM80 would be thus…TOTALLY not what I was expecting, like…AT ALL. Let me explain…firstly, it was way smaller than I thought it was going to be, which is good!..As long as it performs, there are certainly a lot of times I could do with a smaller device. It’s a funky lookin‘ little thing for sure, I dig that, and even though it was so small, the screen was still easier to read than a lot of the much bigger devices I own… which also surprised me.

The build quality was not really a surprise, it’s Vaporesso after all, they know their craft…but when I filled it up, let it sit for a minute…and took my first hit…

Fuck my life.

What would you expect from a small, all in one pod-esque device like this?..So-so vapour production with good flavour coupled with a restricted DTL/borderline MTL hit?..Well…you’d be right about the flavour, but that’s about it, and the biggest reason for this is its best quality for me personally…but could well be its downfall with other vapers.

As you can see, those 3 little airflow holes on either side are fixed, there’s no adjustment, and believe me, you ain’t getting anything even slightly resembling an MTL hit out of the PM80. In short…this is the airiest small device I’ve ever tried…and there’s fuck all you can do about it.

To put that into context, it’s less restrictive airflow than the Blotto…which I’ll admit is kinda restricted but it’s still a dual coil RTA…and it’s more restrictive than say, an average dual coil RDA on full bore…but not by much…making this a straight out DTL device which can billow more than some RTA’s I own. AND…the flavour thanks to those GTX Mesh coils is very very good. Could it be better with slightly less airflow?..Yes, of course, and the amount of plumage this thing kicks out is proof of that. So…herein lies the quandary, who the fuck is it for?? Honestly…I have no idea. It suits me down to the ground though, and I can tell you right now that I will absolutely use this device when I am…for example…out shopping or…in my car, because it gives a thick, warm, flavorful plume, but…I wouldn’t have thought of buying it. I’m an advanced vaper and this, to all intents and purposes, is a starter kit, but it’s a starter kit that gives almost dual coil RDA amounts of vapour production and airflow, and better flavour than some RTA’s or sub-Ohm tanks that I own. In other words…it’s too much for someone who is looking at switching from smoking to vaping. It’s just way too open to be a starter kit - all it needs…is an adjustable slide over both vents, and why it’s not there is anyone’s guess, because with it, it would be damned near perfect to carry someone from starter status, right through to advanced.

Of course, this isn’t the only Pod Mod on the market, there’s maybe…3 or 4 that are very similar, but none of them deliver this kind of power, or…have a battery this big. So, would I recommend it?..I think a more accurate question would be WHO would I recommend this to? Because I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has just quit smoking, but…I would absolutely recommend it to someone who normally vapes RTA’s and RDA’s as a back-up or super-mobile stealth device, because that’s kinda where the performance is at. Just…don’t expect it to last you all day on one charge if you cane it at the top end of what it can give…because that would be you asking way too much from it…

There’s only one thing, apart from the lack of adjustable airflow, that made me wince…just a little, and that’s the resin type vinyl sticker grip, because you can see the edges of it, which looks kinda tacky. They should really be tucked in like the Aegis,

You can’t see it there, but it’s quite clear in the other pictures. It’s a small point but seriously, I’m struggling to say anything else bad about it, and at least it’s available in a bunch of different colour themes…

It’s well made, super compact, feels great in the hand and gives way more performance than you’d expect…I genuinely really dig it…AND…it’s not even expensive…

The Price

For the full kit…£30/$40…30 quid…for everything!..Both better performance and cheaper than I was expecting, you gotta love that. But, Vaporesso…make another one, make the airflow adjustable, and put a better grip on it. Because if you did, this would be one killer starter kit.

Find out more on about it on Vaporesso’s site here…

Vaporesso Target PM80 Kit

I’d like to thank Vaporesso for sending the Target PM80 to me in a week when all technology had ganged together with the intention of ruining my life…it’s nice that sometimes things are better than they first appear to be, and work in a better way than you expect them to. In fact…if this thing had been delivered on Monday instead of Tuesday, my work colleagues might well still be alive and I would have a place to go to work…who knows…maybe Chris would still be talking to me?..It’s all basically your fault Vaporesso…

Of course, the doors over at Steampugs are open 24/7 so feel free to peruse at your leisure, you’ll find a whole host of reviews from myself as well as those dirty reprobates I like to call my friends, and if you’d like to come and talk all things vape to us in person, simply come join our little forum, Vaping Community .It’s free to join, has a really clever little e-liquid mixing calculator, and promises a warm and drama free welcome.

Until next time.



Seems to be a universal thing, I’ve been saying this for the past two weeks already. Different shit but shit is shit.
Nice review anyways Pugs. :+1:


Thanks Jose :wink::+1: January…tis the month that can suck a huge bag of dicks…its a well known saying…:man_shrugging:


It’s definitely a stylish little thing!


Damn, I agree with @Sprkslfly, it is a stylish little kit and I was tempted until I read no adjustable airflow. Hmmm, haven’t bought another pod mod since the Aegis Boost which I am still using. I am cursing geekvape for not getting the RDTA section out yet, spent $20 on a pack of coils the other day…grrr.

Did I miss it or is there a RBA section for this?

Solid review @Steampugs but that story at the beginning sent chills down my spine, my worst nightmare.

I like it over here at VC, it is not so smoky like some other forums :grin:


Lmao, thanks my brother, sorry for late reply, been out of it for a while, had implant surgery monday morning…no…not my tits :roll_eyes:, my teeth…my tits are still fabulous tho has to be said…my face looks like a smashed tomato though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…and my gum looks like a badly made sausage :thinking:
No…no RBA as far as I know, fuck knows if they’ll make one, I’m still using it though, I like how airy it is, it’s got the power to warrant it imo, and the flavour is awesome, big fan of the little fucker, and I’m still on my first coil too :ok_hand:


Super glad you said that mate - I was worried the saggy moobs we all know and love were going to be all perky. I hope you now have the nice gold grill you so richly deserve.


Suuuuuure, don’t worry, I will keep your secret and not show anyone the pic you texted me of the new rack…sexy :heart_eyes:

Oh wait, I can see the new lowers you got too, looks gooood :crazy_face:


Me too! My first thought was something a bit further south. :wink: lol

@Mjag Nice pic man! Can’t believe you got the shot! -he’s never in a dress long, as word has it! :crazy_face:


Wow brother Pugs, that is very tempting. Kinda glad it hasn’t hit the states yet so I’ll have a bit of time to think it over. Something that small that can hit like an RDA sounds really great. So I’ll guess I’ll just sit a bit, polish my mechs and mull it over.

Thanks as always!!!


Always a pleasure brother Ogre, thank you :wink: :tada: :+1:

The rest of you can pretty much go fuck yourselves though :fu: :expressionless: :fu: