Pugsley compares tentacles with Squid Industry's Double Barrel V3 Mod

Squid Industries Double Barrel V3

Now this may come as some surprise to you, but throughout my entire life I have held the strong belief that my country, a place that I love very much indeed, would be in a much better position…generally…if it were looked after by somebody who didn’t possess the quite frankly unnatural ability of being a dick, endangering the lives of all those within his immediate vicinity…

I wish I could say that I even toyed with the idea of joining the handful of my friends who enlisted to fight for Queen and Country at a mere 16 years of age…at least that would have shown a slight glimmer of morality, but no…given the choice of…

A. Enlisting in the Army, getting sent somewhere to be pushed to your physical limits whilst being shouted at the entire time by a big nasty man in the hope that I could be deployed to another country where I could spend the majority of my time being shot at by people with a strong disliking of my being alive…


B. Getting a boring job that pays just enough money for me to be able to go down to my local park with my friends on a Saturday night, drink a bottle of cider and spend a couple of hours fighting with my closest friends, whilst trying to talk a girl into touching my willy…

Well the latter…despite it’s many…many failed attempts just seemed more…‘appealing’ to a teenager with a permanent erection, a borderline drinking problem, and an insatiable thirst for punching his friends in the face at any given opportunity…

No…the Army would fare far better with me as far away from it as humanly possible, safer for all involved I think, however…for those people that were way…way braver than I ever was, and…less of a dick, fighting anything that threatened the security of their country and the people within, was something they just simply had to do…and to those people, I have the upmost respect and gratitude. It’s also one of those people who stars very heavily alongside today’s offering, and when I say ‘very heavily’…I mean it in every sense of the word…

Shall we…

Welcome back unto the breach once more my sickly sweet soirée of strawberry steam sucking sexy Sub-Ohm soldiers (breathe), back again with more of the same, and today… doubly so…no…I’m not reviewing two items, but all will soon become clear my curious little miscreants. A first in fact, for me, as throughout my illustrious and award winning reviewing career (ahem) I have never once reviewed anything from this particular manufacturer, something I am very happy to remedy today, and why you may well ask? …Well…anyone who is involved in this dog-eat-dog industry at any level will be fully aware of just how ruthless, underhanded, and generally full of idea stealing, dodgy business practice and Jedi level Cockwomblery (it’s a word…) …it can indeed be. SO…to come across the kind of story attached to the background of this particular manufacturer is…to put it bluntly…as rare as rocking horse shit.

Now…if you just want to know about the device I’m reviewing today then skip down to the ‘Lowdown’ section and read on from there, but I urge you not to, because this guys story deserves to be told, and read, by as many people as possible, especially if you have ever found yourself in a place that looks and feels completely hopeless, because by knowing this guys story, and what he represents, then some might just well learn a thing or two about being a pretty decent human being…(am I fangirling??..I feel like I’m totally fangirling right now…??)

Enter one Mr Eric Buss, a man who followed in the footsteps of other men in his family and chose the path of the American Navy, a move that saw him deployed in the Persian Gulf in 2002 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, yet…a move that also saw him spiral downwards into an all too familiar dark direction which is not quite so rare in the Military. Drinking, substance abuse and…ironically…the insatiable thirst for punching people in the face, soon found Eric on the wrong side of being discharged from the Navy, which in turn found him fighting a different battle, only this battle was with himself. Serious depression, a few spells in jail and a continued thirst for self-medication soon found him in the place commonly known…as rock bottom. I mean, I’ve been low, I thought I’d hit rock bottom once, but next to this guy?..My rock bottom was on a luxury yacht, sipping margaritas off the coast of Spain…

Turns out that ‘actual’ rock bottom…is several miles below my personal downfall, and Eric had become a permanent resident…this was quite literally the back end of a Buss.

Homeless, jobless, broke, addicted, and by this time, the not so proud owner of a whole host of burned bridges, Eric’s thoughts turned to the only way out he felt was available to him, the ultimate sacrifice. To Eric…the world would be a better place without him, and he felt that the country he had once fought for, like so many veterans before him, had turned its back on him.

Thankfully however, there was one particular bridge yet to turn to ashes, and that bridge was the bond between him and his baby girl. Even though the relationship between him and his daughter’s mother had long since been destroyed by Eric’s personal path of destruction, the thought of being a none existent father was one which dragged Eric out of the dark shadows, and onto a new path of self-preservation and redemption. But it wasn’t going to happen without help, and this help came from a like-minded group of people who knew exactly where Eric was in his life, an organisation that shouldn’t need to exist, but in a massively failed system where a country you lay your life down for doesn’t particularly give a shit about you afterwards, a system that has seen so many war veterans fall into the same downward spiral as Eric…these people are quite literally a life line. They are the Veterans Administration, and it’s here that Eric not only got the help he so desperately needed…but also found his calling.

Now…I’m trying to condense this story due to the fact that I’m very well aware that I still have a review to fit in here somewhere, but I find it so truly inspirational that at this point in Eric’s life, he not only accepted the help that was offered to him, but he also paid it forward. Such was the success of Eric’s personal programme, and the way Eric turned his life around because of it, the VA offered him a job. So there he was, once a down and out, a man on the brink of suicide, now helping other veterans whose lives had followed a similar path of self-destruction…I can’t not have the upmost respect for that. Some would quite easily take what was offered to them and run, but it takes a pretty decent human being to stick around and WANT to pay it back, and that’s exactly what he did. He even obtained a BA in Psychology and fronted a non-profit organisation whilst he was doing it…not one to sit still then…

It was during this time that Eric also found the love of his life, and when his new wife became pregnant it was quite clear to him that being a case worker for a vastly underfunded organisation wasn’t going to cut it when it came to providing for his new family. Thankfully, Eric’s wife was quite successful in her own career so they decided that Eric would become a stay at home father whilst she earned the money, and this…is where today’s story starts to seep into this wonderful industry of ours. Now…being the father of two girls myself, and being in a relationship where we both work and co-parent, meaning…whilst one’s at home the other is working, there are times such as when the kids are asleep and you’re home alone, that you need something to occupy yourself with. For me, it’s writing, for Eric…it was playing around and learning how to build mods. Eric was, after all, an avid vaper. We all know how easy it is to fall down that particular rabbit hole, and it was this particular passion which started to get Eric noticed. He gathered a small following for his mods, which slowly began to grow, and from this…Squid Industries was born.

Why Squid?..Well, if you’re in the Navy you’re affectionately known as a ‘Squid’, and even though Eric’s personal career in the Navy didn’t exactly go according to plan, the inspiration he found in helping other veterans overcome their own demons has carved a path in Eric’s life which has given him meaning, when it quite easily could have gone the other way. So, having ‘Squid’ in his new venture’s logo is testament to the ongoing support that Eric still gives to those in need, so much so in fact, that a portion of the proceeds from the device I am reviewing today goes directly to helping veterans who need it…and as if that wasn’t enough, his cocktail inspired juice line ‘Shots’ sends 100% of its proceeds to the same causes. Like I said…some people take, and some people give…

So…if you thought ‘Squid Industries’ was named after some short, fat, wet, middle-aged, slimy little businessman with very long appendages who is more tentacles than testicles, well…if that’s what you think…

You can tell him…(he clearly models his physique after my own…ahem)

I could have written a lot more about Eric’s story, but this is, after all, a vape hardware review, and it’s the very device that I am reviewing today which has put Squid Industries very firmly on the map as a serious contender in Vapingdom. A device that is now in it’s third iteration - as if I needed any more reasons to respect this mans ethics…he also listens to fans of his devices and evolves accordingly. So let’s get down to business, as we stare down the barrel of Squid Industries flagship device…courtesy of my new friends at Newvaping.com…the simplistic and rugged…Double Barrel V3…

This kind of device, given the way that I vape, promised to be right up my street. It’s simple, incredibly durable, powerful enough yet ir remains ultra compact and practically idiot proof…which for me…is a blessing in itself.

My daily rotation of devices can range from simple to the ridiculously over-engineered depending on what I am testing on any given week…but it’s these kind of simple devices that I organically gravitate towards when I’m sat relaxing. Now, when I received it and did my research on Eric’s story…I wanted to like it regardless. I felt like I owed it to him to at least give his mod a chance, purely because of the efforts that were made in getting both Eric and his company into being. But that wasn’t the job at hand, what I needed to do was forget everything I knew about Squid Industries and look at this thing without bias. Would I like this device if it were made by say…Smok?..Wow…I mean, that’s really stretching, but you get my drift…so that’s what I did.

The Lowdown

The Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 is a dual 18650 powered device kept in check with a very simple chip that offers variable wattage from 5w up to 150w, will fire down to a 0.1Ω, and has a full compliment of safety parameters in place, the kind of which you would expect to find in most up to date regulated devices…so…no temp control, no curve mode, no TCR settings and no bypass…just a simple, straight wattage shooting, dual battery mod.

It’s constructed purely of some kind of alloy, not sure which, but whatever it is I can tell you that this material is dense. Without batteries you’re looking at 180g, which is more than double the weight of some dual battery devices on the market today. What makes this unusual is that it’s also incredibly compact, the main body barely being wider than the batteries themselves, and that’s because all the electronics are hidden in the top of the device directly above them, giving it a height of 92mm.

Controlling the Double Barrel is just about as easy as it can possibly be, and that’s all down to the rather nifty fire button…

This is not any normal fire button, it is in fact a dial, and a very satisfyingly clicky dial at that. Simply turn the dial to adjust your wattage, press the dial once to fire, three times to switch the display upside down, four times to lock the power adjustment, and 5 times to switch it off…there…I’ve just give you the entire manual in one paragraph, and all this is displayed on the top 0.47inch OLED fluch mounted display…

It’s small, but easy to read, and tells you all you need to know. The difference with the V3 is that it’s flush mounted and sealed, whereas the earlier model had a slight recess…and a recess on a screen which is right next to your top, is a recipe for liquid pooling and leaking into your innards…no mod likes that. So they changed it on the V3 - super flat and super sealed, over-drip all you like and nothing will get inside…for someone like me who tends to drip liquid like he’s pouring milk on cereal…whilst drunk…on a roller-coaster…in high winds…

This…is very much appreciated…and indeed…necessary.

The finish on the Double Barrel has also had an upgrade with the V3, yes…it might look a little garish to some, but it is also available in several other, almost tattoo inspired themes, as well as plainer, more conservative options…

The kicker here is that they are now powder coated, offering much higher durability than its earlier painted models, and it feels really nice too.

Also up on the top we have the 510…

It houses a spring-loaded gold plated pin, follows the same ‘12 bore shotgun’ theme as the fire dial, and will now take a 25mm top without overhang, something else the previous models couldn’t do - they only went to 24mm…

But this shows that Squid Industries again evolved, by recognising the shift in popularity from 24 to 25mm tops, and…if you’re worried about your tops ruining the finish around the 510?..Fear not, because they also include two protection discs to go in between the mod and whatever you screw onto it…

Nice touch.

And finally, down below we have the battery door, which has also had an upgrade…

This time it’s hinged, no more risk of losing your door anywhere, and it’s also super thick and super tight, with ridges along the bottom for better grip. No venting though, and this is down to the fact that the whole body of the mod has one massive vent running down the middle…it really doesn’t get much more vented than that…

You may well notice the distinct lack of USB input, can’t say I’m surprised either, it’s not the kind of chip that will require firmware updates and seeing as this device was designed by someone who knows the in‘s and out’s of vaping, on-board charging will always be frowned upon. You shouldn’t do it, and in this case…you have no choice but to use a stand alone battery charger…big fan of that.

The Specs


Size: 43 x 25 x 92mm - Weight 180g (without batteries)

Fires down to 0.1Ω
Variable Wattage: 5-150W
Battery Type: 2 x 18650 battery (not included)
Display: 0.47 inch OLED display
Mode: VW
Material: Alloy
Thread: Spring-loaded 510 thread

It comes with

  • 1 x Double Barrel V3 MOD
  • 2 x Protection rings
  • 1 x User Manual

No…before you say it…you absolutely do not get the RDA with it. I forgot to take it off when I took the picture because, well…I’m a dick. At least you can’t say I haven’t said that before (shrugs)

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 would be thus; from a personal point of view I absolutely love it, it’s exactly what I hoped it would be - a simple, heavy duty, no nonsense, straight wattage shooting device that does everything I need a mod to do, and does it in a really cool way.

I love the ‘Double Barrel’ theme with the 12 gauge designs on the dial and the 510. Truth be told, I kinda really like the garish graphics on the model that I have - pair it up with matching drip tip and a black RDA and you sir…are good to go…

But what I probably love above all else with the Double Barrel…is just how fucking solid it feels. There is some serious weight to this thing, and that’s without batteries, and batteries aren’t exactly light either - put them together and this thing is a certifiable weapon, but other than that, it’s just so compact that it lends itself to your hand incredibly well. Is it pocket friendly?..Well…sure, you’ll probably have to wear a strong belt though…it aint the size that’s the problem there, this thing will pull your pants down when you least expect it to due to the weight alone…

The controls on the Double Barrel are top notch, the dial has just enough tension so that it won’t turn in your pocket, although you can actually lock it very easily anyway, and firing it is equally as satisfying. In fact…the only thing I found to be a slight bug bear with the entire thing was down to the new finish, and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t seem to have behaved very well with the ‘Squid Industries’ , deeply engraved logo down the front…

I’m not even sure how they could get around that, powder coating is a very different animal to painting so…I guess it’s just a sacrifice you have to make for the added durability and design.

All in all, the improvements in the V3 compared to the V1 and V2.1 have shown that Eric and the Squid Industries team know exactly how to adapt to feedback. A little touch here, a little change there, without altering the fundamentals which make the Double Barrel what it is…fucking cool, and something that I have become very attached to…I just simply love the thing, but not nearly as much as I love how it came to be.

Eric’s story is far from an isolated case, we all know that, and we’ve all heard the story before. A guy goes into the military, falls apart, ends up throwing his life away while the very place he was protecting turns it’s back on him, he spirals out of control, loses everything, and ends up living on the streets begging for money to get high just so he can forget his problems…most of these kinds of stories unfortunately don’t end well for the Veterans. It’s a problem that shouldn’t exist…but does, it’s a fucked up world, but for those that decide they want more out of life, there are people like Eric who will step up and listen, help, guide them on a better path. Eric may not be in the Navy anymore, but he is still very much a soldier, helping people that need it most…because he’s been there.

And now?..Well now he’s a soldier who makes kick ass mods with the rest of Squid Industries, what’s not to like? And it doesn’t stop at the Double Barrel either, I urge you to go and check out there website Here , you’ll find something to suit every vaper, including their line of liquids that… as I mentioned earlier, every bottle’s proceeds go into helping Veterans who need it…utter…respect.

Squid Industries…although already a well known and established manufacturer, are looking to expend their tentacles across the pond somewhat, and after talking to Eric yesterday he’d like you all to know that they are coming over for the London Expo in February 2020 and are planning to hit the Birmingham Expo in May 2020, so if you go…be sure to search them out, and show them some love.

Shit…I haven’t even told you the price!..Man, I really don’t know when to stop talking do I? (you don’t say)…right, well…don’t be surprised by the Double Barrel’s simplicity. This is not a particularly cheap device, and nor should it be, and the usual price I have seen floating about is around the £60/$79 region. Fortunately however…Newvape.com have this on sale, and it’s a good sale too. I can’t comment on their postage or dispatch times as I’ve literally only spoken to them once, but they currently have it for £30/$39 if you use code ‘squid16off’ at checkout, which is a real bargain for a mod of this quality…and knowing that a portion of the proceeds has gone to charity is an added bonus. Find that deal here…

Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Mod - discounted price.

Now then…if you made it this far into this lengthy, and for once…semi-serious review, then I have something to ask of you all. As most of you will already know, the ecigclick awards are upon us once again, and incredibly…I have been nominated for an award!..Actually, both Steampugs AND our forum ‘Vaping Community’ have been nominated…something that we are incredibly proud of for such a new and small forum. Last year some of you may remember that I actually managed to grab third in the ‘Best Vape Writer/Blogger’ category. I know, I know…you probably won’t know because I hardly EVER talk about it…to anyone…rarely even mention it (ahem)…and I have been lucky enough to be nominated again, so…if you like my material, and think it is worthy of such an accolade, then please…I need all the votes I can get and it takes but a moment to do. As writers we rarely get any kind of recognition, and this kind can do wonders towards getting better gear to review more often…which is good…right?..(debatable) …anyway, the polls are now open and you can vote for us here…

ecigclick Vape Awards 2019 - Live Polls

I’m in the last category for 'Best vape Writer/Blogger again. Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for me so far, it means a great deal to me and I am forever grateful. You’re all incredibly awesome!

Until next time



It is both an epic story and an epic mod - I am a big fan of both the Tac 21 and the Double Barrel. Thanks for your thoughts @Steampugs - for once I already have them and love them.


Yeah he’s a proper nice bloke, been talking to him again tonight, he really loves the review, he’s shared it somewhere…don’t know where lmao…thanks for the comment brother :wink:


Why thank you very much sir, took me 2 days that one lol…so hearing that you appreciated it makes me happy :wink: thanks for commenting man :+1: :+1:


Great review. Great story. Love my Double Barrel V3 and my Chief King RDA. What? Awards? You should have mentioned it, I had no idea.


Eric is a really good dude, you did his story justice brother :+1:

I like the V3, nice improvements over the V2. Gotta get yourself a Peacemaker XL RTA, great tank and looks cool as hell.

You got major talent bother, much respect


yeah he’s a top bloke, you can’t not admire what he did, he really liked the review too, he thought I was just going to mention him not tell his story, thankfully I got it all right lol…he was bowled over by it which is pretty cool.
I really dig the V3, such a solid mod.
Thanks for the nice comment man, means a lot coming from someone with your skills brother :wink: :raised_hands:


That’s because I keep it real…and super humble…I believe it to be the best way in life…but now you know so…I guess the cat’s out of the bag… :man_shrugging:

:sunglasses: :rofl:

Thanks brother :rofl: :raised_hands:


Thanks again brother.


Wow. Incredible story.
Thanks for getting the word out, and credit where it’s due. I would have had no idea otherwise.

Hats off to Mr Eric Buss and Squid Industries.

Going to have to bump their stuff MUCH higher in the things to look for list.


What he, and others, said, good on you for writing up his story :+1:
My ex-husband got a visit from the British army when he was around 14. His grandfather happened to be around at the time. Guy was in a wheelchair, guess how that happened.
He got rid of them fast. “You’ve fucked me over, then you got my son and now you dare come around for my grandson” :angry:
Needless to say he never joined up.


Wow… I think everyone would act in the same way, I just figured this was a story that needed telling, and seeing as this was the first Squid product I’d done it seemed like a good opportunity, and Eric’s been very cool about it, top bloke, lotta time for him :+1:
Thanks for the comment Jose :wink::ok_hand::+1:


And you told it well! Don’t let that mean old @Jose dampen your spirits!!!


And thank you again brother :wink::+1:


Kinda makes you see their gear differently eh Sparks :+1::ok_hand:


@Steampugs, not sure how I missed this one, but great review, as always. I have reviewed this, and a few of the tanks, and wow, Eric nailed it out of the park. Love the double barrel, and despite the fact, that it is a rock solid mod, it can double as brass knuckles in a pinch too !!!

Reminds me of when I first got a Provari, I knew it was unique, and so is this one.




The XL is the 28mm dual coil version, I enjoy it :+1:

You still digging the single coil? I have yet to pick one up


Thanks Dman :wink: yeah it’s a hell of a device brother, big fan. :+1: