Profile RDA by Wotofo and Mrjustright1 review...Mesh done right?

Youtube reviewer products are coming out at an alarming rate lately, some very good to great and some not so great. The Wotofo Profile RDA which was made in collaboration with Mrjustright1, a youtube reviewer is another offering. I have to admit I knew nothing about Mrjustright1 prior to receiving the Profile RDA directly from Wotofo for the purpose of this review, that has definitely changed now.

Main Features:

  • Flavor can be broken down layer upon layer
  • Break-through mesh style heating element
  • Easy to switch between mesh and wire coils
  • Spring-loaded ceramic support ensuring contact between mesh and cotton
  • 24mm sleeve with accurate air inflow
  • Experience from cool vape to warm vape
  • Up to 30 puffs at 75W before needing to re-saturate the wick when using pancake wicking method


  • Size: 24*32.5mm
  • Material: SS + PEEK
  • Drip tip type: 810 drip tip

Mesh coil specs:

  • Coil resistance: 0.18ohm
  • Material: Kanthal A1
  • 16 x 6.8mm
  • Recommended wattage: 40-60W

Included in the package

  • Profile RDA
  • User Manual
  • 6mm Agleted Cotton Strip
  • Extra 810 Drip Tip
  • Bending Tool
  • 1 Clapton Coil
  • 2 Mesh Coil Sheets
  • Extra O’Rings & Screws
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Squonk pin
  • Allen wrench

Getting to know the Profile RDA

I do not have too much experience with Mesh RDA’s, the only one I tried was the Cthulu Ceto that I reviewed a while back and while you can get decent performance the hassle was not worth it for me. Having also tried a couple mesh RTA’s in the past as well I just figured mesh was not for me, you can get it to work really well at times but it was just not for me in the long run.

Freemax helped to change the game when it comes to mesh with there Mesh subohm tanks, finally the potential for mesh as a coil began to make sense. They went even further and introduced the Mesh Pro and wow, the flavor that mesh can produce was intense to say the least.

Wotofo, in collaboration with YouTube reviewer Mrjustright1, may have just done for Mesh RDA’s what Freemax was able to do with Mesh Subohm tanks, change the game.

The problem with Mesh is the wick needs to be tight to the mesh for it to work well and with repeated soakings in juice gravity tends to take over and contract the cotton thus ruining performance over time. Wotofo has solved that by using a ceramic block under the cotton with a spring to keep the cotton snug to the mesh, very smart. You can see the spring under the ceramic block on the bottom right.

The top cap and deck are notched to make it easy to line up the honeycomb style airflow which really lends to a smooth and quiet draw. That also helps when installing or removing the RDA so the top cap does not spin on the deck.

Good but not great o’ring tolerances on the deck, could hold on a little tighter for my tastes but just slightly. The Airflow o’ring is on the tight side but loosens up with a nice bead of juice, make sure and lube it up with ejuice before use and it is just about perfect.

Builds and Performance

Wotofo includes a ceramic bending tool, use the thick end to shape the mesh prior to installing.

From there installation could not be simpler, one of the easiest installs your likely to have.

That was my first install and you can see I had a lot of cotton to deal with, turns out there is an easier way that Wotofo clued me into that I will address in my next build, don’t do it like above.

The performance with the above build took a little getting used to as it is different, very good but different. There was a little break in for me but once that happened the flavor really surprised me and the cloud production was ridiculous. As you would normally expect from a mesh there was zero delay from when you clicked the fire button, instantaneous vapor, it heats up insanely quick. It is a dry vape for the most part, more moist when you just drip or squonk but the flavor just pops. Lasted a long time too, I got about 9 days and the mesh looked like it was good for more but I wanted to try a SS316L mesh I had lying around, here is what 9 days looks like.

I have 3 rolls of SS316L mesh, all from Vandy Vape but in different configurations, 150, 200 and 300 mesh. I used the mesh from the Profile RDA kit to cut the mesh into the same dimensions, 16 x 6.8mm. This time I decided to use Native Wicks Platinum Blend cotton so see the difference and used the cotton cutting technique Wotofo emailed me which works like a charm.

Of all 3 of the Vandy Vape SS316L mesh the 200 was my favorite, the flavor just popped, more so than any of the mesh I tried…sooo good. Didn’t last as long as the Kanthal mesh though, this is what it looked like after 7 days which required a rebuild.

I did try the normal clapton Wotofo includes for a traditional build but that lasted a day and the next day I was back to the mesh, no contest, this RDA shines with mesh.

While different than a normal coiled RDA the flavor on the Profile RDA just pops, it really is that good. I also did not get that dreaded lava hot burn from hell that could be a problem with mesh RDA’s and RTA’s, when it was low you can taste a little bit of a dry hit enough to remember to drip or squonk. This thing chucks clouds too, surprising clouds at times as it is not as hot as you would suspect then just a plume of tasty clouds emerge from your mouth.

Squonking…yes please

I have not even dreamt of removing the squonk pin or using it any other way. Sure it drips fine and holds a decent amount of juice with the bushel of cotton you have stuffed in the 4mm juice well. The squonking action is just brilliant though, it comes up from the ceramic block just under the cotton and coil and saturates it beautifully. I ran it almost exclusively on a squonk mod and loved every minute, here are a few of the squonkers it called home.

I am going to buy a Gold Profile RDA for my Asmodus Pumper 21, love that combo but need a better matchy match.


  • Outstanding flavor but different, more of a dry vape so some may not be as impressed
  • Super easy to build with the mesh but make sure and have sharp scissors to cut the cotton
  • Top cap is THICK and provides notches that line up with the deck to perfectly align your airflow
  • Airflow o’ring just right but you have to juice it up or it is too tight
  • 810 inner o’ring perfect, every 810 drip tip fits just fine
  • Sturdy phillips grub screws that work great with the flat head screwdriver I used
  • Smooth airflow that is pretty airy wide open, I ran it with the top air holes closed for a flavor boost
  • Mech coils last a good while, about 8 days or more is what I averaged
  • 2 very nice 810 drip tips included


  • Takes a ton of cotton to work properly, need to make sure the wick is in tight
  • Not ideally suited for standard coils, once you try the mesh you won’t want to use standard coils anyway
  • Dual deck o’rings do not hold on the top cap as securely as I would like

Final thoughts

I feel Wotofo and Mrjustright1 have just changed the game when it comes to Mesh RDA’s, the Profile RDA is just that good. The included Kanthal mesh works great but the SS316L 200 mesh brought out even more performance but at a cost of rebuilding sooner.

The Profile RDA is an easy recommendation, just get 1 and enjoy. I hope Wotofo and Mrjustright1 have an RTA version in the works. I will buy one right away if they use the same ceramic clamping mechanism that keeps the cotton tight, very important for consistent performance.

I want to emphasize how important the ceramic block with spring is to keep the cotton tight. I had found with the other mesh RDA and RTA that I would have to go back in a compress the cotton after some use. This is what eventually made me say screw this, too much hassle. With mesh the cotton needs to be right up against it but at the same time you don’t want to compress it so much it wicks like a brick. There is a fine line between just right and crap with the wick and the ceramic block with spring just make the process effortless.

The Profile RDA is available to buy directly from Wotofo here: Profile RDA - Best Mesh and Coil RDA by Wotofo & Mr.JustRight1
Spare cotton here: Best Vape Cotton - Agleted Organic Cotton for Smooth Vaping
Spare mesh coils here: Mesh Coils for Profile RDA | Best Kanthal Mesh Rebuildable Coils - 10 Pieces

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Nice one bro and thanks for the wicking tip, I will use that the next time.
I like the Profile a lot but find myself in need of a dual battery squonker for it.
Reading and dripping do not really go well together :grin:

I had never heard of Mrjustright1 either until I saw his name on the box :sunglasses:

Is that the Desire Rage I’m seeing above?
Please tell me it is good cause I ordered it yesterday


Great review. Very well done. I love my Profiles and use them more than anything else especially with the SS.
@Jose , I have two Rages and haven’t had any problems. The added bonus is that you can use it in TC with the Profile with SS mesh. I have had to open up my Basium 3 times now to tighten the nut that holds down the 510. Next time it gets Loctite to keep it in place.


Thank you Jose! Yeah, the Desire Rage, love it and I am sure you will too. Makes a great combo with the Profile RDA and about 75% of the time for my review the pair were inseparable. Hopefully your Rage comes with the new firmware update, if not here is a good video to install the update:

Thanks @Jim22 and if you love the Profile then I know I am on the right track, I did pump my fist and yell YES when you said you love them :grin: What SS mesh has been your go to? I liked mine in the rage in TC as well but you do have to play with the temp depending on which gauge you use, the 200 mesh worked best a lot lower than normal for me, about 380 to 400F depending on the juice. Sucks to hear about the Basium, won’t be ordering one of those so thanks for the heads up.


Thanks man, that’s really helpful since I’m on a Mac.


I am also using the VV 316 200. I tried samples I had from other attys too and prefer the 200. I am using it on the Rage at 65 watts 400 degrees.


Dammit man, are you my long lost twin :joy: I use just about the same settings on my rage in TC, you have outstanding taste my friend :wink:


Probably some kind of psychic connection, or psychotic connection. Let me wave my finger in a circular motion. You should get Footoon Master. Hmm did it work?


Did you get the Footoon Master already? I am waiting to hear from you on it before ordering, must be some sort of outage in our psychotic connection, better call the cable company :joy:


Yep I have had one for about a week. My second one will be here tomorrow. Now just order it already! BWAHAHAHAHA enable enable enable


Here is a build vid Wotofo made on how to build the Profile, real handy:


Stopped by a local vape shop and when I asked what the hot new product is? they said the Profile RDA. Had to pick up the gold to go with my Asmodus Pumper 21, love the combo.


Can anything actually look NOT good on top of the Iguana ??? I’m still on the fence over the whole meshy mesh thing, but reviews like this are starting to push me towards it. Great review @mjag.


Been loving my Profile for a long time now, Wotofo did a good job with this one.


Thanks brother and yeah, the Iguana is still one of my favorites. The Profile works great on mech squonks with the vandy vape 200 SS mesh. Works better with squonking than dripping but I still do both. Still have both my Profiles in use and bought a black profile cap so now have 3 colors. The Profile RDA is the ONLY mesh rebuildable I use, the others have all been shit. The Profile RTA will be releasing soon, I am hoping it works as well as the RDA.

@anon96380778 good to hear your liking that much too, your right, wotofo nailed it :+1: