*Preview* of the new Vaporesso FORZ TX80 kit

Vaporesso have asked me personally if I would be so kind as to preview something quite exciting that’s being released at the end of September, The Vaporesso FORZ TX80 Kit.

The features of FROZ TX80 as below:

World’s Frist All-around Protected Vaping device: water-proof,

shock-proof(Include the Tank) and dust–proof.

About FORZ TANK 25:

  1. Silicone Drip Tip Cover for safe vaping

  2. Fiberglass Plastics & High Tenacity Soft-rubber for double protection.

  3. Innovative GTR coils: Natural Organic Cotton & Larger Airway giving you the purer flavor and denser clouds than ever

  4. E-juice Reuse: Leak-proof Structure

About Mod:

  1. Compact Design, Ergonomic Grip and Luxury Leather

  2. Up-grated AXON 2.0 chip retain all the previous functions, and a new function was added—f(t)mode which can provide an unprecedented leap

in flavor release

  1. Adjustable wattage max to 80w, powered by one single external 18650

More details please check: FORZ TX80 » Vaporesso

Quite a nice looking little kit I’m sure you’ll agree…must have taken them Aegis to come up with the design… :smirk:

For full details just click this link Vaporesso FORZ TX80 Kit


I see what you did there lol… but will it hold a 30mm atomizer?


I doubt it…maybe, but it’s only 18650 too…which I find a little odd


It wouldn’t have taken but a few more mm to make it fit a 2x700…


Thats hilarious


I think they have asked everyone personally to preview it lol, saves me the bother of going through the motions. Is interesting looking with a Target front end and Aegis Rear! I think Justin is getting p***ed lol


I would imagine he is lol, although he’s not with em anymore is he?, isn’t he concentrating on OXVA now?..

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Yes but via his personal Facebook page he posted having a go at all the Aegis Rip offs, it was only last week so this could of been the straw that weighs heavy on the back!


I saw that :laughing:…fair play though, but that’s China, copyright infringement is practically none existent


I’m sure he’s never looked at an idea and thought i will use that! lol

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too fuckin true :ok_hand:

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