[POLL] Do you steep e-liquid in a closed or open container

  • Steep in a closed container
  • Steep in an open container
  • Other

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I don’t want a fly to land in the juice. And I’ve never thought of the open container thing.

Someone explain the pros and cons (already covered the bug thing).


So, I have been experimenting with some semi open bottles, ie. leave the spout cap off and surpisingly the liquid tastes better and is changing more rapidly.

The reason I tried this was from my 3 week “closed” container test where the liquid stayed exactly the same as when I mixed it, even with nic.

The strawberry one shot I got recently is actually pretty darn good


@Grubby I’m more concerned that the flavours will escape and the end result will be a weaker flavour overall. Even though that would be good for any alcohol based flavours.
I will keep an eye on this one to see how you get on though.


I’m running on the theory that a good portion of the flavor is in the aroma and that the aroma might very well be volatile to an open container. So I keep them closed. I really don’t have any mixes that have any aberrant fumes that I want rid of. Now, in my mind it still comes down to what do you enjoy? Maybe someday I’ll try leaving one open for awhile and give it a shot. Who knows, maybe something will develop that really hits the spot. It’s kinda like my recipe of Tiger’s Blood. I just discovered it tastes great in a pharaoh on a Legend @ 55 Watts with a 2x28+36 SS parallel build on a 3mm id rod and 6.5 wraps. That may seem like overkill in regard to specifications but actually every aspect plays a part. For the strawberry to shine the ramp up time has to be just right that the strawberry is vaporizing before the other flavors. It’s kind like the adage of moon and stars aligning etc. but not in sarcasm.


So far I’ve noticed 2 things with the strawberry mix, the more volatile fruits are less harsh and the creams are being allowed to surface, obviously some of the flavour has died down somewhat but I’m getting a really nice blend of strawberry and cream that I feel like I wouldn’t achieve steeping in a closed container


While that might be true, the aroma certainly doesn’t vanish, I think it’s more about letting the other heavier flavours come through, like creams and custards.

A 3-4 day lid off period and I’m talking about just the spout lid, or do as another mixer who’s name escapes me does and recycle the air in the bottle replacing the cap each time


All makes good sense.


I think I will have to try this method.
Do you think that this would apply to all recipes, or just to assist certain flavours blend together better?


So far I’ve only tested it with heavy cream / custard, I think an all fruit mix, you will just remove that harshness / perfume from it


I can see how this works and why, however i still can help feeling that over time it would shorten the flavour life of the lighter flavours. But if you vape it all up with a relatively small batch the longevity of the juice is a mute [sic] point (see what i did there :grinning:)


I’ll have to give it a go then.


Once at your desired taste refit the lid to keep the freshness