Playing with the lightning camera


I got this little android app which stores a bunch of images in the buffer and allows you to get some cool lightning pics

We had a bit of flash bang storm today lost power for a few hours.

The first one is a little too close to the tower that gives me my net connection (just to the left of the strike)

My closest neighbour thought the house was collapsing when this one hit

They look so epic at night here is one from a few years ago.


You’ve got some great looking landscapes there in Aussie. I would almost pack up and emigrate… almost :sweat_smile:
I met this posh family in England years back who emigrated to Australia, they were back in a shot.
The woman had a nervous breakdown when she mistook a gardenhose for a snake :joy:


Since we live on the top of a hill with open ground around the house in 15 years we have only had 2 garden hoses near the house. Around water or thick undergrowth, there are a few around it is just a case of getting used to sharing. I mean the USA has big ass bears, mountain lions and other stuff that will kill you Europe has hmm nothing springs to mind. I guess when you grow up with a healthy respect for things that can hurt you the fear factor is a lot less. :grinning:


That’s why we don’t come over, we wouldn’t know what could kill us and what couldn’t :sweat_smile:


Assume everything then research later :rofl::rofl::rofl:


These are the kind of spiders that we get here that tend to freak some people out.
They will only bite you when you threaten them, picking them up or something like that.
It’s a bit painful apparently, I don’t know I’ve never been bitten because I’m not daft enough to pick them up. :laughing:


The first one you will find in gardens and the second in your home.


WOW… I’m jealous…


I’ve eaten one of the first ones, common garden spider, pops goo in your mouth, very sour…


I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life but not that :nauseated_face:


What are some of them? The most scandalous anyway… :japanese_goblin: :innocent:


I’m not gonna tell you that, I may be daft but I’m not that daft :smiling_imp:


Aw, rats. I was looking forward to a little titillation to help ease this brutal cold today (-5F this morning).


Tough, I was pretty cold myself until you asked me that question. Ended up without clothes :blush:


That’ll have to do then. Thanks!


No lightening for us. Current weather here: (worse earlier)


Theme for the day: stay inside. Frostbite in minutes. I was just out in it by necessity (fixing wind damage) I can say that I haven’t seen this here more than twice in my life.


I am straight west of Fort Wayne shown on the map.


Wow, we’re really not far from each other. I’m not too far straight below the -21 part of the Peoria listing.


320 Miles to St Louis from here.


@mrpipes if you draw a backwards L shape between you two I’m the elbow lol


I am at about the “n” in Fort Wayne on the map. Damn we’re having a heat wave. Only -6 with -18 wind chill. Supposed to be a 'blistering" 7F later today. Even the mail is cancelled again. Can’t get my shop above 50 F without extra heaters. Too old for this cold shit. :tired_face:


Yeah, it’s largely abated for us already. No wind chill, and around 9F at the moment.