Palates and you:

I have seen a lot of posts recently and all of them boil down to one thing, your palate for tasting. This palate thing is like a shot in the dark or a snowflake (not like @Steampugs) crystallization , no two palates will ever be the same. With out swapping tongues (I know that sounds horrible and in no way am I swapping tongues with @woftam and his vegemite lover tongue) no one person will be able to validate what you say is the best flavor out there. Even I like other things that others do not. Take @SmokyBlue and her God forsaken love of FLV. She stands by it, because it fits her palate. Pitya (Draqgonfruit) FLV is a great dragonfruit, where as I tend to go with the TFA Dragonfruit because I feel it goes better with FA’s Monsoon. (Monsoon and Dragonfruit is a hell of a two item recipe if you ask me.)

What the basic point of this is not one person is going to have your palate. Some are going to have a refined taste, for such things as caviar, expensive scotch, expensive wine, you know the shit I will never see. Others are going to have the 12 Bud light, bottom shelf bourbon, and a cheap ass cigar palate. Which is just fucking fine. There cannot be a debate on flavors with a true winner, because our palates are so vastly different.

Well what the fuck do we do from here? Well we take suggestions lightly and find for ourselves what we like and can stay off of cigs. A suggestion that I always bring to the table is that if your budget allows, throw in a $1 or $2 sample of that flavor. Hell even ask in the order form of your next order, what do you recommend is a good “Strawberry” and could you help me find the right one. The seller may throw in a couple of strawberries you did not know about and can sample them.

The ultimate goal is a longer life and the true winner if you are vaping, is you!


Well said mate. I always am aware that my taste buds are totally different to most, according to flavour reviews I have seen. Whether from smoking for so long or just the way I taste, I definitely don’t get the same impression of flavours that others do.


Not trying to be controversial in my topic here, just know the reality of things here.


Samples are the Godsend of DIY. Palates and tastes ARE all over the roadmap so to speak. I’m just lucky that I get more than not who share a similar palate to mine, but not all. I’d get more negative feedback on my reviews, so maybe I’m lucky, with a middle of the road palate.


hehe!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Tis true!! :rofl:

Good post Skully!!! We have to appreciate how we are so similar, but yet different…
I keep saying thank goodness we all are not the same, keeps things very iteresting!


Great points @Skullblade789, my Palate likes some funky sh!t and that suits me fine !
I was trying to stay away from this thread because for some reason I actually thought it was about Pilates :man_shrugging:


Great topic @Skullblade789. Covers already a lot of ground. I would also add acquired taste to it. I lived in Europe and Asia earlier and there you have exposure to different flavors and flavor combinations.
Just think about the latest noted episode on woodruff. Nobody felt connected to it, a classic European taste.
And I would also add Memory lane to it. I don’t know how you feel, but I recall Grandma‘s apple pie as the best I ever tasted. Unmatched in taste ever. Or her Quince jelly. Or…