OXVA XLIM Pro Review


When a company introduces their ‘Pro’ version of a product, I tend to expect better quality and a full set of features.

However, expectations and reality are often two very different things.

Product overview

The XLIM Pro is a 1000mAh, 30w, autodraw/fire-button pod system, compatible with most of the existing range of XLIM pods and the new top-fill pods that come with the kit.

What do you get?

  • XLIM Pro device
  • 0.6ohm pod
  • 0.8ohm pod
  • type-C cable + lanyard

First impressions

While the basic design is similar, the XLIM Pro feels different from previous XLIM models; rather than the aluminum shell construction of the XLIM V2, SE, etc, the Pro has chunky metal frame design with front and back panels. This sounds like a minor detail, but it results in the Pro having a heavy and sturdy feeling, rather than something more lightweight.

I’m no expert, but the carbon fiber front and back actually feel like carbon fiber with a texture to them – although they are probably just stickers.

The only negative point on the actual design of the XLIM Pro is the fire button placement, I’d much rather see the fire button on the front than on the side – however, I tend to use autodraw in devices like this, so it’s of little consequence to me.

Overall, the build quality is a step-up from most pod devices that have a semi-disposable feel to them.


The new XLIM ‘top-fill’ pods are not exactly top-fill in my eyes, I’d describe then as ‘side-fill’.

To me, top-fill means you crack off the mouth-piece revealing a fill port – these pods have a rubber tab on the side of the pod, so that you can refill the pod without having to remove it from the device.

I consider the above to be a good thing, because a mouth-piece that’s designed to be cracked off, tends to be with thin and flimsy, while a fixed mouth-piece can be much thicker and feels nicer in the mouth.

Apart from the fill design, the pods are a quite similar design to the previous XLIM pods.

Pod compatibility

The new side-fill pods that come with the XLIM Pro are compatible with previous XLIM models such as the XLIM V2, SQ and SE and pods from those models are compatible with the XLIM Pro.

However, the XLIM C with its replaceable coil pods has no compatibility with any other XLIM products that I’m aware of.


  • Five clicks – power on/off
  • Three clicks – power adjustment
  • Four clicks – power button lock (autodraw will still function)
  • Two clicks – adjust the RGB light effects (includes turning it off)
  • Seven clicks – puff counter reset

Ah yes, LED lighting effects. The screen has a bar that can display a few different RGB light effects to accompany your vaping. I just turned it off.

How does it perform?

Don’t expect an increase in flavor over the preceding XLIM models – the coils are essentially the same.

However, that’s not to say that they aren’t good – when it comes to pod devices, XLIM coils are very good.

Both the 0.8 and 0.6ohm coils are very flexible, they are capable of performing well throughout their recommended power ranges, once you start closing down the airflow they give nice flavor below their recommend power ranges.

Flavor from both of the supplied coils is clear and detailed for a pod system, both coils deal well with fruits and pastries.

Throughout my testing, there have been no leaks or moisture inside the XLIM Pro.


Airflow adjustment is via a three slot sliding system on the side of the device, the nice thing about this system is that each slot is slightly different in size, you can vape with all three slots closed for a very tight MTL draw or gradually open up each hole to go from tight MTL to loose MTL. You won’t get a DL or even restricted DL draw from this device – it is MTL only.

Overall, the airflow adjustments are precise and convenient.


1000mAh from a device that is capable of performing well with coils under their recommended power ranges is always going to result in good battery life. Of course, this will depend on how much you vape, but I would imagine that for most users, getting a full day of use would not be too hard.


As I was hoping, this is the best XLIM device to date, while the vape quality is no different from previous XLIM versions, the increase in battery capacity, the improved build quality and the move from bottom-fill to side-fill all add up to make a very nice pod device.


The XLIM Pro was sent for the purposes of this review by OXVA.


Thanks @I_aint_Joe.


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