The XLIM CRC is (as the name implies) the Child Resistant Certification authorized version of the Xlim Pod.

This may be relevant because of your location, or because you have kids, but at the end of the day anything that keeps vapes legal is a good thing.

Note: as a lot of the details are identical to those of the Xlim Pod that I reviewed a while ago, I will be copy/pasting those details.

Product overview

The XLIM CRC is a compact 900mAh pod system, that comes with 2ml 0.8ohm and 0.6ohm pods (non-replaceable coils), has the option of autodraw/fire button, with adjustable airflow and 5-25w adjustable wattage.

What do you get?

  • XLIM CRC pod system
  • 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm CRC pod
  • type-C USB cable

First impressions

Apart from the CRC pod, there are no noticeable differences from the original XLIM Pod. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as OXVA’s pod MTL pod systems are generally very nice to use.

The only thing I’d like to change is moving the USB port to the side of the device from the bottom.

Operating the Device

You turn the device on and off with five clicks, four clicks switches between autodraw only mode and autodraw+fire button mode, seven clicks resets the puff counter, and three clicks allows you to adjust the wattage. As you only have one button, adjusting the wattage is done via the fire button, with the wattage increasing in 0.5w increments.

The 0.42 inch LCD screen displays wattage, resistance, battery level and puff counter – and will also display a number of warnings if required.

The XLIM will also detect the resistance of the pod and decrease (but not increase) the wattage to the maximum recommended level for that pod.


Unlike recent OXVA pods, the CRC pods are top-fill. Usually, I have an issue with top-fill pods as the removable mouthpiece tends to be thin, flimsy and hard to remove; this not the case with the CRC pods.

The mouthpiece is made of a comparatively thick and flexible rubberized material, it fits securely, but is easy to remove and feels comfortable to vape on.

The only strange thing about these pods is the capacity, on the packaging it states 1.6ml on enclosed manual, it states 2ml.

How does it perform?

  • 0.6ohm pod – this pod is rated from 20-25w, but doesn’t need to be pushed that hard. I ran it from 15-25w with the airflow 2/3 to completely open. The flavor was good, more than good – the flavor was excellent, especially with picking out the secondary flavors of my juice, something that the vast majority of pod systems fail to do. Not only was the flavor good, but so was the throat hit.
  • 0.8 ohm pod – this pod is rated from 12-16w, but again performs really well at lower wattages. At 10w with one airflow hole open, it’s a really nice tight-ish MTL vape – but at 16w with all three open it’s still MTL, but more in line with a regular pod system draw. As with the 0.8ohm pod, it does well with picking out the main and secondary flavors of the juice.

As far as pods go, I’d rate the 0.6ohm pod as class-leading, the 0.8ohm pod is very good but for tight MTL, I think the 0.7ohm Argus pod from Voopoo performs slightly better.


The slide airflow control allows you to close from one to three holes, however these holes are not the same size. The first hole to be closed is about 10% of the total airflow, the second is about 30% and the last is the remaining 60%. You can close all three for a very tight draw and it’s still enjoyable.

Overall, the airflow is nice – you get some very precise adjustments, but everything is within MTL limits – you’re not going to open it up and get a restricted DTL draw no matter what you do.


The CRC pods work in my XLIM Pro, so I assume they are compatible with the rest of the XLIM range, apart from the XLIM C which has removable coils.


Initially, I assumed that the CRC pod would only be of interest to those in CRC restriction areas or those with young kids. However, the top-fill system is implemented so well that I’d choose these pods over regular OXVA pods.

Apart from the pods, it’s the same as the XLIM Pod system, which is very good anyway.


The XLIM CRC was sent for the purposes of this review by OXVA.


Thanks @I_aint_Joe.