OXVA Velocity 21700 100W Full Kit - Pod Mod/Mod Combo - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Velocity 21700 100W Full Kit from OXVA. The OXVA Velocity 21700 100W Kit was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Tina from 3avape.



OXVA was founded almost one year to the day ago and i am hard pressed to think of another manufacturer that has made so much of an impact in such a short period of time but as the founder is Justin Lai the ex head designer of Geekvape who designed many of their best products such as the Zeus and Aegis then maybe it should of come as no surprise!

The Velocity is the first of their products i have looked at and i received the full kit version, it’s also available just with the 510 adaptor as a box mod. The Velocity introduces their new Unipro Coil heads but you also receive an empty pod for the Unicoil Coil Heads so some backwards compatibility which is a good thing!, i also received the Unipro RBA although that is a separate purchase.

The Velocity is a 21700 Box Mod with removable 510 adaptor which allows the use of pods. It features Smart, Power (regular variable wattage) and Variable Voltage modes and the display colour accents can be changed adding some customisation. Coming with different Leather or IML panels there is sure to be at least one option that appeals so let’s give the Velocity a closer look!

In The Box



1 x Velocity box mod
1 x 18650 battery adapter(in the mod)
1 x Unipro Cartridge(0.15ohm Unipro Coil pre-installed)
1 x Unicoil Cartridge(Coil not included)
1 x 0.3ohm Unipro Coil
1 x 2 in 1 Tool
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x User manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Velocity comes in sturdy cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve. The device comes with different leather or colourful IML panels, I received the Black Leather version which has Black leather panels either side. The options are Black Leather, Brown Leather, Carbon fiber, Rose Gold, Gold Ripple or Black Marble.

They do claim on their website that with the 510 connection installed it’s the smallest single 21700 box mod but i have no idea what drugs the author of that claim was on because putting it next to the Dovpo Odin Mini the Velocity towers over the Odin and in general it’s a large box shaped device! Although apart from curved sides it has no more ergonomic form features like curved spine etc it feels reasonably comfortable in the hand.

With the 510 adaptor installed it does look in everyway like a standard device and the small 510 plate is raised just an hair protecting the surface while giving no visible gaping, the 510 is both Gold plated and spring loaded but has a very stiff short throw! The device has a sturdy Zinc Alloy construction with panels either side, on mine these panels as mentioned are Black leather and we have “OXVA” embossed one side. The spine has printed branding towards the bottom and three vertical pill shaped airflow slots towards the top.

Moving to the face we have the same matching airflow slots towards the top followed underneath by a protruding rectangular fire button. Central we have the colour screen followed by two smaller rectangular navigational buttons lined up vertically, we have a type C USB at the bottom. Moving to the base and we have the hatch door with protruding grooves, venting and printed safety marks.

The device is solid but it needs pointing out when shaking the 510 adaptor has a lot of movement despite being a very secure fit!


Velocity Specs and Features:

Material: Zinc Alloy, Leather or IML panels
Size: 100.5 x 27 x 41mm
Battery Capacity: 18650(18650 battery adapter)/20700/21700 (Not included)
Pod Capacity: 5ml/2ml
Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm Unipro Coil, 0.3ohm Unipro Coil
Wattage Range: 5-100W
Voltage Range: 0.5-8.0V
USB Type: Type-C
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: 2.5A
Drip tip: 510 drip tip
Luxury leather and IML material designs
Smaller 100W 21700 box mod
Creative 510 connection
Unipro coils with RBA compatible with MTL & RDL
3 modes-smart, power, voltage
Colour/Designs: Black Leather, Brown Leather, Carbon fiber, Rose Gold, Gold Ripple, Black Marble


The 510 Adaptor

Whether just buying as a mod or the full kit the 510 adaptor is already installed. It is secured by the same 4 strong magnets as we see on the base of the pods but also either side we have strong protruding tabs that fit into indentations on the inside of the bay, in fact it gives a reassuring loud click as these tabs secure in place. Despite fitting very securely meaning you need to use the supplied tool to remove disappointingly it has movement both sidewards and back and forth but this isn’t noticed during use!


The Included Tool

Included is a tool which you use to remove the 510 adaptor and also prising your coil assembly free from the pod. One side of the tool has a flattened end which can be slid into the open airflow slot and underneath the coil and then just lift free. The other end has 510 threading which you screw into the adaptor and then pull while pushing sidewards to free the adapter, it’s very secure!


The Pod

You receive one pod with a wide bore 510 drip tip and a 0.15ohm Unipro coil head pre-installed and a second pod without an installed drip tip or coil and of course with it being a standard 510 fitting you can fit an alternative drip tip if you prefer. The spare pod is for the Unicoils which came with previous products although before realising it wasn’t the same pod as the one with a pre-installed coil (it looks the same) i actually built and installed the Unipro RBA into this pod and it fits fine and i have had zero leaking so scratching my head a bit? The pod is tinted but you can see the e-liquid inside and the top section protrudes outside the device so you don’t need to remove the pod to check the level. The pod also has top-fill with a generous port but the drip tip can get in the way of larger bottles so you might need to remove just as you fill.

We have a silicone flap with “OXVA” and an arrow head embossed into the silicone showing where to lift. It lifts easily for a mess free fill and goes back into place to seal the port with no issues, the pod holds 5ml of liquid while of course the TPD pod holds 2ml.

Moving to the base of the pod we have a strong magnet to each corner and the central cylindrical opening for the pod assembly to be installed!


The Coil Head Assembly

The coil head assembly is completed by screwing the Unipro coil into the airflow base which also has the negative and central positive on it’s base.


The Coils

Included pre-installed in the Unipro pod we have the 0.15ohm mesh coil head which is rated between 60 and 80w and also included is the more modest 0.3ohm mesh coil head rated between 30 and 42w. Also available is the Unipro RBA coil head and you receive the Unicoil pod so you can also use the already available Unicoil coil heads if you prefer a more tamed vape!


Once fitted into the adjustable airflow base the assembly just gets press fitted into the pod as usual and is sealed via an O-ring.


Fitting The Pod

Looking into the bay we have the Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and a raised magnet to each corner to line up with the magnets on the base of the pod, we can also see the airflow openings both front and back. The pod fits very securely needing a strong tug to remove but just like the adaptor when checking it has both sidewards and back and forth movement!


The Airflow

The Velocity has adjustable airflow which is adjusted by turning the airflow base which is screwed on to the base of the coil head. On both front and spine of the device we have 3 vertical pill shaped airflow slots allowing plenty of air to get to the base of the coil head. It does give very good adjustability but the only downside is you can’t adjust obviously while the pod is installed!


The Unipro RBA Coil Head + Build



I also received the Unipro RBA which is a separate purchase and said to be the first dual MTL and RDL RBA coil head and i must say i am very impressed by it. It comes with all the usual spare grub screws, spare O-rings, screwdriver, cotton and a coil with full specs and also includes a drip tip.

It also comes with an adjustable airflow base like what you use on the standard coils but this one as both a slot and cleverly positioned small holes allowing you to have the slot or part of the slot open, the 1mm hole with part of the slot, the 1mm and 0.8mm hole with part of the slot, just the 1mm and 0.8mm holes open together or either just the 1mm or 0.8mm open on their own for an even tighter draw. If you intend a MTL build then you also get a MTL airflow reducer which just gets press fitted into the base of the RBA coil head before screwing the coil into the adjustable airflow base section!

I didn’t use the supplied coil as i wanted to check it out with a MTL build so used the reducer and a 1.8ohm pre-wound coil i have a load of. We have posts facing each other with 2 philips screws on each post which when tightened down act as clamps, having two each post means you can use any two diagonal to each other so it doesn’t matter which way your coils are wound. You have decent sized wicking channels for your cotton to get tucked into and the airflow outlet is positioned directly underneath your coil, as an RBA coil head build goes it was extremely easy and straightforward!


Fitting The Battery

The Velocity accommodates either a 21700, 20700 or 18650 with supplied adaptor which gets fitted via the bottom hatch door. The hatch door is an interlocking design so you need to push outward before lifting up and once the battery is installed push down and then press inwards to lock securely in place. Orientation is marked vibrantly at the bottom of the tube but i would prefer bright White on the underside of the hatch door, when trying either a 21700 or 18650 (with adaptor) there was no battery rattle whatsoever, likewise there was no movement of the battery door.


The Display

The Velocity has a simple well laid out colour display which is both sharp and bright. Top left we have the OXVA logo and top right the battery status bar. Underneath we have the wattage or Voltage (if in voltage mode), underneath this we have the working mode. Next lined up vertically we have resistance followed by voltage (watts when in voltage mode), then your vape duration followed finally by your puff count.


Navigating The Velocity

The Velocity is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on pressing both navigational buttons together locks those buttons but the device will still fire. Fire and up together allows you to change the colour of the display and down and fire together resets the puff count.


To enter the menu is 3 quick clicks of the fire button which brings up a list of options which are Smart, Power, Volts, Color and Exit. When in Smart mode the device will detect a new coil and adjusts to a suitable wattage and only allows a max wattage to suit that particular coil. Power is standard Variable Wattage so we have no limitations, the power can be adjusted between 5w and 100w in 1w increments, it round robins. Volts is Variable Voltage which can be adjusted up to 8v and finally Color gives the same colour options as when pressing fire and up together from the working screen.



10s Switch Timeout Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overcharge Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Output Over-current Protection


As usual i never recommend charging your battery in the device unless it’s your only option but if you do the Velocity has Type C USB and a 2.5A max charge rate while also supporting pass-through! While charging the device displays both a charging progress bar and the charge as a percentage!

My Experience Using The Velocity And Thoughts!

As just a box mod the Velocity performed well with great battery life from a 21700 battery although i only used it with the Zeus original which i dusted down and the Nevermore MTL RTA which i am finding tops!!! Like most modern devices it fires out the gate and hits set wattage without delay, the fire button is also nice and clicky! The device is tall and overall quite large which i am only really pointing out because OXVA claim it’s the smallest 21700 box mod which is rubbish!!! Another thing that needs pointing out is that both the 510 adaptor and the pods do give quite a bit of movement when testing for it although during normal use this isn’t noticed!

Moving on to the pods and i must say i can see why OXVA are getting quite a reputation as the flavour i got from both coils was fantastic, also including a pod that allows the use of the more tamed Unicoil coil heads is another big pro! The main con i found was when testing the 0.15ohm coil head as the battery was getting low i did notice a drop off in performance which was surprising using a 21700 as the device has a buck-boost converter so not sure if it’s an issue with my device or common to the Velocity. Luckily for me i was only testing the 0.15ohm coil and wouldn’t normally be vaping at 80w so had no other issues with power drop off during testing. Out of the two included coil heads the 0.3ohm was more my bag which i used with the airflow halfway for a medium restrictive draw full of intense flavour, found this perfect at 35w.

I like the top-fill and that your e-liquid level can be seen without removing the pod and also the 5ml capacity is very good (standard pod), the adjustable airflow works very well but the downside is to adjust the pod needs removing from the device!

For those interested in the MTL/RDL Unipro RBA coil head then after testing the device with a couple of atomizers and trying out the supplied coils i have been using it with the RBA. Weirdly i just thought the spare pod was the same not knowing at the time it was for Unicoils (shows how much attention i pay) yet i have been using the Unipro RBA in the Unicoil pod with absolutely no issues? I was really interested just how it would perform as a MTL RBA so used the reducer and have the airflow with both the 1mm and 0.8mm airflow holes open which is rocking a very pleasant medium MTL which by adjusting to just the 1mm or 0.8mm hole it gives a medium tight draw pretty much like a cigarette pull, the draw is smooth and getting really good flavour, very impressed.

I like that the device has both smart and standard power modes with variable voltage being an added bonus, i am also a fan of being able to change the screen colour and overall the device is very simple to navigate. Having type C USB is another pro as is it’s 2.5A charge rate and that it supports passthrough. Finally when getting the Full Kit i am very impressed with what you receive and at it’s price point is very good value!



Solid build quality
Nice panel options
Can accommodate either 21700, 20700 or 18650 (with supplied adaptor)
Works well as standard Mod
Tool included to remove both 510 adaptor and coil assembly
Both Unipro and Unicoil pod included
Can both check e-liquid level and fill without removing pod from the device
Both 0.15ohm and 0.3ohm Unipro coil heads included
Standard 510 drip tip fitting (can you your own)
Buck Boost Converter (but see cons)
Excellent flavour from both coils
Unicoil coil heads compatible using supplied Unicoil pod
MTL/RDL Unipro RBA available
RBA worked great set-up for MTL
Bright, sharp well laid out simple display
Colour of display customisable
Device very easy to navigate
Smart, Power and Voltage modes
Nice clicky fire button
Fires out the gate with instant ramp up
Solid battery hatch door
Type C USB
2.5A charging while supporting pass-through


Movement with both adaptor and pods (not noticed during use)
At high wattage did get some power drop off when battery ran low
Quite large despite claims
Pod needs removing to adjust airflow
Larger bottles might require removal of drip tip for better access
Needs clear marked orientation on underside of battery door

I would once again like to thank Tina from 3avape for supplying the OXVA Velocity 21700 100W Full Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Awesome review as always @Timwis,
100watts, 21700, with 510 (and the included tool) I’m impressed :+1:


Nicely reviewed @Timwis.


Great review Timwis, def an interesting one :ok_hand:


Great detailed review! My buddy also got one to test and it’s flavor is absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to get mine. Still considering the Odin but I really like the hand feel and the texture of the leather option.
I have small hands but this feels very good in hand. I think the look of the leather is very elegant as well.
Thanks for an awesome review!


Welcome to the VC @LilRed.


Awesome review @Timwis. Great breakdown.