OXVA Origin X review

OXVA Origin X kit review

Thanks to Oxva for supplying this kit for review. These are my thoughts/opinions & I have no affiliation to either Oxva or VC.
OXVA are a new company in the vaping world but it’s creator, Justin Lai has been responsible for the Aegis series from Geekvape. His design ethics are now being channelled into this new project. The company vision is “To be the most trusted vaping brand in three to five years”. Read on for my thoughts on this latest offering.

In the box

The Origin X is the 3rd offering to utilise the Unicoil stock coil. Coming packaged in a flip top box & with a plastic cover detailing the options available, the design ethic can already be seen. On the top tray is the mod with a 0.2ohm pre-installed coil. Available in 4 versions, Carbon, Black/Red, Grey marble & the one I received Pine Green. The side panels recreate a stabwood resin finish with the OXVA logo on one side. Under the top tray there’s a box containing the USB C charge lead, User manual, warranty card & coil range card. Also included is a 1.0ohm coil with a removable airflow collar, more on this later. The RBA pod & 510 adaptor are available as separate purchase or a limited edition package.


· Photon Chipset
· Dimensions - 102.9mm by 34.5mm by 25mm,100grms
· Single High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included
· Resistance Range: 0.15-2.0ohm
· Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
· 0.69" OLED Display Screen
· Single Adjustment Button
· Bottom Fill System - Silicone Stoppered
· OXVA Uni Coil Series
0.2ohm UNI Mesh Coil - rated for 55-60W
0.3ohm UNI Mesh Coil - rated for 30-40W
0.5ohm UNI Mesh Coil - rated for 20-25W
1.0ohm UNI KA Coil - rated for 10-15W

5 protection levels, Switch timeout, Short-circuit, Over charge, Over discharge & Output over current.


· 1x Origin X Pod Mod
· 1x Origin X Pod
· 1x 0.2Ω UNI Mesh Coil
· 1x 1.0Ω UNI Mesh Coil
· 1x Type-C Charging Cable
· 1x Airflow Ring
· 1x User Manual

OXVA Origin X

The Origin X has a tear drop profile with a removable panel to access the battery compartment. The main body is Zinc alloy with, on this version, a green finish. The ABS battery panel is securely held by 4 magnets & released with a finger nail slot clearly marked “OPEN”. The 0.60” OLED screen is bright & simply laid out with watts, volts, resistance, puff counter & battery meter. Above the screen on the narrow face is the Fire button, with a blue LED ring to indicate firing & below that is a single select button. 5 clicks on the Fire button turns the pod on/off & 3 clicks locks both buttons. The select button adjusts wattage up & once 60w (max) is reached another press round robins & starts again at 5w (min). When fitting a pod “New coil?” message appears & to accept press the select button. There’s no menu system available, not that one is needed when it’s a power only mod. Above the fire button there are 2 air slots. The battery compartment is marked for correct orientation & a fitted ribbon aids removal with a strong negative pin keeping the battery secure. The USB C port is on the base so the pod will be laid down if on board charging & if using with the RBA pod I would recommend removing the pod. As always, a dedicated charger is recommended over on board, but I had no issues with top up charges. The stock coil pod is a 3ml (2ml TPD version) clear grey PCTG with a fixed drip tip. A large magnet holds it securely in the mod & the coils are a push fit. A silicone plugged refill port is situated on the bottom but isn’t the largest & can prevent air escaping when using a largish nozzle on the bottle. Juice levels are not easy to see unless you tip the mod toward you to view through the top of the mod.

I used the installed 0.2ohm coil first to try. Recommended wattage is 50-60w but this I feel is over estimated. Much above 40w was more heat & no flavour gain & not a particularly enjoyable vape. Fruits worked ok around 45w, but my preferred dessert vape was on point around 40-42w. With no adjustable airflow on this coil it is a slightly restricted DTL vape & full of flavour. Unfortunately, this coil only lasted 3-4 days, possibly from pushing it to it’s rated wattage but a burnt taste became apparent after about 2 days. Dropping power didn’t ease the issue, so it’s possible I overstressed the coil. Unfortunate as this coil came highly recommended from other users. The 1.0ohm coil comes fitted with the AFC collar so after a prime I gave it a go. Wide open, this was a loose MTL which I was quite happy with. Closing the AFC to almost closed gave a tight draw, not my preference, so should appeal to the MTLers reading this.

As I knew this was being sent to me, I purchased the 0.3 & 0.5ohm coils for completeness. Both of these require the AFC ring from the 1.0ohm coil (it is available separately if you inadvertently chuck it in the bin or want spares). Initially the AFC is tight to unscrew, Marigolds to the rescue, but once removed it fitted smoothly onto the other coils and came off easy as well. The 0.3ohm coil is rated 30-40w but again this seemed quite optimistic in practise as much above 30w it felt close to dry hitting. Around 27w & this coil was spot on for flavour & decent cloud & coil life was a good week before I swapped it out for the 0.5ohm. Having learned from the previous coil to ignore the ratings I started around 15w, slowly creeping up to 20w (rated 20-25w) before settling on 18w. As with the 0.3ohm coil this was with AFC fully open for a semi restricted DTL. As with the other coils flavour was spot on and, for me, worked best wide open. For best experience I preferred the 0.5ohm with the added bonus of extending battery life with the 0.3ohm close behind. Personally, I feel the rated power settings are over the top & best results were had at or below minimum watts.

RBA & 510 Adaptor

Having received the RBA & 510 adaptor addons it would be rude not to try them out. The 510 adaptor allows the user to fit their own tanks onto the mod, bearing in mind the 60w limit & 24mm diameter constraints. As with the pod this is held securely via the magnet & using a Voopoo Adapt base & pod performed as expected.

The RBA pod, more an RDTA given juice is held below the deck, is again PCTG material but the fill port is now on top. The deck is a 4 hole postless deck that can accommodate dual or single coil set ups. Replaceable 810 drip tip & top cap AFC with 3 holes either side are also included. The supplied coils are Ni80 2.5mm dia rated 0.35ohm. Cutting the legs to 5mm, once fitted the resistance came out at 0.16ohm. Using the supplied cotton lace for wicking, cutting the wick long enough to fit through the juice wells and just be visible below the deck through the pod. Thin the cotton enough to prevent juice flow getting choked. When refitting the top cap there are 2 notches that locate to corresponding lugs on the base and the design of the inner chamber means you want to keep the coils close together & the centre. Filling is via a silicone bunged fill port on the sloping face of the pod. Again this is quite small & can get messy if not careful as air has nowhere to escape from. The pod holds 3.2ml of juice & thanks to it’s L shape means the wicking tails get good contact with the juice helping to prevent dry hits. Starting at 40w, fully open AFC, it was quite weak flavour wise & can really be pushed up to the full 60w. I eventually settled in the low 50s where I found the balance between heat & flavour. To try out the single coil option I fitted a fused Clapton at 0.3ohm. I was going to try a 4mm, which will fit in the chamber, but decided to use a build I have in a few RDAs. Closing the airflow down by one hole, both sides, at 40w this was much more to my preference & a very enjoyable vape.


For a new company with a limited catalogue this is a very well thought out kit, with extras to satisfy everybody from a new vaper with the MTL 1.0ohm coil through to the tinkerer with the RBA. It is a well-built, well thought out system obviously designed by people who know what the end user wants. That’s not to say that all is rosy though.

  • The battery panel has slight movement, especially when finger firing.
  • Fill ports on both the stock coil & RBA pod are small & can lead to excess juice leaking
  • Juice levels difficult to see
  • Power ratings seem very optimistic & all coils performed at or below minimum rating
  • Pods are not the tightest fit, some movement when seated
  • Only one AFC ring supplied & easy to bin by accident
  • No adjustable AFC for the 0.2ohm coil
  • Annoyingly it requires you to accept “New Coil” every time the pod is removed.
  • PWM buzz around 30w +, most evident with the 0.2ohm coil & low ohm builds on the RBA
  • USB C port on the base, need to remove the RBA pod to prevent leaking

The Unicoil range cover most needs & performed well as long as you ignore the “Rated power” & go by personal feel. The pods, although not the tightest fit are held securely & the mod can be picked up by the drip tip confidently. Fits comfortably in the hand & battery life was as expected. On board charging was fuss free with only limited heating up & a charge rate of around 1.5A. Most importantly no leaking from the coils & little condensation. Personally, I have enjoyed using this & it has now moved into my rotation of kit & it is one I would recommend for other vapers. I look forward to more products from this up & coming company.

Thanks again to OXVA & for the opportunity to review this & any who read this far :grin:.


Love the finish on that one @nwhornet, and great review of it.


Thanks bud. Nice finish on that version & very good pod kit overall.


I loath pod kits with quite some ferocity, but I can’t not love the way this thing looks, lovely looking little thing.
Awesome review brother :ok_hand::wink::+1:


Cheers Pugs, thanks for the kind words. It’s quite a canny device, the RDA option does give it an extra edge.